Warn Hydraulic Winch Review [Updated 2020]

In case you still don’t know, a hydraulic winch doesn’t require battery power to run. It requires the power steering pump in most cases.

Here I am going to talk about two models from the Warn hydraulic winch series. These are: Warn 74125 series 18 winch and Warn 65931 Series 15 Winch. These models are suitable for tow, utility and trailer applications. 

These models cost a lot but they are made by premium brand Warn. So, I think the quality and durability can validate the price. Let’s more about the Warn hydraulic winch models.

1. Warn 74125 Series 18 Winch Review

Warn Series 18 winch has got the capacity of 18000 lbs (Performs best if you keep the pulling weight up to 12000 lbs).

This particular winch has got 7.3 cubic-inch hydraulic motor, two-stage planetary gear, heavy-duty disc brake. All these help in the towing process in a great deal.

You have to buy rope, fairlead, tensioner separately. Obviously, I recommend using steel cable for this kind of super heavy-duty winch. You can check my winch accessories list to find good recommendations on rope, fairlead etc that you’ll need to buy separately.


2. Warn 65931 Series 15 Winch Review

This very winch is capable of pulling 15000 lbs of weight (best if 10000 lbs).

Like the previous model, this one also has two-stage planetary gear but a 6.0 cubic inch hydraulic motor.

This time too you have to buy rope, tensioner and fairlead separately. Steel cable is recommended for this one too.


  • Part Number: WAR65931
  • 15,000 lbs Rated Line Pull
  • 6 Cubic In Motor
  • Gear Ratio: 36:1
  • Item Size: 12 x 29 x 13 inches
  • Product Weight: = 87 lbs.
  • Rope and fairlead sold separately
  • Meets SAE J706 and CE standards
  • Hardened steel 2-stage planetary geartrain system
  • Heavy-duty disc brake



Overall, these winches are great in terms of quality. But they cost a lot. Even you have to buy winch rope, fairlead and tensioner separately. These are some of the downsides but definitely nor a deal-breaker.

If you are a frequent user then you should go for Warn even if it costs a lot. You’ll love the quality and durability of these winches.

If you won’t use it that much then you can check Mile Marker hydraulic winch, they have some quality options at a budget price.

About the Brand Warn

Warn is undoubtedly one of the best brands (having over 70 years of experience) when it is about manufacturing winch.

Winch is not their only product by the way.

They have a wide range of products for off-roading and Powersports industries like different accessories, 4WD hubs, plow systems, etc.

Quality, performance, and introducing the latest technologies are something they don’t compromise. They manufacture their products in the USA. This is something any winch buyer likes to ensure.

Yes, their products are pricier than other winch brands.

But you won’t regret spending the extra money because of the quality and performance it delivers.

warn hydraulic winch review


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