Warn Utility Winch Review [Updated 2020]

Trailer winches are one of the kind that is meant to help get work done faster. They are not really made for vehicle recovery as much as merely just plain old pulling. These are the types of winches that are perfect to be used for loading vehicles onto a trailer or winching the big loads on your jobsite.

WARN calls trailer winches as utility winches, which is not as accurate as they are actually winches meant for trailers.

I am going to review three trailer winches from WARN now. The WARN 94000, the WARN 92000, and the WARN 85330.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

WARN 94000 4000 DC Series 12V Electric Winch with Steel Cable Rope

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The WARN 94000 has enough pulling power to successfully pull heavy loads with minimal effort and satisfying speed. This winch is capable of towing any load that weighs around 4000 lbs. Performs best if you keep the weight lower than or equal to 2666 lbs.

The wired remote control with a 12 foot lead works as perfectly as advertised. So it can meet your expectations without any glitch nor unnecessary delay.

Easy clutch lever, dynamic brake, 3-stage planetary gear makes it a cakewalk to control the towing process.

The WARN 94000 model comes with 43 feet of high-quality steep cable going through a roller fairlead. It has a 1.9 HP permanent magnet DC motor. The motor runs on a 12 volt battery.

Installation should not be a problem with this model. It is easy to use, affordable and extremely ideal for trailers or jobsite winching.

The only negative side I can see in this model is that its drum is made of aluminum, which is not as durable as steel. It only has a wired remote controller – but that is not a deal-breaker per se, more of a preference.

All in all, this one is a durable, powerful winch with a good duty cycle. It is highly reliable and decent. The price is very agreeable, it gets the job done well. If you are looking for a winch that provides trustworthy power, yet inexpensive, check out the WARN 94000 Utility winch.

Part Number: WAR94000
4,000 lbs. Rated Line Pull
1.9 HP 12V DC Permanent Magnet Motor
Wired Remote Switch, 12 ft. lead
Gear Train = 3-Stage planetary
Gear Ratio = 176.1
43ft Steel Wire Rope (hook and clasp included)
Roller Fairlead
Product Weight 35 lbs.
WARN 92000 Vehicle Mounted 2000 Series 12V DC Electric Utility Winch with Steel Cable

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This winch is designed to handle lighter loads than the one previously discussed. The WARN 92000 winch is capable of pulling any load that weighs around 2000 lbs. But it performs best when only a load of 1,333 lbs. is being pulled.

This winch is smaller in size, but that does not mean it does not pack some very good features that makes it of high value. Its small size allows you to be able to mount it in even tight spots – ideal for trailers or hitch mounts.

The winch runs on a 12V power – which makes it quite portable. It has a 1.6 HP permanent magnet DC motor. It produces a remarkable duty cycle.

This model comes with a 35 feet of 3/16 inches of steel rope going through roller hawse fairlead. Like the previous model, a nice and handy corded remote control comes with the kit. It has 12 feet of cord and it works wonderfully.

Differential planetary gear train, multi-directional clutch lever, and dynamic braking all make this load-holding model efficient and very easy to control.

The only problem I have with this winch is that the cable doesn’t roll up consistently all the time. Otherwise, I think this is a good winch for little jobs. Its size is so remarkably deceptive about its capabilities.

Part Number: WAR92000
2,000 lbs. (907 kg.) Rated Line Pull
1.6 HP Permanent Magnet 12V DC Motor
Wired Remote Control 12 ft. lead
Gear Ratio = 153:1
Product Weight = 18 lbs.
35 ft. of 3/16″ Steel Wire
Fairlead = Hawse
Ergonomic, multi-directional clutch lever
Dynamic braking for great control and holding power
WARN 85330 1500AC 120V Electric Utility Winch

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The next on the list is a handy AC powered winch that can handle up to 1500 lbs. of weight during the towing process. However, I recommend you to use this winch against 1000 lb. or less weight.

The WARN 85330 winch comes with 43 feet of 3/16 inch steel rope, a high quality 10’ remote control, and a 10’ power cord.

The remote control is super convenient to grip and use due to its bigger size even if you are wearing gloves.

The model is equipped with industrial grade planetary gears that are housed in an all-metal construction. It has a powerful 0.8 HP permanent magnet motor. The motor has some unique cooling features, like the vented motor end cap and externally serviceable brushes.

The WARN 85330 is lightweight, sure, but it is undeniably a super winch, all things considered.

Part Number: WAR85330
1,500 lbs. (680kgs) Rated Line Pull
0.8 HP 120V AC Permanent Magnet Motor
10 ft. lead Wired Remote
Gear Ratio = 261:1
Size = 15.42 in x 5.7 in x 6.73 in
Product Weight = 29.1 lbs.
43 ft. Galvanized Steel Wire
Roller Fairlead
Steel Grey Powder Coat Finish

Verdict On Winch Utility Winch Review

Overall these Warn utilities are pricey but they are the highest quality ones you will find on the market. If you are looking for long term usage, you should definitely go for these.

These WARN winches are not merely helpful tools, they are actually some sort of investment. The money you put into these WARN models will surely come a long way. They will last long, function well and provide you with the security that your winch will not need replacing anytime soon.

If you won’t use them that much and don’t need it for the long term then it will be better if you buy cheaper ones from other brands. No need to spend that much if you won’t use it enough much.

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