Warn Vantage vs ProVantage Winch Review [Updated 2020]

Warn Vantage and ProVantage series are the best option for atv, utv recovery including polaris ranger.

Before going to the specific model review part, let’s have a short look at the core differences between the Warn Provantage and Warn Vantage winches.

  • Provantage winches are stain black powder-coated, but the Vantage series winches are flat gray powder coated.
  • Warn offers a longer warranty period for Provantage winches than Vantage series winches.
  • Provantage winches come with zinc with powder-coated hooks. On the other hand, Vantage series winches come with only zinc plated hooks.
  • Provantage series offers large diameter lower roller fairlead but the Vantage series offers standard roller fairlead.
  • Magnigard coating is used for the fasteners of Provantage series, but the Vantage series offers zinc plated fasteners.
  • 154:1 is the gear ratio for Provantage series whereas Vantage series offers 180:1 gear ratio.
  • Provantage series winches are more durable and corrosion-resistant than the Vantage series.

Warn ProVantage Winch Review

Warn Provantage series is particularly built to use for towing your power sports vehicles including UTV/ATVs, side x side.

Similar to the previous series, let’s begin with the common benefits and features of Warn Provantage series winch.

  • Super easy free spooling clutch.
  • All the winches are IP67 rated and fully sealed to keep safe from water and other elements.
  • Corrosion resistance. 
  • I found the motor and gear runs smoothly. All the winches under this series have got 3-stage planetary drive gear train.
  • Their patented roller disk brake seems pretty good to me. Controlling the towing is easy with this brake.
  • Both the steel rope and synthetic rope versions are lightweight, particularly if you compare the weight with most of its competitors of the same weight line pull capacity.
  • Good line speed during both loaded and no loaded circumstances.
  • Remote control, a dash switch, mini rocker switch all work without any issue at all. (Remember: not all these models come with all these three versions of controller together. I will discuss it in a moment.)
  • All the required wires and parts come with the kit.
  • Easy to install and quiet.
  • You can install the contactor anywhere you find it suitable.

Some users complain about the length of the rope (50’). They think the length could have been a bit longer. But to me, 50’ works fine if I consider pulling UTV/ATVs.

Always keep in mind, you need a model-specific mounting plate for almost any winch of any brand. Provantage series is not any different.

Although the price is a bit higher than its competitors, this shouldn’t hurt you as you will get the finest quality in terms of performance from any Warn winches.

i) Warn Provantage 4500 lb Winch Review

This particular winch is capable of recovering your vehicle perfectly if it weighs anything below or equals 3000 lbs (as per the golden rule of winch capacity).

No wonder this model has got both the steel cable and synthetic rope version available like other Warn winches from different series.

The roller fairlead that comes with steel cable has got a large diameter roller that caused interference with the bumper for some users. However, replacing this fairlead with a standard roller fairlead will solve the issue easily.

The hawse fairlead that comes with synthetic rope version (ProVantage 4500-S) is double powder coated that ensures durability.

Both 4500 and 4500-S come with a dash switch and corded remote control.

Overall, this is a light and handy but powerful winch. No doubt.

Let’s watch an unboxing video of this warn provantage 4500 lb winch:

ii) Warn Provantage 3500 lb Winch Review

A tested warrior to recover your UTV/ATVs or any other Powersports vehicles weighing around 2333 lbs or less.

This time you will get a corded remote control and a mini rocker switch with plug to input the corded remote.

Otherwise, everything is similar to the previous model of Provantage winch (4500 lb).

iii) Warn Provantage 2500 lb Winch Review

You guessed it right. 

This time to get the best performance the gross weight of the vehicle needs to be around 1666 lbs or less.

For this winch, you will get only the mini rocker switch that has got the plug to input the corded remote. Unlike the 3500 lb winch, you have to buy the corded remote separately for this model.

All in all, if you are looking for a quality winch for your Powersports vehicles, and budget is not an issue for you, go with the Warn Provantage series.

Warn Vantage Winch Review

The previous series that I reviewed (i.e. Warn Provantage) has got 4500 lb, 3500 lb, 2500 lb pulling capacity winches. 

Whereas this Warn Vantage series offers 4000 lb, 3000 lb, 2000 lb.

The Common Characteristics of the Warn Vantage Series:

  • Easy to handle cam activated, long-travel dial clutch.
  • Powerful permanent magnet motor.
  • Easy installing process and doesn’t make noise during the operation.
  • IP67 rated and fully sealed to get the protection from water and other elements.
  • Comes with every required parts and wire. 
  • Mini rocker switch, dash switch and corded remote control work flawlessly. You can operate the buttons smoothly even wearing gloves.
  • Flat gray powder coated and corrosion resistance.
  • High-quality fairlead that prevents rope wearing. 
  • Good line speed.

What attracts me most about the Vantage series? 

Their price considering the quality and power of the product.

i) Warn Vantage 4000 lb Winch Review

A budget-friendly powerful winch to recover your Powersports vehicle efficiently if the weight is equal or less than 2666 lb.

The integrated spring brake and 3-stage planetary gear train will make your life easy to control the towing process.

Like other models, this one has also got both steel cable with roller fairlead and synthetic rope with hawse fairlead version.

The steel cable is 55’ long and the synthetic rope is 50’ long. I found both are strong and of good quality.

Both the Vantage 4000 and Vantage 4000-S come with corded remote control and dash switch.

ii) Warn Vantage 3000 Winch Review

This specific Vantage winch is capable of towing your vehicle perfectly if it weighs around  2000 lb ( as per the golden rule of winch capacity against the gross weight of the vehicle )

Like the previous Vantage winch (4000 lb) this one also has got 3 stage planetary gear and spring brake to controlling the towing smoothly.

This time both the synthetic rope and steel cable are of 50’ long.

This model (both Vantage 3000 and Vantage 3000-S) comes with mini rocker switch and corded remote control.

iii) Warn Vantage 2000 Winch Review

A handy winch to recover anything if the weight is below are equal 1333 lbs.

Unlike the previous two versions, these Vantage 2000 and Vantage 2000-S winches have got split ring differential planetary gear, and dynamic brake. But it serves the purpose quite well.

This version comes with only the mini rocker switch.


By now, you’ve seen some of the differences between Warn Provantage and Vantage series.

Provantage offers you improved features and quality whereas Vantage is well enough to serve the purpose but spending less money than Provantage.

So both have their good and bad. Build quality is great for both Provantage and Vantage. Overall, I believe you can go either of these two series depending on your requirements.

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