Tao Tao ATV Reviews [Updated 2022]

TaoTao is one of the best beginner utility ATV manufacturers on the market. There are several models geared towards beginners and younger riders looking to get into the sport.

Not all ATVs are the same, and it’s important to know the pros and cons of any vehicle before you spend your hard earned money.

My goal is to help you decide which of these models is the best choice for you!

That’s why I’ve prepared this TaoTao ATV review guide.

Of course, I will mention all the highs and lows of all the vehicles, their best application, and my thoughts on each one.

So, let’s get down to business. Shall we?

Top 6 Tao Tao ATV Review

TaoTao Rhino 250 Utility Style ATV

Our Rating

The Tao Tao Rhino 250 is a versatile, full-size utility style ATV for any adult or young rider. Yes, it’s powerful and comfortable enough for different riding styles like trail riding, hunting, good for hauling, and plenty more.

This Tao Tao 250 ATV is a suitable utility-style machine for adults and those older than 16 years of age. It comes with all the standard features you would expect for a comfortable and pleasant riding experience.

A quick rundown of features: roomy padded seats, headlights for safe night riding, rear luggage rack, and dual front suspension for comfortable riding.

It has a 2 gallons gas tank, and regular gas will work to run this ATV, meaning you don’t have to mix anything with the gas.

This ATV has a top speed of about 35-40 mph and can hold a combined weight of 250-300 lbs. This is great for a less experienced rider and plenty to work with. You have multiple colorways to choose from as well (black, blue, tree camo).

Altogether, this one is a handy 4-stroke manual transmission engine (200cc) that performs adequately on rough surfaces. Ours arrived from a U.S. warehouse so shipping was quick!

  • There are two storage options, on the front and back, to accommodate enough gear and luggage.
  • This ATV features a convenient footrest and foot guard for comfort and protection.
  • It offers enough ground clearance (5.32 inches).
  • A kill switch on the handlebar lets you stop the engine in the event of an emergency.
  • A speed limiter is in place to set the maximum throttle.
  • The newly designed drum brakes are highly effective.
  • The integrated air cooling system works against overheating.
  • Assembling this ATV doesn’t take too much time. You have a lot of YouTube videos to assist as well (a DVD comes with the kit).
  • The headlights are good for some night riding.
  • It features several protective devices to increase the longevity of the unit.
  • It’s highly cost-effective.
  • It doesn’t have any onboard trailer hitch.
  • You might want to replace the carburetor to get better performance. This depends on the quality control.
  • Check all nuts and bolts before operation. This is handy advice no matter the product! 
TaoTao ATA 125D ATV

Our Rating

This model is aimed at younger, smaller riders such as teenagers or kids.

However, if you are not more than 200 lbs (the company recommended limit is 132 lbs, though), then I don’t see any trouble in driving this ATV.

With that said, it’s not an ideal machine for adults if you are planning to haul some stuff around like logs. It’s best for going from point A to B.

This ATV doesn’t offer that many bells and whistles as the other utility type machines. Nonetheless, it’s a perfect option for kids due to the automatic transmission and reverse functionality.

Tao Tao ATA 125D features a 110cc, automatic transmission engine with reverse and forward gears (forward, reverse, neutral), 1.1 gallons fuel capacity, and it goes around 20-30 mph. On a straight shot you may be able to reach 35 mph but never beyond that.

As this unit comes almost fully assembled, you just need to assemble the tires, handlebar, battery, control cables, and rack.

This model also implements a newly designed foot brake that lets you use the reverse and rear brake effortlessly.

Considering the price to performance ratio, we believe the price is worth spending for youth and kids’ focused ATV riding.

  • The automatic transmission helps the teenagers in focusing more on handling the ATV instead of shifting gears.
  • A kill switch and a speed limiter is in place to increase your kids’ safety.
  • The unit comes nearly fully assembled. So, you won’t have to spend many hours getting things together.
  • This machine has two luggage racks on the back and front too.
  • It features a straightforward electric start.
  • The air cooling system averts overheating.
  • It implements multiple kid friendly safety features.
  • You will get a push start remote key with the package. So, starting and stopping the motor from a distance is easy.
  • It offers a perfect entry level price for a kid friendly ATV.
  • It’s not an ideal ATV for carrying logs or a lot of bags and stuff like that.
  • Assembly and early oil changes are required.
  • It doesn’t have too much ground clearance. However, it doesn’t create any issues for teenagers.
TaoTao TFORCE 110cc Youth Size ATV

Our Rating

The TaoTao TFORCE 110cc ATV is one of the best choices for anyone looking to get into ATVs because of the multiple color options, reasonable price, overall build, and focus and what's truly important.

As a lower power ATV it's perfect for teenagers and young riders.

It also features a 110cc, 4-stroke automatic transmission engine with reverse functionality and has a fuel capacity of 1 gallon.

It goes about 20-25 mph, and using the speed limiter; you can control the speed as low as 5 mph for training purposes.

The recommended maximum weight is 132 lbs so you won't be able to fit a bigger adult on it. If you need something for regular adult use, we would recommend the TaoTao 250 Rhino at the top of this page.

It’s a gas engine with an electric start machine, and regular gas is sufficient to run this vehicle. Some quick assembly is required, but after that it's ready to go!

  • You can choose from several colors.
  • The built-in air cooling system helps prevent overheating.
  • A remote control kill switch and speed limiter is there for enhanced safety.
  • Like other models above, this one also consists of two luggage racks on both front and back.
  • This ATV gives remarkable ground clearance (6 inches).
  • The seat is low and comfortable. You will get enough space for foot placement too.
  • It offers good value for the money.
  • It’s not very powerful, which may not be a negative depending on your needs.
  • This is not a suitable ATV for plowing, towing, hauling heavy logs or large adults.
TaoTao Bull 150cc Adult ATV

Our Rating

TaoTao Bull 150cc Adult ATV is a good choice for beginners. Remember, this ATV is not for kids’ use. It’s for adults and teenagers looking to get into ATVs. Like other models I’ve reviewed so far, this one is also a utility style ATV.

If your goal is to haul some wood around or go hunting, this would be a solid purchase. However, we had to deduct half a star due to the 250 Rhino being similarly priced with more power.

This ATV from TaoTao is equipped with 150cc, 4-stroke, automatic transmission engine with reverse, neutral, and forward gear having a fuel tank capacity of 1 gallon.

The max speed of this vehicle is about 35-40 mph. You can limit the speed as low as 5 mph using the speed limiter.

Like the other models, this one also features an electric start. The recommended max loading limit by the company is 198 lbs. However, a bit more won’t hurt the vehicle unless it's for extended use.

  • The LED headlights (low and high beam) are remarkable.
  • It’s large enough in size for adult riding.
  • The tires are rugged enough to withstand most terrain.
  • Two solid cargo racks on both the front and rear allow adequate payload capacity. 
  • Like other models from TaoTao, the assembly process doesn’t take too much time.
  • This model features a comfortable seat and ample foot placement with a foot guard that protects the rider from the wheels.
  • It offers proper ground clearance too (5.32 inches).
  • This ATV doesn’t have enough power to attach a tow hitch or snow plow.
  • The price could have been lower to fall in line with the rest of the ATVs TaoTao offers.
TaoTao ATA 110B1 110cc Kids ATV

Our Rating

This is absolutely a kids ATV without any second thought. If you are an adult, then you have some other better options on this list.

So, if you want to give a surprise gift to your kids without hurting your pocket, this is one of the best bets.

The TaoTao ATA 110B1 is a kid-friendly ATV that has a 110cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke automatic engine and a fuel tank capacity of 1 gallon. The top speed of this model is about 20-25 mph.

An electric start system ensures the straightforward start of the vehicle. The company recommended load limit is 132 lbs and it comes with a built-in speed limiter and remote shutoff switch. 

This ATV also runs on straight gas, like the others in this review. 

  • A large footrest to ensure your kids’ comfort.
  • It’s easy to maneuver for the kids.
  • A remote emergency kill system to keep parents worry-free.
  • A speed limiter is in place to limit the max speed of the vehicle (as low as 5 mph).
  • It comes 80% assembled. Therefore, you won’t have to spend a lot of time getting things up and running.
  • The wide frame ensures even more stability and security for the kids.
  • It features a comfortable seat.
  • A luggage rack is there on the back of the vehicle.
  • You have multiple colors (in total, seven colors) to choose from.
  • The price is great for an entry-level product.
  • Not enough ground clearance. However, as this ATV is mostly for kids, so, this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • It doesn’t have a reverse gear.
  • Cannot be sold to CA, TX, AK or HI.
TaoTao ATA125F1 ATV

Our Rating

This ATV is a full-size adult ATV having ample power to shoot up to hills without crawling.

Any teenagers will enjoy riding this ATV too. For kids, I don’t recommend this model as you have some more kids friendly models here on the list.

This TaoTao ATA125D ATV includes a 110cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke, semi-automatic transmission engine with reverse (3-2-1-N-R) and has a 1.1 gallon fuel capacity.

This ATV goes about 30-35 mph. Using the speed limiter, you can govern the speed as low as 5 mph when needed.

This vehicle runs on straight gas and has an electric start mechanism like other models from Tao motors.

  • It has enough power to pull a trailer/lawnmower. (You need to attach a hitch to the unit, though).
  • This machine provides proper ground clearance (5.32 inches).
  • It offers a big footrest and foot guard to keep you from tire contact.
  • The seat is comfortable too.
  • This ATV features a quality headlight (both low and high beam) and a tail light.
  • Like other models, this one also features a speed limiter mechanism and emergency kill switches for enhancing security during riding.
  • It features both front and rear cargo racks.
  • It offers a competitive price.
  • The tires should have been more rugged at this price range.
  • It’s not suitable for younger kids.
  • Requires minimal assembly.

About Tao Motors

Tao Motors is a Chinese owned company that makes affordable ATVs and ATV components for those looking to get into the sport. It has warehouses and dealers across the U.S. to save of shipping cost and time.

The parent company, TaoTao vehicles, has been in the business since 1985, and from the beginning, it has been making some competitively priced motorsport vehicles.

Currently, this brand is making quality ATVs, go-karts, dirt bikes, scooters, and some other electric vehicles.

Regarding the quality of Tao Tao ATVs, there is always a chance you receive a faulty product. However, the price of its vehicles is affordable and TaoTao provides good value for the money.

You can also order parts from the company’s parts inventories across the United States.

Tao Tao ATV Buying Guide

Factors To Consider Before Buying An ATV

1. Engine Size
2. Transmission
3. Safety Features
4. Design
5. Color
6. Purpose

Different Types of ATVs

1. Sport ATV
2. Utility ATV
3. Youth ATV

Common ATV Brands

1. Tao Tao
2. Can-am
3. Honda
4. Kawasaki
5. Polaris
6. Suzuki
7. Yamaha
8. Arctic Cat

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tao Tao ATVs good?

Considering the quality and price of Tao Tao ATVs, we can easily say that Tao Tao ATVs are great and provide good value for the money.

How complicated is the assembly? Are there resources available to help me?

ATV assembly is part of the process of ATV ownership. Virtually all ATVs are delivered only partly assembled so the user will need to install some parts on their own. There are assembly instructions included and we recommend using YouTube as well.

Is this where I want to start if I'm looking to buy my first ATV?

That's for you to decide! Our opinion is that TaoTao proved to be more than adequate for beginners and as a resource for younger riders.

Verdict On Tao Tao ATV Review

Let’s recap.

In this best Tao Tao ATV review, we’ve listed a total of 6 models released by them for different ages of users. We mentioned the upsides and downsides of each of the models.

Yes, they’ve released some other models too, but these ATVs cover their best models for adults, teenagers, and kids.

To me, RHINO 250 is the best of the best on this list.

What’s your thought? Comment below to get in touch with your thinking.

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