Bigfoot Tires Review

Big Foot tires, are they any good? Are they suitable for all the terrain you would likely encounter in an offroad expedition? Are they worth their price?

Let’s see the answers to these questions.

The Performance

Big Foot tires are designed by Big O. They are specifically designed for offroad vehicles. They are highly suitable for Jeeps.

The Big Foot A/T has a wide center rib tread block design. This gives the tires better traction than regular tires. And the design translates well into its performance. The tires work really well in rain, snow, rocky terrain, and even mud.

It has excellent traction. Even though it doesn’t have lugs, its nice tread pattern is enough to provide traction in very slippery terrain. There is an issue with how noisy they can be, though. But if you’re not too picky about that, Big Foot A/T tires are a good option.

Overall, Big Foot tires are excellent if you’re entirely focused on performance.


For those looking for more than optimal performance, they will be glad to know that Big O offers a great warranty on their products. The company offers full replacement or repair for 3 years if the cause of the damage is a road hazard. The same warranty applies if the tires suffer damage due to bad workmanship or materials used. Big O really stands behind every tire they manufacture.

The tires also get free rotation and rebalancing every 5,000miles for the rest of their useful life, as determined by the manufacturer.

Aside from the great warranty, you will also receive excellent customer service out of your Big Foot tires. The brand has a thousand stations all over the United States that will give you free service when you need it. Aside from these 1000 locations, Big O also has 35,000 partners that honor their service warranty.

The service warranty is not limited to only the tires. It can also include other parts of your vehicle. It includes air conditioning, heating, and climate control systems; engine cooling systems; engine drivability services; fuel systems repair; brake system repair; ignition system; and basically every fundamental system your car has.

The warranty lasts for 12 months or 12,000 miles of use – whichever comes first. For the full details of the warranty, see this PDF file discussing every part of the warranty.

You also have the chance to qualify for a 24-hour roadside assistance benefit from the store you purchased the tires from. This benefit allows you to easily contact Big O service providers to help you get out of tight spots.

Wherever you are, you don’t have to worry about your battery running out of power; accidentally leaving your car keys inside the locked car; fuel, oil, water, and fluid delivery; or even getting your vehicle towed when needed.

The services they offer are not entirely free, though. They only cover a maximum of $75 for each time you avail of their services. For the full details of this benefit, see this PDF file.

Big Foot Tires are Worth it

Big Foot tires perform well. And in the very rare cases that they don’t consumers are covered by their excellent warranty and customer service.

You will not regret purchasing Big Foot tires for your offroading vehicles.

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