Top 10 Best Hand Winches of 2020

Looking for best hand winches? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. In this article, I’ve reviewed the top 10 hand winches. I ‘ve also added a buying guide to help you make the best choice.

Best Hand Winch Buying Guide

What Is Hand Winch?

A hand winch is a light tool that makes it easier to move or lift any heavy objects. This tool is portable and doesn’t require electricity or other external power.

Why You Should Choose A Hand Winch?

The main reasons of choosing a hand winch are described below:

  • If you are involved with a job that requires regular pulling and lifting, then you can make your job easier by picking a hand winch. With a hand winch, you can easily pull or lift any heavy objects.
  • This winch is portable. You can easily carry this winch anywhere you want.
  • It is inexpensive than any other winch and has no maintenance cost.
  • It doesn’t require any external power supply.
  • It is designed to use with cable or strap.
  • Some hand winch offers extra features such as brakes and covering cases.
  • It is very user-friendly.
  • It is not only powerful and versatile but also durable too.

Things To Consider Before Buying Hand Winch

Here are some features that you should consider to get the best out of a hand winch. First, have a quick look at these features. After that, I will be explaining some of the important features.

  • Construction material
  • Finish style
  • Weight and dimension of the winch
  • Pulling capacity
  • Gear system
  • Gear ratio
  • Drum design & diameter
  • Wire anchoring plate
  • Rope types
  • Handle design
  • Safety features

Hand winches should be made of high-grade steel for good performance. But even steel can corrode and rust. On the contrary, Winches coated with zinc or enamel materials are ideal to resist rust or corrosion. So, zinc or enamel-coated winches are more strong and dependable.

Automatic Brake System

This is a highly wanted feature. The automatic braking system provides maximum possible control of the loading and unloading processes. So, pick one that comes with an automatic brake system.

Enclosed Gear System

Most high-quality winches come with covered and enclosed gear system. This will increase the durability.

Gear Ratio

You will need a winch with a higher gear ratio for pulling or lifting heavier loads, and a smaller gear ratio for lighter loads. Before buying a winch, find out what kind of gear ratio will be perfect for your job.

Wire Anchoring Plate

You should pick a winch with a wire anchoring plate to prevent the slipping out of wire and rope.


When choosing a winch, grab the winch handle and make sure if it feels comfortable. Also, make sure if the crank turns easily. You will find some handles too large or too small. So, check the handle thoroughly before buying.


Some winches are compatible with specific ropes types such as nylon straps or braided cables. Some winches can use either. If your selected winch doesn’t come with rope, then make sure to confirm which types of ropes are compatible with your winch.

Ease of Use

You should pick one that is easy to install and operate. Because you won’t want to pay someone for operating your winch. So, pick a winch that can be operated by anyone and doesn’t require any special skills.


If you pick a winch from top rated brands, then you don’t have to think about durability and reliability. But if you go with cheap low rated brands, you won’t get such level of experience. In this article, I have reviewed winches from top rated brands. You can pick one from these.


The price range of a hand winch depends on some factors. These factors are construction material, pulling capacity, gear construction, braking system, additional accessories and safety features such as braking. You have to spend between $20 and $220 to get a quality hand winch.

How To Use A Hand Winch

Step 1: Firstly, Wrap an anchor strap or steel chain around a solid immobile object. Connect the winch to the strap or chain. Pull out the winch cable and then attach the cable’s hook to the items you would like to move.

Step 2: Just before you start operating the winch, check the attachments from both ends. Ensure that the attachments are secured properly and won’t come apart when you set the winch under strain.

Step 3: Push and pull the winch lever to tighten the cable for a better pull. Keep on working using the winch lever or crank to pull the item you want to move. Quiet working when the item has been transferred to the preferred position.

Tip: It will best if you put the winch, load and the anchor in a straight line. When pulling a load at an angle, you won’t get proper pulling power.

Warning: Never exceed the maximum load pulling capacity of your winch.

Final Words

I hope this best hand winch review and buying guide helped you to pick the right one for you.

Some hand winches are designed for pulling object and some are for lifting. Few winches can do both pulling and lifting properly. If you’re finding a winch for pulling and lifting, then you can consider buying electric winches.

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