Warn ZEON vs ZEON Platinum Winch Review 2020

Finding the perfect matched winch according to your needs and budget is a daunting task when you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.

But if you narrow down your list to a specific brand like Warn, life becomes a bit easier.

Easier but not as easy as pie because Warn itself released several series and models of winches of different capacities and configuration.

So, to solve all the puzzles, I decided to review Warn Zeon and Zeon Platinum winch series.

The most advanced Warn winch to date are the Zeon and Zeon Platinum Series winches. Truly modern, innovative with industry-leading features.

In my review, I have tried to explain the usability, differences, good and bad sides, benefits, and different series specific features.

I’ll first review the Warn Zeon Platinum series then the Zeon series. You can click on the box below to jump to the specific ZEON model.

1. Warn Zeon Platinum Series Winch Review

Before reviewing Zeon Platinum Series winches, let me tell you the common things of all the Warn winches that are released under this particular series (i.e. Zeon Platinum Series).

  • These winches are IP68 rated. Even the contactor and remote control of this series are waterproof (remote control is IP67 rated).
  • Remote-controlled free spool clutch (this feature is not available in standard Zeon series).
  • Easy to install.
  • 20 percent faster line speed than the Zeon series.
  • Comes with an advanced wireless remote control where you have some extra features besides the traditional winching remote. Like monitoring vehicle battery charge level, getting instant feedback on motor temperature, controlling the clutch, remote battery signal strength, and battery status.
  • High-quality rope anchor.
  • All the winches of this series have got both steel cable and synthetic rope version.
  • 3-segment mechanical cone brake.
  • These have got a larger diameter drum that helps to reduce the rope wear.
  • According to their claim, the winches from platinum series are twice as durable as the previous winch series.
  • All of them have got a 3-stage planetary gear system to make controlling the towing process perfectly.
  • Corrosion-resistant material.  
  • Highly reliable, reasonably quite in action

These winches are particularly made to recover heavy trucks, jeeps and SUVs. Some people think the price of this series is a bit high.

But I believe, if you are a serious off-roader, you should consider the quality over anything. It’s better to spend a little more rather than being stuck with a broken winch at the edge off a cliff. These Zeon Platinum winches excel in quality, I must say.

The line length (80 ft) is short or not is a moot point. Apart from that, I think these winches are good to go for recovering your truck/SUV. You can always buy a much longer winch line separately if you need it.

Usually, Warn offer limited lifetime warranty, you should check the warranty time when buying.

Remember, all the Zeon Platinum winches require winch mount for perfect installation.

i) Zeon Platinum 12 Winch Review

This winch is capable of towing your vehicle if the weight of the vehicle is 12000 lb. To get the best performance the weight should be around 8000 lb or below.

This Zeon Platinum 12 winch comes with a steel line.

Warn released another version of Platinum 12, named Warn Zeon Platinum 12-S where you will get Spydura Pro synthetic rope going through a hawse fairlead. 

Both these winches come with 80 feet line.

Both the Zeon Platinum 12 and 12-S have got almost similar specifications except few like line type, the gear ratio, and mounting pattern length.

Platinum 12 has got 216:1 gear ratio whereas the 12-S has got 162:1.

Mounting pattern length for Platinum 12 is 12 inch, but for Platinum, 12-S is 10 inch.

ii) Zeon Platinum 10 Winch Review

This very Zeon Platinum winch has got the capacity of 10000 lb. So you will get the best performance if you use it to recover your vehicle weighing equal or below 6666 lb.

This winch comes with a steel wire (80’) going through a roller fairlead.

Similar to the previous model this one also has got another model Warn Zeon Platinum 10-S that comes with synthetic rope (100’).

Platinum 10 and 10-S have got everything similar except the rope type, rope length, and mounting pattern length.

Mounting pattern length for platinum 10 is 10 inch and for 10-S it is 11 inches.

You’ll need some accessories while winching. Check my recommended top winch accessories list, these will surely make winching much safer, faster & easier.

2. Warn Zeon Series Winch Review

Don’t get confused. In the previous section, I reviewed Zeon Platinum. This time Zeon WITHOUT Platinum name in it.

Under the Zeon Series, you will get three capacities of winches.

Let’s first find out the common features and benefits among them.

  • IP68 rated winches.
  • Powerful but quiet.
  • All of these winches come with 12’ wired remote control that works without causing any technical issues.
  • 3 stage planetary gear and 6-segment automatic cone brake ensure smooth controlling during the towing process.
  • Controlling the free spool clutch handle is a cakewalk.
  • All the winches of this series have both steel cable and synthetic line versions available.
  • Comes with a convertible control pack.
  • You can buy the Zeon relocation kit separately for each version. This enables several winch mounting options. This allows you to easily winch mount or remote mount the convertible control pack.
  • They have got the same gear ratio (162:1) and drum diameter (3.15”/9.0”).
  • Corrosion-resistant material.

Application wise these are also made particularly for towing trucks, SUVs, and Jeep Wrangler.

12’ wire for remote control is a sufficient length or not is an arguable issue. Also at this price point, you have valid reasons to expect a wireless remote with the package for Zeon series winches. As far as I know, these series come with a limited lifetime warranty too. Check the warranty again before buying it.

On top of that, the installation time may take longer than usual and you may want to take a helping hand to do the job. Mounting these winches can give you trouble as the mounting nuts are on the bottom.

You will get several YouTube videos to help you out installing the winches though.

However, altogether I believe Warn Zeon series winches are of top quality, durability, and performance.

i) Warn ZEON 12 Winch Review

Zeon 12 is capable of towing your vehicle if its weight is up to 12000 lb. Best if the loaded weight is anything less than or equal 8000 lb.

This model comes with a steel line (80′) going through a roller fairlead.

If you want the synthetic rope version you can go for the Warn Zeon 12-S model. Here you will get 80’ Spydura Pro synthetic rope going through a hawse fairlead.

Apart from the rope type and total weight (12-S is lighter than the 12) I haven’t found any significant differences in terms of performance between Zeon 12 and 12-S.

I expected the power wire to the battery a bit longer though.

ii) Warn Zeon 10 Winch Review

The Zeon 10 winch is capable of pull over your vehicle if the weight is up to 10000 lb. So you can expect the best performance if you can keep the weight under 6666 lb.

Like the Zeon 12 model, Zeon 10 also comes with 80’ steel cable going through a roller fairlead.

This particular model has got its synthetic rope version as well (Warn Zeon 10-S).

But you will get longer rope than Zeon 10 here. 10-S comes with a 100’ high-quality synthetic rope.

Other than the rope length and total weight (10-S is lighter than the 10), I didn’t find any difference between Zeon 10 and 10-S.

The synthetic rope comes separately and you got to thread it onto the drum by your own. Keep that in mind.

iii) Warn Zeon 8 Winch Review

The Zeon 8 is an 8000 lb capacity winch meaning to get the best performance you will want to use it to recover your vehicle weighing below or equal to 5333 lb.

Zeon 8 comes with steel cable and its synthetic rope version Zeon 8-S comes with synthetic rope. Both the cases you are getting 100’ line.

Another version named Zeon 8-S multi-mount is available that comes with the multi-mount carrier (receiver hitch) and 7.5’ power lead along with other mounting kits. This power lead helps connect the front of the vehicle and hawse fairlead.


It’s time to finish the review. I believe you already have your answer.

You already know by now that you won’t have to worry about the Warn winch quality and durability. These are the best quality winches on the market. Warn products earned the reputation over time.

Now the decision is up to you. All you need is your willingness to spend this much if you think of long term use.

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