What Tires Fit 17×9 Rims

For most of us, there is nothing special about buying a new set of tires. Rather, most of us focus more on our car’s features and its profile. We tend to appreciate the car’s acceleration, speed, or just the fuel economy. 

Those features are certainly important, but we need to take a deep look at tires also. Most of us see tires as nothing special, and we see them as nothing but plain old rubber. However, that plain old rubber can make a lot of difference. With a good tire, you can improve your fuel economy, reduce braking distance, improve safety, and save money.

Before we dive in on which tires are the best for your 17×9 rims, we first have to discuss the importance of getting a good quality tire. That way, you can better make a more informed decision and not just pick any tire because it’s the cheapest around. 

The Importance of Good Quality Tire 


Even with sole reason, this should change your mind on why you need to purchase good quality tires. Many of us are unaware that tires play an essential role in road safety. It’s more than just protecting yourself from punctures. If you haven’t replaced your tires for more than 6 years now, then you are putting yourself and your passengers at great risk. Of course, the replacement of your tire depends on how often you use it. 

Remember that your tires handle your car’s weight, and that’s a lot of weight. So if any problems happen, you’d have no control over the car’s weight, and this can get very dangerous. Your tires are what connects you and the road, in short, traction and grip. Without it, you won’t have much friction for your car to hold onto the road.

An old tire’s problems will become very obvious once the rainy and winter season comes in. You can very easily lose control and cause accidents since old tires have turned bald. And thus, no traction and grip. Replacing your tires every 6 years is a price worth it, and you wouldn’t want rather have an accident on the road. 

Fuel Economy

The older the tire you have, the more fuel you have wasted. An old tire has lost most of its grip, so instead of holding the road properly, it just slips away. Your engine turns the wheels around, but an old tire just wasted it since it does not grip the road properly.

An old tire brings inconsistent road results and thus wasting a lot of fuel. So if you are thinking of postponing buying new tires to save money, don’t. You likely would have waste money instead. 


When buying new tires, the driving experience itself changes dramatically for the better. For one, when the tire has proper air pressure, you can feel how easy it is to drive, the results are consistent. 

When your tires are damaged or bare, the driving experience is inconsistent. It feels clunky, wobbly, and has a lot of vibrations too. A tire also supports the car’s suspension too, so when the road gets bumpy, the experience is awful. It’s like sitting on a hard lump. 

Invest yourself in some good quality tires, and you will see that the experience is night and day. 

Tires For 17×9 Rims

Now that’s out of the way, here are some of the best tires for your 17×9 rims.


When it comes to the best-rated tires on the market, the Cooper Discoverer AT-3 scores one of the highest. It is an all-terrain tire, perfect for your pickup trucks or SUV. Not only does this tire perform well off-road, but it also is great for road experience. 

Most all-terrain tires sacrifice comfort for utility, but not this tire. Despite boasting a lot of features, it manages to balance comfort and utility well. In short, it does not vibrate too much, and nor it isn’t noisy at highway speeds. 

It can also perform well in wet and snow conditions. It is truly an all-terrain tire.


Are you looking for a tire that works perfectly on snow and ice? Then this tire is for you. The company Ironman made this tire for this very purpose. Its tread block pattern features a sawtooth design, and this creates maximum biting grip in snow and ice. Its studded pinholes are set in place to create a perfect balance of minimizing noise but without sacrificing traction. They made sure that every aspect of the tire delivers a smoother and safer ride. When you are out there, off-road, you can be sure that you can put your faith in this tire.


This tire boasts excellent all-weather traction. It features an asymmetric ribbed tread pattern and a compound that boosts its capabilities in dry, wet, and winter conditions. Its tread elements enable it to have traction in all weather conditions, while the compound allows the tire to be flexible in cold temperatures to ensure a safer performance.

Finally, it boasts a wide circumferential groove and open shoulder design, and this helps prevent hydroplaning by eliminating slush and water from the tire’s footprint. With all of its features combined, it ensures that you experience safe driving all year round. 


Looking for a tire perfect for extreme weather conditions? Then this tire is just for you! Built for sedans, minivans, and coupes, the WInterforce 2 ensures that you stay safe in driving in snow, slush, ice, and other harsh winter conditions. What makes this unique against its competition is its price. Even though it’s not a top-tier tire, it can compete. 

It sports a 3-peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, meaning it can handle severe snow conditions. Its ability to handle extreme snow comes from its specialized tread pattern and tire compound. Its tire compound allows the tire to be pliable and its tread pattern reduces the hydroplane risks. 

What more can you ask for a winter tire?


Despite tires being so simple, they can make a lot of difference in the driving experience. So I highly suggest that you invest yourself in some good quality tires.

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