Ramsey Winches – Are the Old Ones Still Worth it?

Ramsey is one of those winch brands that has years of experience to back their products with. They have been in the market for quite a long while. However, they are not one of the brands that are still making a lot of noise in the industry today. Though they are not forgotten, they are certainly not winning any popularity contest either.

With all of those facts about them, I can’t help but ask the question, are old Ramsey winches still worth it today?

At a Glance

Ramsey Winches – A Background Check

Ramsey is one of the oldest winch manufacturing names that has made quite a name for themselves. In its heyday, Ramsey winches were not only popular, they were known for their unparalleled ruggedness.

Ramsey is known to produce high quality winches. Whether they be hydraulic, electric, worm or planetary gear winches – Ramsey has experience in all of them. In all of these fields Ramsey has striven to lead in dependability and endurance.

Ramsey was founded by a man named Claude Ramsey some 70 years ago, since 1944. His original design was the first ever front-mounted winch which was powered from the crankshaft. Through the years, Ramsey has tried to maintain their high standards from their headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

But now, can relatively old Ramsey winches still compete against more modern items in terms of strength, durability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness? Let’s find out.

Review of Old Ramsey Winch Models

Ramsey 112162 Winch

Our Rating

This model is no longer available. Check out a similar model here.

The first model we will look at is the 112162 winch. It was first introduced in the market late 2012. This one can handle loads weighing up to 12,000 lbs. It is equipped with a 100 feet of 3/8 inch steel wire cable with a clevis hook.

This model is equipped with  Ramsey’s signature strong worm gear. Ramsey’s strong worm gear winches have become go-to options for their rugged and reliable aspects. They are perfect for small scale industrial projects and, of course, vehicle recovery.

This winch is powered by a 12 volt, DC motor. Both the motor and the solenoid are directly grounded to the battery, which I think is a very efficient set up. Another big plus in my book is that the solenoid assembly is weather resistant. This means extra durable, which means more cost effective.

The winch features an exclusive semi-automatic RAM-LOK clutch.This disengages the clutch for free spooling. It comes with a 12 feet wired and wireless remote, and a four way roller fairlead also comes with the winch. As far as I can tell, this is a winch that is made to be used and is made to last.

Although I think that this winch is very cost-effective, it is good for its price, I can still see some drawbacks. It only has a steel wire cable option. Other winch users prefer synthetic ropes, and it would have been nice to get that option.

The product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. This winch is powerful. It is rugged. And it is dependable.

This model is no longer available. Check out a similar model here.

  • Extremely tough and rugged
  • Perfect for vehicle recovery and light industrial projects
  • Good for its price
  • No synthetic rope option
Ramsey 111036 Winch

Our Rating

This model is no longer available. Check out a similar model here.

First introduced in the market almost 8 years ago, this model has features that a lot of more modern models form other brands still incorporate today. In comparison to newer winches, this winch can equal them in durability and efficiency.

This model has a load capacity of 8000 lbs. It utilizes a 95 foot long 5/16” steel wire rope with a clevis hook. It has the same cam action clutch as the previous model, and it features an efficient 3 stage planetary gear system. It also has the power in and out capacity – which is just plain convenient.

Both the 12 volt DC motor and the weather resistant solenoid are directly grounded to the battery. It uses an automatic load-holding brake. It has a wired remote control with a 12 feet lead. A 4 way roller fairlead is included in the package, and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

As far I’m aware, this is still on par with its competition. Its ruggedness is definitely exceptional, and its performance can even outmatch some of newer models. The price of this thing is also amazing.

The only drawback I can’t tolerate is the lack of a synthetic rope option. Personally, I prefer synthetic rope over steel wire cable. Another problem I have with this is the absences of a reliable waterproof capacity. But if you have no beef with those, then this is a perfect choice.

This model is no longer available. Check out a similar model here.

  • Very durable
  • On par efficiency as more modern models
  • Very affordable
  • No synthetic rope option
  • Little to none waterproof capacity

Are Old Ramsey Winches Worth It?

In terms of raw ruggedness and efficiency, I think that these relatively old Ramsey winch models are very much worth it. In fact, I don’t see any difference between these and newer models from other brands in regard of those two factors.

However, what turns me off about these winches is the lack of the waterproof capacity. Going off-road, I just want to be prepared for the unknown, so I would like to have as much protection on my winch as possible. But if you do not really venture into swamps or marshlands, then these are more than capable of handling the task.

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Do you have any questions? Or are there other items you think should make the list? Write them down in the comment section below.

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