(Top 3) Westin Winch Review [Updated 2020]

I hope you already know by now when it comes to off-roading, a winch is a must-have tool. This tool will help you to save yourself and your vehicle from any sticky situation.

In the winch industry, Westin is a name you can trust.

In this Westin winch review article, I am going to review the top 3 winches from Westin.

About The Brand - Westin Winch

Westin is a trustable name in the automotive industry. They have been manufacturing automotive products for nearly 40 years now. Their products are tested, designed and engineered in California, USA.

Westin is a mother company of brands such as Fey®, which manufactures bumpers; Brute™, which manufactures trailer toolboxes; and of course, Superwinch, which manufactures winches that are of military grade.

Although the winches discussed here are not under the Superwinch brand name, they are still manufactured with the highest military grade material. That is why their products come with a superior manufacturer warranty.

Westin Winch Review

Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S Waterproof Winch

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The first winch I will review is the Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S, which has a rated capacity of 12,500 lbs.

This particular unit boasts a waterproof rating of IP67. This means that it can endure being submerged to a certain depth of water before any electrical components get damaged. Though it is not advisable that you submerge your winches in water, you can be assured that this winch is as functional in the rain as it is in broad daylight.

Included in the box are a corded remote controller, a fairlead, a clevis hook and a clevis flag. It is equipped with a powerful 6.6 HP series wound motor that runs on a 12V battery.

The synthetic rope on this model does not kink nor fray. Its surface is also coated with special UV inhibitors for added protection.

The Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S winch mechanical components are all backed by 3 years of warranty.

  • Comes with a massive load capacity of 12500 lbs.
  • Features high quality lightweight synthetic ropes.
  • IP67 rating meaning that this winch is protected from water.
  • Has both synthetic rope / steel cable version.
  • Unclear instructions on installation and operation.

You’ll need some accessories while winching. Check my suggested winch accessories list, these will surely make winching much safer, faster & easier.

Westin Automotive Products 47-2103 Black Off-Road 9.5 Waterproof Winch

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Since Westin delivers military grade equipment that ensures high durability, it is quite surprising that their prices are not necessarily compromising on your budget. The same is true for the Westin 47-2103 Off-Road 9.5 winch.

This model features the same unquestionable ruggedness and toughness present in other Westin products. It has an IP67 waterproof rating. With its 6.6 HP 12V motor, it can handle weights up to 9,500 lbs. in a single line pull.

It is equipped with a corded remote controller, a fairlead, a clevis hook and a clevis flag.

This unit is also backed by three years of warranty on all mechanical parts.

  • 9500 lbs. pulling capacity.
  • Powerful 6.6hp 12V series wound motor
  • 3-stage planetary gear system
  • Automatic In-the-drum brake
  • Wired remote
  • No synthetic rope version
Westin 47-1235 PRO-3500 ATV & UTV Winch

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Though this next unit does not boast the same power as the two options previously discussed, it does come with favorably unique features of its own.

The Westin 47-1235 PRO-3500 ATV/UTV winch is a complete out-of-the-box kit. It comes with two tree trunk protectors, two ½ in. D-shackles, a gear bag and a 2 ½ in snatch block.

Unlike the other two winches, this is not meant for full-sized vehicles. But, like the two other winches, it is also engineered to withstand tough situations an ATV or a UTV can get into.

This has a maximum load capacity of 3,500 lbs. powered by a permanent magnet DC 12V motor. It has a differential planetary gear train, a 32.8 feet long cable that is 7/32 in. in diameter, a winch tray, and a roller fairlead.

Like the other two Westin winches, this unit comes with a three year warranty on the mechanical parts. It is also backed by a one year warranty on the electrical parts.

  • 3500 lbs. capacity, perfect for ATV/UTV
  • 2.8 ft. Steel cable
  • 4 HP motor
  • No synthetic rope option.

Final Verdict On Westin Winch Review

Westin has been producing automotive products for a very long time. Their winches are highly trustworthy due to their dependability and durability. Their military grade manufacturing can be trusted to deliver quality winching operations when you need it.

I have honestly reviewed three of their winches here and provided you with helpful information about them. If you are looking for a winch, whether you are an experienced off-roader looking for a replacement, or a beginner who wants the best winch possible – then I can confidently suggest these Westin winches. They provide high quality winches that are amazingly priced.

If you are not happy with these winches, then you can read my dedicated review of other winch brands. You will surely find one that will perfectly meet your expectations.

Any more questions about Westin winch? Just comment below, I will get back to you ASAP.

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