Big O Brand Tires Review

Big O Tires

Big O Tires started their business back in 1962. Back in those days, the market for replacement tires was sky-rocketing, so independent dealers were threatened since they can’t keep up with major tire manufacturers. 

Feeling the insecurity, the independent dealers started to band together to form a coalition. Now with their position solidified, they are now able to get a hold of a secure volume pricing. In the next couple of years, their partnership started to boom and develop. So much so that they are now able to franchise their business. These days they are looking to expand further and develop their customer service. 


Big O Tires started as a tire dealer, but now, they also offer car maintenance services. You can see all sorts of tires being sold in their dealership. All you have to do is contact them and schedule an appointment. But, you can also just walk in and ask for a new tire.  

Just tell them your automotive specifications and what kind of tire you want. They should be able to provide it. Their main services now, however, involved car maintenance. Make sure to ask for some discount if possible to save some money on your end. 

These days, automobiles have been increasingly difficult to fix. Even if you are someone with years of experience as a mechanic, modern cars are just complicated to deal with. They now have different onboard electronics and some complex electrical systems. Plus, each electronic system is different for each car model!

Gone are the days where there is only the mechanic and the car. Now, you need to have a technician on-board with your car repairs! So what you need are trained professionals able to handle the task on hand—without paying too much. 

With 450 locations around the United States, you can quickly get access to their services. You can be sure that their technicians and their mechanics are quite capable of the task.


When Big O Tires first began, they were quite popular among many car enthusiasts. They offer reasonable pierce tags coupled with excellent customer service. That’s why they were able to expand so quickly across the United States.

However, due to their quick expansion, the company wasn’t always able to keep tabs on its franchises. Some franchises developed a good reputation among their customers, while some weren’t the most reputable. 

The company wasn’t able to enforce a strict policy among its different branches. As a result, rampant fraud and faulty customer service happened in different franchises. So, what do I exactly mean?

Tips And Recommendations

Let’s make a scenario. Let’s say you need an oil change. All you need to do is visit their shop and ask for an oil change. Nothing complicated, and it should be a straightforward task, right? Well, it should have been. What the service would do instead is charge you with the oil change, and they tell you you need to have your car fixed.

Their reasons might be that the suspension is broken, or you need a new cooler. For the non-car experts, they would readily agree with the fix despite the car not needing one! That’s additional expenses! In this scenario, the car does not need fixing at all, but only a simple oil change. And yet, they somehow find that there is something broken in your car.

For the reader, be very aware of their tactics! There were a lot of scandals with this same tactic. So whenever they ask you for repairs, be sure to always ask for a second opinion. Otherwise, you might spend additional expenses despite not needing one.

However, don’t think badly about all of Big O Tires franchises. Some have provided decent customer service and an excellent price tag on their services. To sort out the bad ones from the good, be sure to check out Yelp. Yelp is an online review website. If you want to check out your local Big O Tires, make sure to look up Yelp. 


Many small businesses offer car maintenance services. Their services can be a hit or miss, but for the most part, they offer excellent customer service. These small businesses want to make sure that they want their customers to be happy, or otherwise, they lose money.

Unlike big franchises, small businesses can’t keep up with their loss. You can be sure that they won’t try to scam you, or otherwise, they will develop a bad name. To find these repair shops, look around for their banners and their storefronts. They might also set up some signs, so watch out for those. 


Big O Tires offer a lot of services for car and tire maintenance. However, always keep an eye on their scam tactics. But keep in mind that not all have a bad reputation. 

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