Best Speedmaster Winch Review [Updated 2020]

Winch users love to have a durable device which includes the features they like. Specific winches are superior in quality and functionality, but they lack some alluring features and fail to impress their customers.

Speedmaster winches will do not fail to impress you as they paid keen attention to every minute detail in their products. They heard what their customers seek and incorporated almost all features a winch should have.

In this Speedmaster winch review, I will cover everything with a comprehensive guide of the product features along with pros and cons.

Top 3 Speedmaster Winch Review

Here are the top 3 Speedmaster winches short comparison(and a review later on) that will live up to your expectations.

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Pro Tip: Always pick a winch having at least 1.5 times more load capacity than your vehicle weight. For example: If your vehicle weight is 6,000 lbs then your winch must have minimum 9,000 lbs load capacity. It will help prevent winch overload failure accidents.

In case Speedmaster winches are unavailable when you are reading this, you can check similarly priced winches like Zesuper winch/ Superwinch/ X-bull winch / Viper winch/Zeak winch/ Smittybilt winches.

1. Speedmaster PCE553. 1005 Winch Review – Best For Truck & SUV

Key Features:

  • 13000 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 85 ft. Steel Cable
  • Wireless Remote, Free Spooling Clutch.
  • Automatic In-The-Drum Brake.
Making to the top of my list is the Speedmaster PCE553 1005 winch. This winch is designed to pull heavy vehicles such as SUVs and light trucks. It has single line rated pull of 13,000 pounds / 5900 kgs.

The electric 4WD motor of the winch uses 12V power of 6HP. This winch has an 88-feet galvanized steel cable with a diameter of 3/8 inches (9.5mm). It hosts a differential planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 265.2:1.

Unlike most of the counterparts which use four-way fairlead mechanism in winches with massive pulling power, Speedmaster uses roller fairlead instead. Although roller fairlead provides smooth spooling, it is not as superior as the four-way fairlead mechanism.

The automatic braking system will stop the winch whenever required. Its free spooling clutch utilizes a sliding ring gear that will ensure a good grip while the motor rotates.

For safer winching, the winch has a wireless remote control. You can keep your distance while using the winch with heavy loads. At its highest pulling power, i.e., at 13,000 pounds, the winch utilizes 360 motor amps and has a line speed of 5.6 feet per minute. The free spool line speed (under no load) is 22 feet per minute.

The Speedmaster PCE553 can be used in different weather conditions but not the entire winch has an IP67 rating. Only the control box is water-resistant. It means it may withstand a splash of water, but it cannot take heavy pouring. So, make sure to use a good winch cover in the rainy season.


  • 13,000 pounds pulling power
  • Three-stage planetary gear
  • Automatic braking system
  • Permanent magnetic motor
  • Wireless remote
  • Sliding ring gear for smooth spooling
  • Waterproof control board


  • Roller fairlead is both hit and miss. It offers good spooling but is not advisable for winches with high pulling power
  • Lack of IP67 resistance for the entire winch
You’ll need some accessories while winching. Check my recommended winch accessories list, these will surely make winching much safer, faster & easier.

2. Speedmaster PCE553. 1003 Winch Review

Key Features:

  • 9500 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 94 ft. Steel Cable.
  • Wireless Remote, Free Spooling Clutch.
  • Automatic In-The-Drum Brake.
The second Speedmaster winch in my list is the PCE553 1003 winch. It has similar features to the 1005 variant and differs only in few segments. The first one being its pulling power. This PCE553 winch boasts a 9500 pounds (4310 kgs) pulling power.

It has an electric 4 WD motor and has 5.5 horsepower (HP). You will get a three-stage differential planetary gear with the winch and a gear ratio of 265.2:1. Like the 1005 model, this one also has a roller fairlead mechanism for free spooling.

The sliding ring gear in its clutch allows you controlled handling. Its automatic braking system will enhance the safety of the operation. The winch has longer steel cable than 1005 which measures 94 foot (24m) long and 21/64 inches diameter.

There are both wired and wireless controls for this winch. A 12-foot lead remote control can be used if you are unsure about the functioning of the wireless one. At the maximum load of 9500 pounds, the winch has a line speed of 6.4 feet per minute.

Although this winch has lesser pulling power than the previous(first one) winch. It is suitable for most SUVs, and sedans. With similar features to the previous 1005, it can be an excellent alternative for people who seek for a winch that has lesser pulling power or for a reduced price.

This winch, however, can survive in all weather conditions and even in submerged water. Although the manufacturer does not describe its weatherproof certification, it works well in most wet conditions. It is advised to deal with caution before experimenting.


  • Ideal winch for most SUVs and sedans
  • 9500 pounds pulling power
  • Automatic braking system
  • A three-stage differential planetary gear
  • Wired and wireless controllers
  • Longer steel cable


  • No information about differential weather resistance
  • The motor can be noisy for some users

3. Speedmaster PCE553. 1001 Winch Review [Best for ATV & UTV]

Key Features:

  • 2500 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 40 ft. Steel Cable.
  • Wired Remote, Free Spooling Clutch.
  • Action Dynamic Brake.
If you are looking for a Speedmaster winch designed for smaller vehicles such as ATV and UTV, the PCE553 1001 variant is for you. It is the smallest and final winch on my list.

The winch has a 1.2 HP motor and a rated line pull capacity of 2500 pounds. For smoother spooling, this winch uses a roller fairlead which perfectly suits to winches with lesser pulling power.

Its galvanized steel cable is 40-foot-long and has a diameter of 3/16 inches. A free spooling clutch (pull and turn) aids in smooth operation. More so, it’s dynamic braking system enhances a safer activity when subjected to heavy loads.

Speedmaster PCE553 1001 winch has three stage differential planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 153:1. You can use a 10-foot lead remote control to maintain a safe distance when you use the winch.

I expected this winch to have IP67 resistance as it is designed for use in muddy splashes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have complete water resistance. It can survive the water to a certain extent but not completely. Use it with caution.

It does not have wireless remote control while most of the Speedmaster winches have it. Its wired remote works well though.

Other than the waterproofing, this winch is an excellent choice for smaller vehicles. It can also be used for pulling medium density fiberboards (MDF).


  • Best Speedmaster winch for ATV and UTV
  • 2500 pounds pulling power
  • Three-stage planetary gear
  • 10-foot lead remote
  • Dynamic braking


  • No wireless remote control
  • No IP67 rating

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About the Brand Speedmaster

Speedmaster winch has been in business since 1979. With nearly four decades of expertise, you will get top quality winches from them, there’s no doubt. Since its establishment, more than 6 million products have been shipped worldwide by Speedmaster.

This company is trusted and respected by its people because of its quality deliverance. Speedmaster manufactures unique DNA items which are inspired by blending old and new technologies.

Speedmaster has got 13 SEMA awards so far which proves the integrity and functionality of the company. They patented certain parts of the products which are not present in other winches available out there in the market. That’s a plus point.

Conclusion: Should You Buy?

Speedmaster climbed its way up in the premium range of winches. It is one of the best winch manufacturing company. You will find all the features you seek for in a winch.

There are some obvious flaws such as lack of all-weather resistance which are present in its competitors. But they can function in weather fluctuations and can take a few splashes of water. However, the absence of a wireless remote in some of their winches is not a significant drawback because it can be purchased separately from third-party vendors.

So, in my opinion, Speedmaster winches are worth buying despite having some cons.

That’s the end. I believe that my Speedmaster winch review helped you to select the ideal winch for you. If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section. Sharing this review with your friends would really motivate me to do more product reviews like this.

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