Cooper Vs. Michelin Truck Tires

Are you looking for a tire for your truck? From which brand will you purchase a tire? There are many tire brands out there, and it can be confusing which to pick. To make it simple, let’s narrow down our choices. We will choose two companies, one cheap tire manufacturer, and the other, a well-known tire manufacturer. I am, of course, talking about Cooper and Michelin.

Michelin company is a household name, and rightly so. By some, it is even regarded as one of the best tire companies in the world. You can immediately identify the Michelin brand with its iconic phantom-like mascot. On the other hand, you have Cooper. Cooper is a tire company known for its cheap yet reliable tires, but they are not as well-known as Michelin. 

I’ll say it outright, you get what you pay for, and this is true for buying tires. So in our comparison, Michelin will always come out on top when compared to Cooper. There is no tire Cooper can offer that can outmatch any of Michelin’s tires.  However, let’s not easily disregard Cooper just yet. They do offer some cheap yet reliable tires.

With that in mind, I’ll present to you two categories for truck tire recommendations. Cooper, for those people looking for cheap tires for their truck, and on the other hand,  Michelin, for those looking for the best tire for their truck. 

Cooper Vs. Michelin Highway Options

Cooper Evolution H/T Tires

If you are just a regular commuter, then the Cooper Evolution H/T Tires is just enough to do the job. It is an all-season tire, and you can drive this tire even on the worst of heavy rainstorms. And this feature is achieved through their 3D Micro-Gauge sipes. These sipes go around the tread with the tires’ circumferential grooves. As a result, this increases the traction on wet pavement and reducing the risks of hydroplaning.

The ride is smooth, and the steering is precise and just fine for the average commuter. 

Michelin Premier LTX 

If you want the premium highway experience, then the Michelin Premier LTX is the right job for it. It’s an all-season tire, perfect for those looking for the best all-season traction, longer tread life, and comfort.  Most tires sacrifice comfort for traction, but not this tire. It’s unbelievable how quiet this tire is, so be careful while driving because you might just fall asleep.

The Michelin Premier LTX features an all-new EverGrip technology. EverGrip is a design that widens the grooves, and because of that, it allows new grooves to open up as the tire wears down. Essentially, its traction remains the same as brand new tires. 

Its road experience is exceptionally premium. No unnecessary road-noise and tread life are up to 60,000 miles. The only thing that would ruin your ride is bumpy roads. 

Cooper Vs. Michelin Off-Road Options

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT

Finding a tire that perfectly balances utility and off-road performance is a difficult task to do. And yet, Cooper has managed to do just that. The Cooper AT3 features not only sports an aggressive-looking tread pattern but also have incorporated a five-ribbed design to improve stability and on-road handling. Its divided center rib allows for great traction and yet not sacrificing on-road comfort. 

What makes the Cooper AT3 stand out is its aggressive siping structure that is in a zigzag pattern. Sure, it looks fashionable, but it’s very functional as well. The sipes enhance the traction but at the same time also enhancing the tread life. These same sipes can also work to remove pebbles on the tire’s surface. On top of that, the sipes also act as a self-cleaning agent, which means the tire surface doesn’t degrade that quickly.

What makes this tire stand out is its performance on wet roads. Its complex silica-made tread compound ensures great traction on wet road conditions, and it allows the tires to be free of slips. With this tire, you can be confident to do some high-speed corner turns, which is especially useful in changing lanes quickly when it rains. 

Michelin LTX A/T

Looking for a tire that can handle almost anything you throw at it? Then this tire is just for you. The Michlin LTX A/T is made for the rugged lifestyle—ready to tackle almost anything that stands in its way. It’s one of the top-notch tires offered by Michelin, so you can assume this tire performs well. 

Despite being a tire for the off-road life, it does not sacrifice comfortability for utility. For Michelin’s engineers to achieve this feat, they came up with the EverTread design. Evertread design does a lot of things at once: comfort, traction, reduce wear and improve fuel efficiency. As a bonus, the design also reduces vibration, which also reduces noise.

The EverTread design is so robust that almost no natural debris can burst it. Sharp rocks, sharp pebbles, and wood splinters barely scratched this tire. Although it is not a dedicated as an off-road tire—it’s an all-season tire—it still can perform as well as one.

The same EverTread design allows for traction in different terrain scenarios, be it muddy, sandy, rocky, you name it! This tire is as versatile as it gets. While it does not look as good as the Cooper tires, this tire is more practical. 


If you are looking for cheap yet practical tires, then go for Cooper tires. On the other hand, if money is not an issue, then the Michelin tires are the way to go. With Michelin Tires, you know your choice won’t be a mistake, and I guarantee it. 

So, what do you think? Did I miss something? Any tips you would like to share? Feel free to comment on them below! Also, we offer different reviews and guides as well, so check them out whenever you want.