Warn VRX vs Axon Winch Review [Updated 2020]

Today I’m going to review Warn VRX and Axon series. First I’ll talk about VRX series then the Axon series. Let’s begin.

1. Warn VRX Series winch review

Another finest production from Warn particularly made for recovering power sport vehicles. So far, Warn released VRX 45, VRX 35, VRX 25 for this series.

Warn VRX winches implements the Warn Axon series technology more or less. But they have similarities with Provantage/Vantage (e.g bolt pattern) series as well but at a lower price. 

Here are some cool features and benefits that may back you up for going for this series. 

  • Powerful motor but quiet.
  • IP68 rated waterproof winch. 
  • Corrosion-resistant finish.
  • 3-stage planetary gear train system, integrated compact spring brake helps to control the towing process impeccably. 
  • Hub lock style clutch dial makes the spooling as easy as pie.
  • All the remote controls (corded, dash switch, mini rocker switch) works flawlessly.
  • All the versions of this series come with 50’ line (both steel cable and Spydura synthetic rope). No doubt the ropes withstand their job quite well.
  • Warn VRX series winches come with zinc plated hook that I believe makes these hooks more durable.
  • Good line speed both with load and no load.
  • Easy to install.
  • Warn VRX Steel cable version come with roller fairlead and VRX synthetic rope version come with hawse fairlead.

The leads that come with the kit to connect the contactor to the winch is relatively short (2’). Particularly if you want to mount the contactor near to the battery. In that case, you may have to buy longer wires.

i) Warn VRX 45 Winch Review

As per the recommended rule, you should use this winch to tow your vehicle weighing anything below or equal 3000 lbs.

VRX 45 comes with both corded remote control and dash switch. 

ii) Warn VRX 35 Winch Review

A handy winch to recover UTV/ATV weighing about 2333 lbs.

This particular winch comes with handlebar-mounted mini rocker switch.

iii) Warn VRX 25 Winch Review

Use this winch if you are going to recover your vehicle weighing 1666 lbs or less.

Like the VRX 35 version, this winch also comes with only a handlebar-mounted mini rocker switch.

2. Warn Axon Series Winch Review

The previous series that I reviewed (i.e. Winch VRX) and this Warn Axon series are the upgraded version of Vantage and Provantage series winch.

Only 3 parts from Vantage and Provantage series have been used to develop the all-new Axon and VRX series. Otherwise, Axon and VRX are made using whole new technologies by Warn.

Warn released both the Axon and VRX series to give the user a new winching experience. They considered the user’s input and engineered these two series keeping that information in mind.

Both the Axon and VRX series has 30% less power draw at full load.

Some cool features and benefits of Warn Axon series are:

  • Easy to use winches.
  • IP68 rated winch.
  • Fully sealed winch that makes the Axon series fully waterproof.
  • Compact design, black powder-coated finish.
  • The Axon series has got 90mm permanent magnet motor and digital contactor combined to form a single unit (aka ‘Motactor’). This reduces the installation time by reducing the wiring requirement during the installation process.
  • One of the cool features that attract me most is the digital control that allows me to monitor motor temperature, load, and speed.
  • Like the VRX series, this Axon series also implements hub lock style clutch dial which is super easy to use.
  • 3-stage planetary gear, high-performance mechanical brake helps to control the towing efficiently.
  • All the winches except 45RC come with 50’ heavy-duty, high-performance rope.
  • All different capacities of winches have got both steel cable and Spydura synthetic rope versions available. 
  • The built-in load limiter prevents the winch from damage if it overloads.  
  • Corrosion resistance. 
  • Warn Axon Steel cable version come with roller fairlead and Axon synthetic rope version come with hawse fairlead.
  • Increased structural rigidity.

If you ask me about the durability of Warn Axon series winches, I must say it impressed me in terms of durability, and overall performance.

The all-metal construction, technologies that are used and overall build of this series prove my point of trusting on its durability and overall experience.

The new ‘Motactor’ technology (combining motor and digital contactor into one unit) also increases efficiency as well as the performance I believe.

Another cool point that I must mention; Axon series outstands while towing more weight than it’s capacity. But of course, I don’t recommend this practice at all.

Using the digital control you can monitor the load. You will find an LED that shows blue color when the winch is on.

It goes from blue to green for 0-25% load, green to yellow for 25-50% load, yellow to orange for 50-75% load, and orange to red for 75-100% load.

The red LED flashes if the unit reaches to maximum load, voltage limit or temperature.

i) Warn Axon 55 Winch Review

A powerful winch for the biggest UTVs that is well capable of towing if the weight of the vehicle is 5500 lbs. The best practice is to keep the weight below or equal 3666 lbs though if the capacity is 5500 lbs.

This model comes with digital corded remote control and rockerbar digital control switch. Both are convenient and easy to use. I found them working flawlessly as well without any technical issues. 

Axon 55 winch is pretty lightweight having good line speed both at no load (15.8 ft/min) and full load (4.8 ft/min).

All in all, a perfect winch equipped with latest technologies by Warn. I don’t think you will regret buying this for your Vehicle.

ii) Warn Axon 45 Winch Review

Axon 45 winch is capable of towing Big ATVs and side x side that weighs 4500 lbs or less. But better if the gross weight is below or equals 3000 lbs.

Axon 45 winches also come with rockerbar digital control switch and wired remote control switch.

Like other models, Axon 45 also has got both steel cable (45) and synthetic rope (45-S) version. What is unique is this model has got another version named 45-RC.

45-RC is particularly made to mount in the tight space. This comes with a shorter (27’) synthetic rope. Except for the whole winch size and rope length, all other technologies remain as it is. This one is a nice compact winch best for side x side considering their space limitation.

iii) Warn Axon 35 Winch Review

A handy winch for ATVs weighing around 3500 lbs, best if the gross weight of your vehicle is 2333 lbs.

Axon 35 model comes with a handlebar mount adapter and a rocker bar digital control switch. Meaning this time you are not getting the wired remote control with the kit. But you can buy it separately.

Considering the quality and usability I don’t have any complaints about the price of the Axon series.

Altogether, Warn Axon series is strong, good quality, extreme powerful, equipped and engineered with modern technologies. Give a try and see.


Overall there winch models are really great options to consider. But coming from the legendary Warn brand, these are a little pricey. If you are looking for long term usage, the price will be totally worth it.

As far as I know, Warn VRX and Axon series has limited lifetime warranty(may change, check updated terms while buying).


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