32 vs 33 inch Tires

Which tire should you get for your truck? A 32-inch or 33-inch tire? Is one better than the other? I have seen both of these questions asked in so many forums. However, the terms they use can be quite confusing for the newcomers. So today, I will explain it to you as plain as I possibly can. 

Many accessories can affect a vehicle’s performance considerably, but none are as much changing as tires. Yes, engine mods are probably the best way to flex your car. After all, for car-enthusiasts, the roar of the engine is music to the ears. Plus, they give additional horsepower too.

However, I digress. Proper tires are the cheapest and one of the most effective ways to modify your vehicle. Especially when you are off-road, tires can make a lot of difference. It can make your off-road experience go very smoothly. 

Even the small details of a tire can dictate how it will perform. Tread patterns can make a vehicle go through mud easily but perform badly on icy roads. So even the difference in tire sizes matters so much. 

With that of the way, let’s discuss the advantages of using 32 or 33-inch tires. 

Advantages of 33-inch Tires

33-inch Tires Look Impressive:

In the automobile community, there is a non-verbal agreement that bigger and wider tires look impressive. Whether they be in racing, off-road, or plain saloon cars, a wide tire “magically” makes a vehicle look better. For me, it is an unexplainable phenomenon that continues to boggle my mind!

Just try fitting your car with a wider and bigger tire, and you will understand what I am getting at. I can make a vehicle even look sporty and more aggressive.

33-inch Tires Have More Traction And Grip:

The 33-inch tires are larger and wider compared to 32-inch tires. As a result, the 33-inch tires have more surface area sticking to the terrain, which means more traction and grip.

The 33-inch tires perform better on staying afloat on mud. While 32-inch tires can do the same, it does not perform as well as the 33-inch tires. However, a 32-inch tire can compensate for this with a better tread pattern specifically made for off-road. But generally speaking, a bigger and wider tire will almost always outperform lower-size tires. 

When you make the change from 32 to 33-inch tires, you won’t feel much difference. Only when you subject the vehicle to extreme conditions that those tiny percentages can make a difference.

33-inch Better Perform On Rock Crawling:

Of all the off-road terrains you can explore, rock crawling is by far the hardest one to do. For this purpose, you need a tire that is very specific for it. There are 32 and 33-inch for the very purpose of rock crawling. But in this case, the bigger the tire, the better.

Big tires tend to more solid than smaller tires, so what you want is the 33-inch tire. It is easier for bigger tires to go over rock crevices, and they are also less prone to punctures since they are thicker.

You will also need to have bigger tires since they have a broader surface area. The more surface area you have, the easier it will be to climb.

Advantages of 32-inch Tires

32-inch Are Cheaper

The 32-inch tires are always cheaper compared to the 33-inch tires. They cost less weight in shipping and also less raw materials needed to make. 

Which Is Better?

If you want a general-purpose off-road tire, 33-inch tires are always preferable to 32-inch tires. However, they can get expensive and maybe are not compatible with your vehicle. If you want to go off-road nevertheless, and your vehicle is not the largest around, get a tire with a good tread.

A good tread can make a difference when going off-road. But first, determine what terrain you are going to explore. After that, ask your local tire dealership what type of tread should you install on your vehicle for the journey ahead.

33-inch Tires Recommendations:

Toyo OPEN COUNTRY R/T All-Terrain Radial Tire – 33/12.5R20 114Q


If you are going on an adventure in any terrain, then I highly suggest you this tire. Despite being an all-terrain, it sports a very aggressive look. Even daily commuters find this to be quite the looker. Plus, it is very quiet on the road too! No vibrations, and it’s as if you are driving a regular stock tire.

Finally, this tire has superb durability. This tire can last you for more than 60,000miles!

Super Swamper B-127 Bogger 33/1050X16


Don’t go on muddy terrain without bringing this tire first. As you can see in this picture, the tread design is specifically made for muddy terrain. Its tread pattern allows it to grip on the mud, and while its width allows the tire to stay afloat on mud. It’s very reliable and gets the job done. What more could you ask for?

Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Radial Tire 33/22.00R15


My first impression of this tire is that it’s very wide. This time, however, I am not introducing to you an off-road tire. But rather, a tire specifically for on-road use. It offers much grip, which enhances a vehicle’s handling performance. On top of that, its unique flamed tread patterns help the car stay stable on wet road conditions. 


You should always try to purchase 33-inch tires over the 32-int tires. However, if you don’t have the money, a 32-inch tire is a good alternative. At first, you won’t experience major differences between the two tires. Only when you subject them to extreme conditions that those few differences will shine.

Hopefully, we satisfied your curiosity on which tire is better. Do you think I missed anything? Perhaps you want to share something? Comment on them below! Also, we offer different blogs such as: