Best Synthetic Rope for Winch [Updated 2020]

In this post, we will be reviewing the best synthetic rope for winch. There are many synthetic ropes that are available in the market. But which is the best for your winch? To answer that question, we will look at the top 5 best selling synthetic rope. We will do an in-depth review focusing on a few factors which include the strength and durability of the rope. Hope it will help you make an informed decision.

But if you are in a hurry and just wants to know which is the best synthetic rope for your winch, then check the editor's choice below:

Now that you knew my top choice for the best synthetic rope, let's begin with the review proper.

Traditionally, people have been using steel lines on winches to tow their massive loads whether at home or on job sites. The problem is, steel lines are extremely difficult to roll back onto the spool.  This is because steel is a fairly stiff material that easily kinks and tangles. When you try to roll the line back onto the winch, the line will often get snagged or wrap unevenly, which requires a stronger and more consistent tension and ultimately a lot more time an effort to fix. Additionally, steel can fray and become potentially dangerous as sharp edges are exposed. Thankfully, these issues have been resolved by switching to a synthetic rope for a winch.

Synthetic ropes are far more flexible than steel lines, which makes rolling them onto the spool a much easier job.  You don’t need to create as much tension, and the line is far less likely to kink or get tangled. This has the added benefit of being easier to work with in general, since the line is much lighter and far more flexible, allowing you to manipulate it into whatever shape you need.  It is also generally safer than steel, since it doesn’t create and sharp edges.  On top of all of these benefits, synthetic ropes are generally far stronger than their steel counterparts.

So with so many added incentive for using synthetic rope for your winch, you just got to get one right? Look at the comparison table below to check out all 5 synthetic ropes that we will be reviewing.

Best Synthetic Rope Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Synthetic Rope Review

Ranger UltraRanger Synthetic Winch Rope for ATV Winch

Our Rating​

When you’re towing massive loads in tough conditions, working with products you can depend on is essential. Ultraranger’s UHMWPE Synthetic Winch Rope has the strength and durability that you can rely on to get you out of a dirty situation.  This product rolls out on top as the best overall synthetic rope for winches. 

This 50’ rope was built to pull you out of your meanest towing jobs.  Ultraranger covers all the bases as a lightweight, floating, torque-free, easy to handle, stronger than steel, kink resistant, and rust-free rope.  On top of this, the designers have integrated two protective sleeves - one at the pull end and the other on the drum - to prevent wear and tear.  The rope is pre-stretched and heat treated to guarantee maximum tensile strength, and is capped with an tough, stainless steel tube thimble for improved eye protection.

Some may find the rope to be too light for certain jobs.  However, Ultranger’s strength makes up for anything the rope lacks in weight.  All in all, this is the best overall synthetic rope with proven strength and durability.

  • Double protective sleeves for maximum durability
  • Treated to resist stretching, fraying, UV, and moisture damage
  • Floats on water
  • Might be too light for certain jobs
Ucreative Synthetic Winch Line Cable Rope with Black Protecing Sleeve for ATV

Our Rating​

Big jobs often require a big crew, and with those extra hands safety put at the forefront.  You might not have considered the importance of the colour of your synthetic rope, but it can make a big difference when your working complicated jobs.  The ability to clearly and easily see your rope - whether it is finding it among a huge pile of equipment, or tracking it in muddy conditions - saves time, headache, and improves safety.  Ucreative’s 7,700Lb Synthetic Winch Rope is offered in three vibrant colours: blue, orange, and yellow.  These high-quality, high-viz ropes are perfect for any serious job site.

Treated to ensure maximum durability, Ucreative ensures resistance to UV and chemicals, reduction in stretching, and prevention of rotation.  Of course, this rope hits the key qualities for a synthetic winch rope - lightweight, floats, and easy to handle and splice.  Ucreative’s quality will match your needs, with the often-overlooked-bonus of three ultra vibrant colours to choose from.  This 50’ rope will help you on any professional job, whether your working with your truck, ATV, or boat.

This rope is slightly thicker than most synthetic lines, which can make the initial installation more difficult depending on the winch.  However, once installed you’ll be glad to have this high-vis line in those messy, low-visibility conditions.  All in all, this holds up as a strong and reliable rope, which has the unique benefit of being a bright and easily recognized colour.

  • Three high-visibility colours: blue, orange, or yellow
  • Material is easy to handle
  • A thicker rope material which can be difficult to spool onto some winches
U.S. Made AMSTEEL Blue Winch Rope

Our Rating​

Have you been encumbered by sudden costs during a major project?  Various fees and costs can add up quickly, so making budget-wise choices are essential.  If your working with a small budget, A-Fun’s synthetic rope is your best bet.  You can choose a customized length for the rope at $20 for every 10’.  If you only need 30’ of rope, then this a great option because you won’t need to spend any extra money on line you don’t need.  In other words, you only have to pay for exactly what you’re looking for to get the job done.  

The rope is delivers on quality, so you can rest assured you won’t be sacrificing strength for the budget. The line is coated with a special resin to protect it from the elements and to prevent fraying, rips, or snags.  So you’ll be able to get many uses out of this purchase - another added benefit for the budget.  It also prevents kinks and tangles and is lightweight and easy to handle.  Similar to the other options, this rope is light, floats on water, won’t kink or tangle, and is easy to handle.

The features on this rope, such as the metal eye and protective sleeve, are slightly smaller than others.  However, the money you’ll be saving make up for these, which differ only slightly from other models.  Overall, this is your best value for a synthetic rope.

  • Can order a custom length, which lets you meet your needs within your budget
  • Coated with a special resin to prevent wear and tear
  • Lower grade attachments and accessories (eye, protective sleeve)
Offroading Gear Synthetic Winch Rope Kit with Snap Hook and Rubber Stopper

Our Rating​

Having the right equipment for the job is important, especially when it is customized to fit together for seamless, efficient results.  This is why Off Roading Gear’s fully customized kit - rope, shackle, and stopper - stands out among other synthetic rope products.  Your projects will get the right start when you pick up this super duty package.

Let’s start with the rope: made from UHMWPE, lightweight, stretch resistant, and stronger-than-steel quality.  Like all synthetic ropes, this is much easier to handle than steel rope counterparts.  A protective sleeve is built into the design to make sure this rope will be with you for any major towing need.  This is also the longest rope at an incredible 95’!  Now, let’s talk about what sets this rope apart: the kit includes a durable snap shackle, a rubber stopper, and the rope has a spliced eye on one end, and a terminal end on the other (can be removed if necessary).  This kit offers everything you need to get the job done right - it is the ideal one-time purchase synthetic rope.

Picking up the right tools is setting yourself up for success.  Off Roading Gear’s winch rope kit will make sure your set up to tow whether your driving an SUV, Jeep, Truck, ATV, or boat.  This product is especially well suited for anyone who is transitioning from steel to synthetic rope for the first time, since you’ll have everything you need right off the bat. While some may find they need a heavy duty set, for most of your average tasks this rope will hold up well.  Overall, its a great choice that will get you started in the right direction.

  • Extremely long - 95’
  • Included custom built accessories
  • Accessories might not strong enough to satisfy very large projects
QH QH WURONG Synthetic Winch Rope with Sheath for ATVs Winches

Our Rating​

They say good things come in small packages - and that’s exactly what QH QH Wurong has achieved with their synthetic winch rope.  This rope is ultra light and compact - perfect for storage and transport.  A staple for any truck, home, or cottage — this synthetic rope delivers convenience without compromising strength. 

You get many of the standard features, such as a protective sleeve and UV and moisture resistant coating.  They have also fabricated the line with an easy-to-handle Polymer Fibre.  Of course, this rope is also safer and stronger than steel.  What you may not know is that steel lines retain energy, so if they are pushed to their snapping point they will break and become a steel whip causing unimaginable damage. Whereas the synthetic rope does no retain this same level of energy, so if the rope happens to break it won’t create the same level of damage. This is true for all of the synthetic ropes, nevertheless safety is always a good thing to remember when deciding which tool is best.  The feature that distinguishes this line is the fact that you can easily store this rope when you don’t need to use it.  The line is quite soft, which lets you wind it into a tight package ideal for storage. 

Some may find the rope to be too flexible, which might not work well for all tasks. However, this rope will meet your standards for most jobs.  So, unless you have a specific need for a stiffer rope, this is a great choice.  It is especially well suited for anyone who only occasionally needs to pull out their rope, which is otherwise kept in storage. 

  • Can be folded compactly of easy storage
  • Safer than steel - doesn’t store energy that can cause damage under accidental tearing
  • Potentially too flexible for certain jobs

Complete Buyer's Guide For Best Synthetic Rope

How often will the synthetic rope be used?

The technology used in winch ropes has greatly improved from the time of steel lines to today’s heavy duty synthetic ropes.  When selecting the correct rope, you should have a couple of things in mind.  First, is this a tool you’ll be using often? If you’ll be getting a lot of use out of the rope, then splurging and picking up something that is a little more durable is good idea.

What will you be towing, and what will you use to tow?

Second, what types of jobs will you be using this rope for?  If you’re only ever towing smaller loads, maybe you’re only work with your ATV, then you can get away with a lower graded weight.  However, if you’re using your truck for much larger tows, you won’t want to skip out on the maximum weight load.  Also keep in mind that the maximum weight is just that - a maximum.  If you need to tow 7,500Lb you should choose a rope graded at a slightly higher weight, such as 8,000Lb.

What types of conditions will you be using the synthetic rope in?

Finally, you want to consider the conditions you’ll be working in; whether you’re working in the water with boats, or in muddy conditions, or out in the sun all day long.  Depending on your environment, you might require certain features more than others.  For example, you may find that a highly-visible rope is important while working in low-visibility conditions.

Best Synthetic Rope FAQs

How strong is synthetic rope?

In general, when controlling for weight and size, synthetic ropes are approximately 15x stronger than steel rope equivalents.  This places synthetic ropes at a massive advantage, especially given that they are far more flexible and easier to handle.

How long will a synthetic rope last?

Your average synthetic rope should be replaced every 10 years to ensure that it’s original towing weight and overall strength standards are met.  Make sure you frequently check the rope for any damage.  If there are tears or frays, you can potentially repair the damage before it is too late. Most importantly, you can prevent any accidents from occurring through a breaking rope.

How do you properly maintain a synthetic rope?

To keep your rope clean and working to its maximum, you can fill a bucket with water and mild soap.  Use the bucket to rinse the rope through, gently opening the braid slightly so that any dirt or debris can get washed out.  You’ll want to make sure the rope stays fairly clean, since debris can cause unnecessary erosion to occur.  This will ultimately effect the lifespan of your rope, which can save you money down the road.

In Conclusion

You should always be working with the right tools for the job.  That means, if you’re still using steel lines, don’t waste any more time and do yourself a huge favour — go out and pick up a synthetic rope for your winch.  You’re towing will not only become more efficient, but it will also be far safer.  If you’re buying a line for your winch for the very first time, then take this advice and pick a synthetic rope.  In the end, you’ll be glad that you’re able to do all of your heavy towing without any of the headache that alternative ropes cause.

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