Smittybilt Winch Parts

A winch has many parts. Some only serve the function of making the winch more efficient, or of protecting the winch. And others are truly necessary to the function of the actual winch itself. That does not mean that some parts are better than the others. It is always a good idea to invest in the best winch parts and accessories your money can buy.

In this article, we are looking at the winch parts and accessories Smittybilt has to offer. Are they worth your dough?

Smittybilt Winch Parts (Our Review)

Smittybilt 97710 XRC Universal Synthetic Winch Rope

Our Rating

The first item on our list is a winch synthetic rope. This Smittybilt winch part is universal; it can be with pretty much any winch. It has a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs. It is a good option for those who want a synthetic rope that is light yet strong, and convenient yet highly durable.

The rope is 3/8 inch in diameter and is 94 feet long. A stainless steel thimble and a coated hook with a spring clip are included in the purchase. The rope is resistant to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. It also has a layer of protection from abrasions, but that does not mean that you can let small particles like sand and dust damage it. Although it is protected, you should still make sure that it does not get exposed to damaging environments unnecessarily.

The rope is designed to have strong friction with the winch drum. So there is not much worry with slippage here. It also comes with a sleeve that protects it from the heat generated by the winch.

There are a lot of benefits in using a synthetic rope instead of a steel wire cable. It is seven times lighter than a steel cable. It floats in water. It does not stretch as much and it does not hold a dangerous amount of tension during pulls. If you need a detailed comparison between a synthetic rope and a steel wire cable, see this very detailed article.

This particular synthetic rope is made with the Dyneema SK-75, which is manufactured to be lighter yet stronger than other synthetic winch ropes. It does not kink or curl or splinter like a traditional steel wire cable does. Installation of this Smittybilt winch part is pretty much straightforward, it is literally like installing any winch rope. But if you need a guide, this might help.

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to install
  • A complete package
  • Quite pricey

* If you are looking to compare with other brands winch rope, read our review on the best winch rope.

Smittybilt 2820 Aluminum Winch Shackle

Our Rating

Here is an item that you don’t see with your average daily winch. The winch shackle is an accessory which is not necessary for the function of the winch. It serves more on making the winch more efficient. This winch shackle provides a safer and stronger point of connection than your standard winch hook.

This Smittybilt winch part is has a 20,000 lb load rating. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum. It is light yet strong. It has a universal fit. You can use with any steel wire cable or synthetic rope that has a diameter of no more than half an inch. It can also work with 3/4 inch and 7/8 inch D-rings.

It has an anodized finish, which makes it somewhat protected from corrosion. It is easy to install and to uninstall. It also gives a cleaner look and tightens snugly to the fairlead when the winch line is spooled all the way on the drum.

Some find it way too big for its purposes though. So if you are quite sensitive about how your 4×4 looks, you might be bothered by the appearance of this thing.

  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Gives a safer and more secure hold than a winch hook
  • You might find it too big for aesthetics
Smittybilt 2725 Premium Winch Bag

Our Rating

For the final item on our list, we have a pack of universal winch parts and accessories. This Smittybilt winch parts product is a bag filled with minor winching accessories that make the job a lot more efficient and easier.

The bag comes with a recovery strap (3 inches by 30 feet, 30K lb capacity, a tree trunk protector (4 inches by 8 feet, 40K lb capacity), a pair of premium work gloves, a couple of 3/4 inch D-rings, a choker chain with hooks (5 feet by 5/16 inch) and a 3/8 inch snatch block (17.6K lb capacity). The bag itself is a 600-denier bag with a shoulder strap. It is heavy duty.

This entire set gives you all the necessary tools for an efficient winch rigging job. The only problem that I can see with this set is that the attention to each of the items in it were sort of lessened by the manufacturer. Because it is some sort of a “bulk” order, the individual items in the bag were not as carefully made than if each item was sold separately. But overall, the entire package is a good product for its price.

  • A complete winch rigging package
  • Affordable
  • Very convenient
  • Individual items may not be as protected as when it is sold separately

* If you are looking to compare with other brands winch kit bag, read our review on the best winch bag.

Smittybilt Winch Parts: Are They Worth It?

Smittybilt has been providing quality off road products at affordable prices for decades. And it is good to know that they did not let down their standards. Yes, these Smittybilt winch parts are definitely worth your dough. They are of very good quality for their respective price points.

If you need a replacement winch synthetic rope, or try a winch shackle instead of a hook, or need a complete winch rigging package, I highly suggest that you get these Smittybilt winch parts.

What are your thoughts about these Smittybilt winch parts? Are there other Smittybilt products that should have made the list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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