Warn Ti vs Cti vs XP vs XD Winch Review [Updated 2020]

As one of the biggest companies to ever produce winches, Warn has a lot of series of products in its arsenal. Some of these series are very much well known, while others are not.

This is not to say that the less known products are not good, they are just meant for very specific use not common to consumers. An example is the Warn Ti (Thermometric Indicator) series winch is made for the heaviest and longest pulls.

Warn offers two versions of ti series at the moment. Ti-16.5 (steel cable) and Ti- 16.5-S (synthetic rope).

These are made to pull over large trucks and SUVs. Let’s get to know a bit more detail about Ti series winch.

WARN 68801 16.5ti Series Electric 12V Heavyweight Thermometric Winch

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This is a super powerful winch no doubt. It can pull up to 16500 lbs, but as per the best practice, you better use it to pull your truck or SUVs if it weighs up to 11000 lbs to get the best performance.

Here are some benefits and features of this winch.

  • Extremely sealed and protected from outside elements.
  • The control box is made out of aluminum. Warns claims this increases the protection of the electronics. I agree.
  • Both steel cable (16.5) and synthetic rope (16.5-S) versions are available for this winch.
  • The steel cable version comes with heavy-duty strong 90’ cable going through a roller fairlead. On the other hand, the synthetic rope version comes with 80’ rope going through a hawse fairlead.
  • 3-stage planetary gear and automatic cone brake offer good control while towing.
  • Ti winch comes with a well-functioning 12’ wired remote control with LED indicator.
  • Easy to use rotating ring gear free spooling clutch.
  • The thermometric indicator offers operator feedback via the remote control’s LED indicator, which certainly is a useful feature to me.
  • It doesn’t get overheated.

What I find amazing about this model is how efficiently it can handle extremely heavy loads. The winch runs on a series-wound motor. Series-wound is a lot more preferable for heavy-duty use. Unlike permanent magnet motors, it can be used in higher power applications.

The steel cable is a bit heavy to handle in some cases particularly when you are under a significantly challenging situation. To avoid this, I recommend you to go for synthetic rope. I always like the synthetic rope version due to its lightweight and easy to handle nature.

I prefer a wireless remote to wired remote with this kind of heavy-duty winch. That ensures safety and increases the usability I think. But this winch doesn’t come with one. This is something I don’t like about this package.

Except for these two issues, this is a beast of a winch I should say.

WARN 97600 9.5cti-s Electric 12V Winch

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Another not so known series from the Warn brand is the Cti series.

Warn Cti-9.5 winch is capable of towing your truck/SUV if it weighs 9500 lbs or less. It will perform best if you keep the weight not more than 6333 lbs.

This version has also got both a steel cable and synthetic rope version.

Technically Warn Cti is almost similar to the previous version of Warn ti that I reviewed earlier.

Yes, these two versions have some differences of course.

Cti-9.5 comes with 125’ steel cable and for synthetic rope version, it comes with 100’ synthetic rope version.

Aesthetically Cti is more beautiful than ti series. Cti is lighter than the ti and has faster line speed as well.

The 9.5Cti is the newest addition in Warn’s ultimate performance lineup, so you can say that it is a little bit more modern. Like the previous model, this is also fitted with a series-wound motor.

The control pack of this model can deliver long duty cycles that can handle the most arduous of pulls. Pair all of that beautiful features with the most durable design Warn has made, coupled with their most extreme sealing. This winch is a tough and rugged winch.

You’ve got a multi mount version of the Cti series as well to choose from.

Overall, both the Warn ti and Cti series are good to go for your truck/SUV.

I prefer their synthetic rope version and haven’t found any major downside.

WARN 87310 Electric 12V 9.5xp-s Series Winch

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Unlike the previous two series discussed, Warn’s XP series has a pretty good name developed among winch buyers.

Under the XP series Warn is offering only Warn 9.5XP (steel cable) winch along with its synthetic rope version 9.5XP-S.

This particular winch is capable of towing your vehicle if it weighs around 9500 lbs, best if you can keep the weight equal or below 6333 lbs.

Here are some benefits and features of Warn 9.5XP and 9.5XP-S:

  • Powerful motor.
  • Fast line speed.
  • 3-stage planetary gear, sliding ring gear, and automatic mechanical cone brake help to control the towing process perfectly.
  • Both versions come with a high-quality 100’ line. The 9.5XP comes with 100’ steel cable going through a roller fairlead and the 9.5XP-S comes with 100’ synthetic rope going through a hawse fairlead.
  • The 12’ wired remote control works flawlessly.
  • Well sealed to keep things safe from elements. This is a water-resistant winch though, not waterproof.
  • Remote mount control box.
  • Corrosion-resistant.

I don’t like the overall look of this XP series. And, I expected a bit bigger sized remote control button.

The price could have been lower than it is now. However, this is my personal opinion, and you are not compelled to agree with me.

About the performance, I don’t have any issues though. The winch works as well as any winch with a series wound motor can be expected to function.

The motor and the reliable three stage planetary gear system gives you an extremely trustworthy winch.

Apart from the outlook, button size of the remote and price, I don’t have any issue with this series. If you are not as nitpicky as I am – if you are not bothered by those features, the Warn 9.5 XP is a wonderful option.

WARN 28500 XD9000 Series Electric 12V Winch

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Of all the Warn series in this list, the XD is probably the most popular.

Some Key Features of Warn XD 9000 winch:

  • 12V 4.6 hp and 24V 2.5 hp Series Wound motor
  • Wired remote, 12 ft lead
  • 9000 lbs pulling capacity
  • Fast line speed, 73.4 ft per minute
  • 100 ft Steel cable
  • Unique spur gear drive train
  • Heat dissipation braking system
  • Roller fairlead, free spooling clutch

For a winch with a 9000 lbs capacity, the Warn XD9000 looks extra compact and sleek. However, it does not come without its imperfections.

The installation for this model is quite easy and straightforward. If you have the proper basic vehicle maintenance skills, chances are, you can install this winch on your own with no problem.

Verdict On Warn Ti vs Cti vs XP vs XD Winch Review

All of these winches discussed are great on their own. However, if compared with one another, each will rise above the others in certain respects. But if you need a winch within a load range, you can get the winch with the corresponding capacity here and not regret the purchase.

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