Top 3 Superatv Winch Review [Updated 2020]

In my opinion, ATVs and UTVs are perhaps the most, if not the most, “off road-y “. They are very small and light, yet tough, rugged and send a very adventurous vibe. They show the true hallmarks of what the off-roading experience really is. That is maybe why there are winches specifically designed for ATVs or UTVs.

When choosing the top ATV or UTV winch, it can either be a challenge or a walk in the park easy task – or both.

The number of winch manufacturers is increasing. So, you’ve got a number of brands that offer different winches with different features.

Well, having multiple options is kind of a double-edged sword.


The good thing is you have a lot of options to choose from. But on the other hand, it is by no means a piece of a cake to buy each individual winch and test it for your ATV/UTV.

I am here to rescue you. For this review, I will focus on one of the most well-regarded ATV/UTV winch brands in the market: SuperATV.

If you are interested in knowing how good or bad the SuperATV winches are, consider reading this SuperATV winch review guide. Because this detailed guide will help you to predict if it would be a wise decision for you to use SuperATV winches or not.

Best SuperATV Winch Comparison Table

Pro Tip: Always pick a winch having at least 1.5 times more load capacity than your vehicle weight. If your vehicle weight is 3,000 lbs then your winch must have minimum 5,000 lbs load capacity. It will help prevent winch overload failure accidents.

Top 3 Best SuperATV Winches Review

SuperATV 5,000 lb Black Ops ATV UTV Winch

Our Rating

This winch performs excellent for towing your ATV/UTV weighing below 5000 lb.

But wait.

Perhaps you already know the winch should have 1.5 times more capacity than the weight of your loaded vehicle.

So, this winch works perfectly if the loaded weight of the vehicle is anything equal or below 3333 lb.

The loaded weight of your ATV/UTV = the weight of the ATV/UTV + the weight of the belongings inside the ATV/UTV during the towing process.

Using synthetic rope is one of the reasons I vote for SuperATV winches.

I prefer synthetic rope to steel rope as I don’t need to worry about serious injuries if the rope breaks under load. On top of that synthetic rope is lightweight and performs well enough for towing ATV or UTV.

However, some winch users might disagree and would prefer a steel cable more than a synthetic rope. Well, in that case, this model’s equipped cable may be a downside for them.

The mounting plate that comes with the kit may not fit with your vehicle. But the good news is they sell different mounting plates for different models. You have to buy them separately though. While others might see this as a downside, I see it as an upside. Having the option to replace mounting plates is excellent for me. Especially if those mounting plates are manufactured by the same manufacturer as the winch. This ensures a less infuriating fitting and installing experience.

You better call the customer care before purchasing and tell them your ATV/UTV info to get the correct mounting plate with the first purchase.

I found the winch operating manual is really easy to understand particularly the wiring instruction is super easy to understand for a non-engineering person like me.

But for other people, it could be made clearer.

 All in all, this winch is very promising. Sure it has its downsides, but what winch does not? This winch performs well, it is efficient and easy to use, and it is a very reliable ATV or UTV tool. If this turns out to be your next winching companion, chances are, you will not regret it.

  • Quiet and easy to install.
  • Waterproof.
  • Comes with almost everything required to install and operate the winch accurately.
  • Solenoid included.
  • Easy to operate and well-functioning wireless remote helps to operate the recovery process efficiently within 50 ft range.
  • Rocker switch is also included with the kit that can be handlebar mounted or under dash mounted.
  • 50 ft high quality, flexible synthetic rope going through the aluminum hawse fairlead.
  • Free spooling clutch, planetary gear train, automatic braking system helps to control the recovery process precisely.
  • Easy to understand instruction manual.
  • Excellent customer support from the SuperATV team.
  •  Separate mounting plates and winch ready bumpers are available for different ATV/UTVs.
  • You may find the black rope protector hangs up the rope during the pulling process. I suggest you cut the protector to get rid of the disturbance.
  • Some real users of this winch found the power cable from the solenoid to battery a tad short. Calling customer care should solve this type of issue though.
  • Although the manual is easy to understand, a bit more detailed instruction wouldn’t have hurt us.

Using some accessories will make your winching process much safer, easier and faster. Check my recommended winch accessories list to learn about these accessories.

SuperATV 4500 Lb Black Ops ATV Winch

Our Rating

This particular winch is handy enough to recover your ATV/UTV effectively if its loaded weight is anything below or equal 3000 lb.

Don’t get confused. As this is a 4500 lb rated line pull, so as per the rule your loaded ATV/UTV should have 1.5 times less weight than the line pull rating during the recovery process.

I found the synthetic rope lightweight but strong enough to hang on to the loads.

Although synthetic rope requires more maintenance than steel cable I still prefer synthetic rope to the steel cable. At least I don’t have to worry about serious injuries if it breaks under load.

You will be able to operate the wireless remote control within the 50 ft range smoothly. I really appreciate this kind of convenience from a winch because the last thing I need, or want, is an injury on my next winching operation.

The rocker switch can be mounted either on the handlebar or under the dash, and I found no issue in operating the rocker switch.

Although the mounting plate is included, you may have to buy your machine specific mounting plate or winch ready bumper separately. I understand that companies try to be unique and set themselves apart from other manufacturers, but I would really prefer it if this model can be fitted with a wide variety of bumpers and vehicles.

Because the winch works great, it can still be considered one of the best. But I would like it better if I don’t have to make specific measurements to fit it right.

If you are not sure with your bumper measurements or need a little bit more of assistance, then consult customer care, they will guide you.

Despite having a few drawbacks, I still believe this is a perfect 4500 lb line pull winch for towing ATV/UTVs. It pulls remarkable well. It is durable, it can easily endure the traversing of the off-road on an ATV or UTV. It is safe to use and extremely efficient once all installation roadblocks are passed.

  • Powerful and easy to install.
  • You don’t have to be an electronic guru to understand the manual. Everything is written in layman’s term.
  • Both rocker switch and wireless remote control are available to control the towing.
  • Waterproof, and quiet winch.
  • 50 ft lightweight, flexible, high-quality synthetic rope going through a hawse fairlead makes the winching smooth.
  • Comes with almost every necessary hardware required to install and operate the winch.
  • Solenoid makes the winch more useful.
  • Automatic gear and free spooling clutch will provide you all the necessary controlling facilities that you require during the recovery process.
  • The company provides a great bit of support for any issue before and after the sales.
  • Overall good value for the money.
  • In most of the cases, this winch will not fit factory bumpers without a number of adjustments.
  • May take a bit of longer time than expected to install.
  • The power cable is a tad short according to the opinion of some real users. Particularly if you are going to mount it for a ranger crew.
  • Similar to the previous model the black rope protector may cause disturbance during the pulling process. You can cut the rope protector to dismiss this trouble.

You’ll need some accessories while winching. Check my suggested winch accessories list, these will surely make winching much safer, faster & easier.

SuperATV Electric 12V 3500 lb Black Ops UTV ATV Winch Kit

Our Rating

SuperATV 3500 lb is a powerful winch to recover ATV/UTVs weighing less than 3500 lb, ideally 2333 lb or less.

You will get all the required hardware with the kit but there is a possibility that the default mounting plate will not fit with your vehicle.

They have a number of mounting plates and winch ready bumpers available matched with different ATV/UTVs. You can buy those separately for your particular ATV.

Just contact customer care if you are in any sort of doubt and tell them your vehicle brand and model. They will confirm you.

Controlling the recovery process is a cakewalk with the help of free spooling clutch, automatic braking, and mechanical gear system.

Some users have complained regarding the quality of the remote control. I didn’t find anything remarkably faulty though. I think that the faulty remote controllers are little mistakes that should not be used to totally incriminate the product. They were just mistakes that were bound to happen. The majority of the remote controllers work fine.

This model has pretty much every downside as the previous models. Except for a few issues with personal preferences, I think that most ATV or UTV drivers can use and appreciate these winches.

  • The instruction manual is written in layman’s term.
  • Comes with every required hardware for the installation and operating purpose.
  • Both wireless remote and rocking switch work without any trouble.
  • 50 ft flexible, lightweight, heavy-duty synthetic rope going through hawse fairlead tackles the whole recovery process handsomely. Synthetic rope is always my preference over the steel cable as I can handle and manage the synthetic rope in an easier way than steel cable.
  • The customer support from SuperATV is awesome both before and after-sales.
  • A tad noisy initially but becomes quiet once the rope rolls out.
  • Wireless remote sometimes doesn’t work beyond 30 ft range although it should have been worked perfectly at least up to 50 ft.
  • According to some users, the power cable is a bit short. You may have to buy extended cable.
  • The instruction manual could have been a bit more detailed.

Who Makes SuperATV Winch?

SuperATV winches are made by Super ATV, LLC. Harold Hunt is the founder of SuperATV who started the company out of his love and passion for creek riding.

SuperATV first produced 2” Polaris Sportsman EZ Install lift kit. The success of the lift kit forced Harold to increase his product line. Once he started realizing the enormous demand in the off-roading industry his company started manufacturing almost anything related to ATV/UTV.

Some of their current products include winches, tires, lift kit, bumpers, hitches, suspensions, lights, mirrors, snow plows, and many more.

From the beginning, they are continuously working to fulfill the needs of the off-roading enthusiast by developing different high-quality products related to this industry. Yes, you read it right. Quality is something they really do care about.

 Aside from their apparent concern for producing high quality and cost efficient products, SuperATV has great customer service. This is something that consumers can’t help but appreciate. After all, if their products fail at customer satisfaction, you can be certain that their excellent customer service will step in to restore their customer’s confidence in them.

Best SuperATV Winch Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

SuperATV is one of the very few brands that know their business really well particularly how winches should be made.

The quality of their winches is excellent, the customer support is outstanding.

Once you get in touch with the customer support either before sales or after sales you will understand how much they belong to the ATV/UTV industry.

That being said, it is quite usual that each of their products has got both pros and cons as I tried to point them out in this article. That does not mean that they should not be preferred. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

Although their products have downsides, they are still one of the best ATV/UTV winches in the market. Besides, there is not a winch that can be considered perfect. And if there is, it will not come at the same price point as these affordable SuperATV winches.

Altogether, I must say SuperATV winches are built to tremendously support ATV/UTV winching. Despite having a few tradeoffs I still recommend you to use SuperATV products if you are careful with your money.

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