Warn PullzAll vs Drill Winch Review [Updated 2020]

This time I am going to review Warn PullzAll winches and Warn Drill winch. These are not made for towing vehicles. Rather these are for hoisting heavy machinery or any other utilities/objects in your shop or factory.

Warn PullzAll Winch Review

Warn offers both corded and cordless version winches in this PullzAll series.

You can use the corded version in the shop or around the yard where you have the option to plug-in.

On the other hand, you can use the cordless version anywhere you want.

Let’s get to know about them a bit more in detail.

i) Warn PullzAll 24V Cordless Electric Winch Review

A nice little battery-operated winch.

You will get two 24V rechargeable NiMH batteries with a charger with this package.

So, you have the liberty to charge one battery while using the other.

The battery slides on the bottom. This unit has got a nice round power switch, a forward and reverse power selection, variable speed trigger, a LED indicator.

The LED lights up red when the unit is being overloaded.

This winch is capable of lifting 1000 lbs and comes with a 15′ wire rope going through the integrated fairlead.

You will get the rigging hooks coming with the package.

Dynamic brake helps to control the pulling process smoothly.

Some of the problems that I guess you will also face like others. Like you can’t free spool the line out. The length of the rope could have been longer than 15’ as well.

However, you can change the whole steel cable and convert it to the synthetic rope. 

A wireless remote control would have made life easier for some cases.

Another issue that may bother you is it is difficult to remove the battery when the unit is under load. The backside anchor will come in the way always.

So, if you need to change the battery in the middle of operation then it is kind of a hassle for sure.

Despite having a few minor hiccups, I am still a big fan of Warn PullzAll Cordless winch over the manual chainfalls and come-alongs.

ii) Warn PullzAll 120V Corded Winch Review

As far as the performance is concerned, the corded version is pretty similar to the cordless version.

The difference is that it doesn’t have battery for cordless use. You just plug-in the winch and use it. Everything else almost the same.

However, I am not a fan of the corded version because of the lack of portability and less dynamic usability.

Both corded and cordless versions may seem a bit pricey to you against the weight they can pull. But considering the quality of a Warn product, I don’t have any objection either.

Warn Drill Winch Review

Warn released several versions of this model, including the 500 lbs capacity wire rope, 750 lbs capacity synthetic rope, and 750 lbs capacity wire rope.

Each version of this model is quite compact and lightweight, hence easy to transport and store.

Being a drill-powered winch makes it a super handy tool for your Jobsite. You have to buy a drill separately, though. But I’m sure you already have one.

All the versions have a free spooling clutch to offer easy and speedy rigging.

Here is the list of line length against each version of this drill winch –

  • The 500 lbs capacity wire rope winch – comes with a 30’ heavy-duty line.
  • The 750 lbs capacity synthetic rope winch – 40’ line.
  • The 750 lbs capacity wire rope winch – 40’ line.

Though this 500 lbs capacity winch comes with a wire rope, you can replace it with a synthetic line with ease.

Holding this winch during operation is a cakewalk because of the ergonomic handle design.

An automatic load limiter is installed in the system to disconnect the drive from the winch when it reaches to the highest load capacity.

Keeping the weight capacity int, you can use this winch to pull anything you want. Mainly, towing a vehicle or boat onto a trailer or truck is super easy with this winch.

Some reviewers complained about its slowness in operation. But the thing is, if you use the right drill with high RPM and torque, then you won’t find it slow at all.

On the downside, this winch works only with standard portable drills, and it’s not an ideal tool for vertical lifting.


Altogether, you are getting a rugged and powerful drill-powered winch without hurting your pocket too much.

Remember, any Warn winch costs more than any other brands as it tends to produce top-shelf products.

So, Is it worth buying a Warn drill winch? – Yes, of course.

warn pullzall vs drill winch review

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