Warn VR vs VR EVO Winch Review [Updated 2020]

In this review, I’m going to talk about Warn VR series(VR 12, VR 10, VR 8) and the new generation of VR series: VR EVO (VR Evo 8, VR Evo 10, VR Evo 12).

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Warn VR Winch Review

 Before I go to the specific model let me figure out the common features and benefits of all the VR series winches.

  • Powerful and strong winches.
  • Compact and low profile.
  • Sealed waterproof convertible control pack. The control pack is designed to support upright or low profile mounting configuration.
  • You can mount the control pack separately from the winch or you can keep it integrated. So, you have both options.
  • 12 ft wired remote control that works without any issue.
  • I found the redesigned clutch lever easy to use even when wearing gloves as they claim.
  • All of the VR series winches have got 3-stage planetary gear, 3-segment automatic mechanical cone brake that helps to control the recovery process easy and smooth.
  • The one-piece tie plate increases the strength than the tie bar/rod.
  • All the VR winches are pre-wound onto the drum.
  • These winches seem durable to me.

The remote control is not waterproof I guess as I haven’t found any such labeling anywhere.

All the winches come with hawse fairlead no matter if the line is steel cable or synthetic rope. But for steel cable, I prefer roller fairlead to hawse fairlead.

Warn consider their VR series winches as standard duty winches and a good fit for your SUV and Trucks. Price-wise these are cheaper than the Zeon or Zeon platinum series.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget solution for your truck /SUV, I would suggest you go for VR series, otherwise, you better go for either Zeon or Zeon platinum.

Things You SHould Know Before Buying a Winch:


Always choose a winch that has got at least 1.5 times more capacity than the loaded weight of your vehicle or utility that you want to pull over.

For instance, if the loaded weight of your vehicle is 4000 lb. You should use a winch that has got the capacity of at least 6000 lb to get the best performance.

The loaded weight of the vehicle = the weight of the vehicle + the weight of anything you are carrying in it during the recovery/towing process.


Both the synthetic rope and steel cable are good to go in terms of performance. But they have their good and bad sides.

Synthetic rope is lightweight, flexible, doesn’t cause any severe injury if it breaks under load, can float on water.

But synthetic rope requires more maintenance than steel cable.

On the other hand, steel cables require less maintenance, stronger than synthetic rope.

But can cause severe injury if it breaks under load. So, don’t forget to use a dampener to minimize the risk.

Steel cable makes the winch heavier than its synthetic rope counterpart.


Both IP68 and IP67 rated winches, and other components are waterproof. Meaning water and elements can’t cause any damage to the winches that are rated IP68 or IP67.


The synthetic rope version of the same model from Warn winches makes the winch lighter than the steel cable version. But it costs more.

i) Warn VR 12 Winch Review

VR 12 winch has got a capacity of 12000 lbs. That means you will get the best performance if you use it to recover your vehicle weighing up to 8000 lb.

I found VR 12 operates a bit slow but not in any significant amount. I must admire the strength that this winch delivers.

This particular model comes with 80’ steel cable. Like many other models of Warn, you will get the synthetic rope version (VR 12-S) of this model as well. The good thing is the 12-S comes with 90’ rope, meaning you will get 10’ extra here than the VR 12 version.

VR 12-S is significantly lighter than the VR 12.

ii) Warn VR 10 Winch Review

VR 10 winch is capable of towing your truck / SUV if it weighs 10000 lb, best if 6666 lb.

Like the other models, this one also comes with steel cable line (80’) and a synthetic rope version (VR 10-S) is also available, where you will get 90’ synthetic rope line.

I found both VR 10 and VR 10-S perform similar, not to mention they are speedy and strong.

While the installation process is not any hard job, I wouldn’t mind if the instruction manual was a bit clearer.

Let’s watch an installing video of this warn VR 10 winch:

iii) Warn VR 8 Winch Review

VR 8 winches are capable of towing your vehicle weighing 8000 lbs. Perfect if your vehicle weight is up to 5333 lb.

This time you will get 94’ steel cable for the VR 8 model and 90’ synthetic rope for VR 8-S model.

Quality wise both the lines are good and perform as per the expectation.

The installation process is not hard either.

The quality of the mounting bolts could have been better I must say.

Warn VR EVO Winch Review

i) Warn VR EVO 8 Review

ii) Warn VR EVO 10 Review

iii) Warn VR EVO 12 Review



I agree the price of Warn winches is not the lowest one on the market. Still, I recommend Warn winches if you consider quality over anything else to get the job done. They last longer than any other winches.

So, take the next step wisely.

Let me know if you’ve anything for asking.


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