Fieryred Winch Review 2020

As an off-roader, you need to think about a lot of unfortunate accidental situations you can be in with your vehicle. That’s when a Winch comes to your mind that can pull you out of those situations. But another tricky decision is which one to buy.

FIERYRED is a brand that manufactures different types of automotive products. It has some fantastic Winch options for low weight vehicles like ATV and UTV. Today I am going to review two of their low pull capacity Winch and will try to give you as detail information as possible.

Fieryred Winch Review

1. FIERYRED 12V 4500LBS Winch Review – ATV / UTV


  • 4500 lbs. Pulling Capacity
  • 1.9HP / 1.4kW, permanent magnet Motor
  • 3-stage planetary Gear Train
  • Steel Cable (15m long)
  • Waterproof
  • 2 Wireless remote + 1 Wired remote

The first one I am going to review today is a winch from FIERYRED with a pulling capacity of 4500 lbs. It is a low capacity winch to pull a small object. But it does that with perfection. You can use it to pull your ATV and UTV. You’ll surely get your money’s worth with this fast and powerful piece of machinery. It comes with Steel Cable to does the job which is almost 10 times stronger than the traditional ones. But it’s not that long as it provides only 15 meters coverage.

The motor it runs on has a power of 1.9HP which will generate good power and the 3-stage planetary gear train will provide you smooth pulling experience. The waterproof construction of this winch will allow you to use it in any extreme weather conditions. It comes with 2 wireless remote controls, that have a range of 25 meters. You will also get a wired remote control with this winch.


  • Best for puling low weight vehicles
  • You can hold it in one hand comfortably
  • Waterproof build quality gives you the freedom to use it anywhere
  • Installation is easier with the given accessories
  • Fast, powerful and reliable
  • 3-stage planetary gear train provides a smooth and efficient job


  • The remote controls are not waterproof
  • The cable length is not as long as you’ll want it to be
  • Wireless remote doesn’t come with battery

Note: You will need some additional recovery accessories to do your winching job properly. Click here to learn about these accessories.

2. FIERYRED 12V 3500lb Winch Review – UTV/ATV/Boat


3500 lbs. Pulling Capacity
1.5HP, permanent magnet Motor
2-stage planetary Gear train
Steel Cable (10m long)
Wired + Wireless Remote

The second and last one in today’s review is another low load capacity winch. This Fieryred electric winch generates a pull strength of 3500lbs which is more than enough to get your ATV or UTV out of any sticky and muddy situations. The steel cable will do a fine job in pulling than any other traditional wires but only within a limited range as it has a length of 10 meters only.

It has an engine motor that runs on 1.5HP and a 2-stage planetary system which is not that amazing. So, you should not try to use it to pull anything out of it’s pulling range. It comes with both wired and wireless remote to make your job easier. It has waterproof body construction to provide resistance against a harsh environment.


  • Best for pulling low weight vehicles
  • Easy to carry and control
  • Waterproof build quality ensures long-lasting service
  • Installation is very easy with the given accessories


  • The 2-stage planetary gear train doesn’t generate as much power as expected
  • No battery will be provided with the remote
  • The cable length is very short to work with


Fieryred is working to make outdoor experiences more affordable and enjoyable by manufacturing many off-road devices. It provides professional outdoor gear, recovery tools, accessories, etc. Their professional off-road solutions will make sure that it meets your demands and get you back home safely!

If you are planning to buy a low capacity winch then you can go for Fieryred winch without hesitation. In my opinion, you should go for the first one as it will provide a more reliable and powerful performance.

Fieryred Winch review

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