Quadratec Q9000 Winch Reviews

Quadratec is a brand quite unknown to most offroad enthusiasts. But the company claims that its Q9000 model is the best model for a Jeep. They claim that the design is specifically engineered for and tailored to your Jeep.

Are these claims true? Let’s find out!



The model comes with a steel wire cable. The cable is a hundred feet long. That’s an impressive amount of cable length. Some winches, even ones from very expensive brands, only offer up to 80 feet of cable. But what’s disappointing about the Quadratec Q9000 cable is that it doesn’t come with a synthetic option.

There are offroad enthusiasts who prefer synthetic lines. In fact, its popularity continually increases. If you need to know the differences between the two so you can decide which one is better, read our in-depth explanation of the two types of winch cable.

You can replace the steel cable wire with a synthetic one though. If you want to know how to replace a winch cable, check this guide out. But before buying a synthetic rope, give the cable wire a shot. After all, it’s made of aircraft-grade galvanized cable.

Pull Strength

Its rated pull strength is 9000 lbs, as the name already suggests. The Jeep Wrangler JK, perhaps the most popular model made by the brand Jeep, weighs less than 4,300 lbs. A winch that can pull up to 9,000 lbs seems a little too much for a Jeep, doesn’t it?

Well, not really. For one, 4,300 isn’t the only weight you have to consider. This is the gross weight of the vehicle. You have to consider the net weight. Net weight includes the passenger/s and equipment. This is why in the winching world, there’s a common rule of thumb. Pick a winch that can pull at least twice the weight of your vehicle. This is to account for extra weight, or if your vehicle is in a particularly hard-to-pull spot.

Another reason why 9000 lbs rated pull strength is fitting for a Jeep Wrangler JK is that the rated pull is a winch’s performance under perfect conditions. And when on an offroad, things rarely conform to perfection.

Regarding pull strength, the Quadratec Q9000 is as good as the company claims.

Max Line Speed

The maximum line speed is 19 feet per minute. This is pretty good speed. You don’t want to hurry the vehicle recovery process, especially when using a winch.


The remote is wired. This is a big turn-off for a lot of winch users. And there’s a reason why. A wired remote control requires more careful usage. Entangling the wire can damage the remote. It can also get in the way when setting the winch up for a recovery mission.

The length of the wire can also limit the distance between the user and winch. As much as possible, you want to be far from the winch when operating it. The wire of the Quadratec Q9000 remote is just 12 feet long.

Other Specs

The current draw is 300 amps. It weighs 98.7 lbs. It comes with a zinc-plated roller fairlead, a forged steel clevis hook, a nylon safety hook strap, and a remote solenoid box. Installation hardware is part of the package. You can also install the solenoid using the two mount boxes – a motor-mounted mount and a center mount.

Battery cables are made of solid copper for maximum conductibility. Its safety latch is made of stainless steel. It is powered by a 4.8 horsepower series wound motor. It’s also coated with a powder coat finish. Additionally, it features a load-holding brake system – which grants a level of safety.

Overall, the winch seems like it can deliver its promises. However, there are a few things about it that some can find disturbing, to say the least.

Problems with the Quadratec Q9000

Housing Construction

The primary problem with the winch is the construction of its housing. Its housing is made of two materials: stainless steel – which is good – and aluminum castings – which is terrible.  That’s practically using the two opposite materials on the galvanic series. Why is that bad? Because stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and aluminum castings practically invite rust into its structure.

You can expect very dissimilar metal corrosion.


The second major problem is that the winch isn’t sealed; it’s not waterproof. While there are tons of winches in the market that is good even though they have no sealing, the Quadratec Q9000 is on another level of bad. Because of the terrible materials in its housing, its internal parts are vulnerable to water.

The inside of the motor is vulnerable to corrosion. The gears are prone to rust. The wiring is prone to short circuits.


Fortunately, the winch is very easy to disassemble. You can take apart the parts and cover them with an anti-seize solution to prevent corrosion. The winch can be easily damaged by the elements. But with enough diligence and patience, you can add a layer of protection to it.

This extra effort on the part of the owners is a turnoff for a lot of consumers, but you have to take into account the affordability of the winch. You can’t expect to get the best winch with all the desirable features at around $200. 

Also, keep in mind that Quadratec advertises the Q9000 model as a winch for occasional use. It’s not meant for serious offroading. It can do what the company says it can. But don’t expect it to go above and beyond.

Is it Worth it?

For its price, the Quadratec Q9000 delivers what it promises. It’s not for serious offroad enthusiasts. It’s more for people who only need their winches occasionally.

If you want a winch that will last, check out the winches from the best brands in the market.