Warn M15 vs M12 vs M8000 Winch Review [Updated 2020]

The M series winches are made for heavy-duty tasks. Perhaps you run large SUVs and trucks having a gross weight around 11000 lbs. You should go for the M series in that case to recover your vehicle.

Some Common Features of Warn M Series Winches:

  • All models are electric.
  • Powerful, high speed, and heavy duty motor.
  • IP68 rated corded (12’) remote control that functions without any issue.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Cone brake keeps the towing process under your control.
  • You can mount the control box at any convenient place you like as it’s a remote mount control box.
  • IP68 rated electrical contractor.
  • Operates without being noisy.
  • Efficient and easy to use lever based free spooling clutch.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Impressive line speed.

The overall finishing of the winches has been questioned by a few users. The control pack material could have been metal instead of plastic as well.

The instruction manual could have been more in-depth. The price seems a tad high to me. This is something where most of the winch companies lack.

Apart from these, the performance and capability of this series are highly satisfactory.

So, let’s move to the individual product review part of this series.

WARN 97730 M15-S Electric 12V Heavyweight Winch with Spydura Synthetic Cable

Our Rating​

One of the most powerful winches on the market (15000 lbs capacity) that can pull over your large truck or SUV perfectly if it weighs around 10000 lbs.

The M15 comes with 90’ steel cable going through a roller fairlead and the M15-S comes with 80’ synthetic rope going through the hawse fairlead. The cable will expand its life-span because the fairlead will minimize the damage it will get when pulling.

Apart from the bad user manual, I believe you will find this winch strong enough to withstand heavy jobs and even in cold weather.

It uses a cone brake. It’s good at swiftly slowing down the action when the winch stops while it’s loading.

Series-wound motor is efficient for working for heavy duty.

Model: Warn 97730 M15
Rated Line Pull = 15,000 lbs
Voltage = 12V
Gear Ratio = 315:1
Wired 12 ft. lead Remote
Synthetic Rope/Steel Cable
Hawse Fairlead, polished aluminum
Argent Gray Powder Coat Finish
Product Weight: 100 Pounds
Product Dimensions: 25.2 x 8.5 x 11 inches
Powerful, efficient 4.6 hp series-wound motor
Three-stage planetary gear train
Universal Fit
WARN 265072 Heavy Duty 24V M12000 Winch with Steel Cable Wire Rope

Our Rating​

Warn M12 (12000 lbs) winch is capable of towing your vehicle perfectly if it weighs about 8000 lbs.

This very winch has got both steel cable (M12) and synthetic rope (M12-S) versions as well.  Both perform equally well.

The M12 comes with 125’ steel rope, on the other hand, the M12-S comes with 100’ synthetic rope. Both are of good quality that is required for the heavy task.

This product is a well powder-coated making it more durable and resistant against scratching and wear-off. Plus, using series wound motors is doing a great job in recovery even in a difficult one. You can use it in cold weather and still you can rely on it.

Size = 24.3 in L. x 8.4 in D. x 11 in H
Product Weight = 100 lbs
Argent Gray Powder Coat Finish
4.6hp Series Wound 12V DC Motor
216:1 Gear Ratio
Rated Line Pull – 12,000 lbs (5440kg) Single Line
3-Stage Planetary Gear Train
Automatic Mechanical Cone Brake
Free spooling Rotating Gear Ring Clutch
Handheld 12ft Remote Switch Included
Synthetic Rope/Steel Cable
Universal Fit
WARN 87800 M8000-S Series Electric 12V Winch with Synthetic Rope

Our Rating​

Warn M8000 is well capable of pulling over your truck/SUV weighing more or less 5333 lbs during the towing process.

Both M8000 (steel cable), and M8000-S (synthetic rope) come with a 100 feet of heavy-duty line.

The 3-stage planetary gear system helps to control the towing process of course.

When maneuvering, it's comfortable to use the remote control because its pistol-grip handle is rubberized which is also resistant against weather and mud.

Argent gray powder coat finish
Rated Line Pull = 8,000 lbs.
4.8 hp 12V Motor
Wired Remote switch, 12 ft. lead
Gear Ratio = 216.1
Size = 21.04 in. x 6.3 in. x 7.6 in.
Product Weight = 80 lbs
Synthetic Rope/Steel Cable

Update: Now you have M8 available on the market which is simply the upgraded version of M8000. Performance and most of the features are almost the same for both the versions. However, the part number for M8 is 26502 that you will have available now. The part number for M8000 is 20910 which Warn doesn’t supply anymore.

Remember, don’t try to submerge the M series winches. Yes, the remote control and contactor are waterproof but not the whole winch. If you are looking for a full waterproof winch, then you should check out other winch below.

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