Warn Hydraulic Winch Review [Updated 2020]

There are two types of winches, electric (battery operated) and hydraulic (mechanically operated). Although battery operated winches are cheaper, they are considered less convenient and dependable than hydraulic winches.

Unlike electric winches, hydraulic winches can provide a steady amount of enormous pulling power for an indefinite amount of time. It requires the power steering pump in most cases.

For this review, I will discuss two hydraulic winches from WARN, one of the most trusted brands of winches. These units are the Warn 74125 series 18 winch and the Warn 65931 Series 15 Winch. These models are suitable for tow, utility and trailer applications.

Although these winches are quite pricey, you can be sure of their quality of build and performance - since they are manufactured by WARN.

Ok so let's dive into these two WARN hydraulic winches!

Warn 74125 Series 18 Winch

Our Rating​

Warn Series 18 winch has got the capacity of 18000 lbs. (performs best if a 12000 lb. weight minimum is maintained).

This particular winch has a 7.3 cubic-inch hydraulic motor, a two-stage planetary gear, and a heavy-duty disc brake. All these ensures that the pulling operation works powerfully, silently, efficiently and safely.

As explained before, hydraulic provide extremely reliable and consistent pulling strength – and a Hydraulic winch from WARN is doubly so. Here is the caveat, though, this model is more expensive because the tensioner, fairlead and the rope are not included. You have to purchase those accessories separately.

I recommend using steel cable for this kind of super heavy-duty winch. Steel cables are known to be more reliable, tensile strength wise. For a heavy-duty winch, a heavy-duty cable should be used.

For an in-depth approach to what accessories I recommend to buy, you can see my winch accessories list.

Rated line pull = 18,000 lbs
7.3 cubic in Motor
Gear Ratio = 36:1
Size = 26.2 x 8.44 in. x 11.48 in.
Product Weight = 82 lbs
Meets SAE J706 and CE standards
Rope and fairlead sold separately
Warn 65931 Series 15 Winch Review

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This winch is very capable of pulling at least 15000 lbs. of weight (best if 10000 lbs).

Like the previous model, this one also has a two-stage planetary gear but a 6.0 cubic inch hydraulic motor. Also like the previous model, the extra accessories like the rope, fairlead and tensioner are not included in the purchase.

Although the capacity of this unit is not as high as the previous model, a steel cable rope is still suggested for it.

Part Number: WAR65931
15,000 lbs. Rated Line Pull
6 Cubic In Motor
Gear Ratio: 36:1
Item Size: 12 x 29 x 13 inches
Product Weight: = 87 lbs.
Rope and fairlead sold separately
Meets SAE J706 and CE standards
Hardened steel 2-stage planetary gear train system
Heavy-duty disc brake

Verdict On WARN Hydraulic Winch

These hydraulic winches are very expensive, indeed. You will have to buy the rope, fairlead and tensioner separately. But upon very careful consideration, their cost are not entirely deal breakers. They are merely the reasonable price for quality.

You can be sure that you are not buying the brand name here, you are buying the assured quality of performance, durability and convenience that all come along the brand name.

If you are a frequent user then you should go for WARN even if it costs a lot. You’ll love the quality and durability of these winches.

And if you are a veteran off-roader, then you should already know that a lot can go wrong on an off-road trip – but seldom with WARN winches.

If you won’t use it that much then you can check Mile Marker hydraulic winch, they have some quality options at a budget price.

About The Brand - WARN

Undoubtedly, WARN is one of the most well-known and one of the most trusted brands out there. In their more than 70 years of experience of designing, manufacturing and improving automotive accessories, you can be certain that they have learned a thing or two about quality.

The company was founded in 1948 by Arthur Warn. This man started with inventing locking hub systems for World War II Jeeps. But the company has grown into something a lot more than manufacturing lock hub systems.

They now specialize in producing vehicle recovery equipment, like the winch – but are not limited to that. They also manufacture quality off-road vehicle accessories.

They produce a wide range of products for use on trucks, military vehicles, trailers and power sports vehicles. Products like different accessories, 4WD hubs, plow systems, electric and hydraulic winches, electric and hydraulic hoists, winch mounts, off-road bumpers and lights and more.

Quality, performance, and designing the latest technologies are something they don’t compromise with. They are based in Oregon, and they manufacture their products in the United States. That is something a lot of winch buyers like to hear.

It is true that their products are not as budget friendly as other brands’ products. But you won’t regret spending the extra money because of the quality and performance it delivers. With WARN winches, you can be sure the money you spend is an investment that is a lot more profitable in the long run.

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