Best Snatch Block for Winch – Make Pulling More Efficient

Have you experienced having difficulties travelling off-road? Truly, having the best snatch block for winch is a very useful tool in that situation. If you are serious about towing kits, it is something that should always be a part of your travel necessities. It is good to have it in your vehicle in case of an emergency, or just in any situation where you need to effectively pull something out of a tricky situation.

Like in any item that can be a lot of good for you, a snatch block is an investment. And like in all investments, there should be a great deal of thought before one decides to take it. And so, in this article is a list in which you can find the best snatch block for winches that perfectly suits you.

If you are in a hurry and not keen to read the whole review, let me cut to the chase and share my top choice and best rated snatch block below.

Best Snatch Block For Winch Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Snatch Block Review

Rhino USA Snatch Block for Winch Recovery

Our Rating​

Features & Key Technical Data

13.5 tons weight capacity

No grease fitting

Has easy cable access

When you’re in need for off-road recovery this reliable two-piece pulley helps you to recover and it can perform even in extreme off-road conditions.

If toughness is what you seek from a snatch block, the Rhino USA Ultimate snatch block is what you must be looking for. Because it is made of Aerospace Polymer and 6 mm powder coated drop forged steel, you know you are paying for security and peace of mind here.

This snatch block can handle up to 13.5 tons of pressure before showing any sign of breakage. It features an innovative two piece pulley design and pressed plates make certain your winch cable stays in place even under enormous pressure.

Heavy duty and of good quality – those are Rhino USA Ultimate snatch block’s greatest characteristics.

Rhino USA Ultimate snatch block is very strong and reliable for any pulling situation.

  • Works with all winches
  • Refundable if not satisfied
  • 13.5 tons capacity
  • Pulley roller is made of plastic
Smittybilt 2744 Universal Snatch Block

Our Rating​

Features & Key Technical Data

8.8 tons weight capacity
Equipped with grease fitting
Has easy cable access

Black powder coated in itself guarantees long snatch block life, but Smittybilt 2744 is unique in that it has a grease fitting which makes it easier to maintain.

This material has a capacity of 17, 600 lbs., that is about 8.8 tons. It works well with 7/32 to 3/8 inch cables – it is compatible with any conventionally sized winch cables; it is a universal snatch block.

It can be used in angled pulls, which is very useful in a lot of sticky situations. This product does really help you double the power of your pulling.

The Smittybilt 2744 universal snatch block is reliable and long lasting if maintained and used right.

  • 17, 600 lbs. load capacity
  • Compatible with all standard sized winch cables
  • Grease fitting

  • Have to grease first before use

This snatch block goes great with all SmittyBilt winches. Check out my review of the Best SmittyBilt Winch.

KFI Products ATV-SB Snatch Block

Our Rating​

Features & Key Technical Data

4 tons weight capacity
No grease fitting

Has easy cable access

If you are not expecting extremely heavy lifting and only need a small snatch block for everyday and casual pulling, then you should definitely consider KFI Products’ ATV-SV snatch block.

This little snatch block has a pound rating of 8, 000 pounds. It is powder coated and has 1-1/2 inch diameter holes that can be used for hooking.

Its steel plates and aluminum pulley make the job of pulling heavy things with your winch a lot easier.

For small time winch pulling, KFI Products ATV-Sb snatch block is a lot of help.

  • Small
  • Easy to use
  • 8, 000 lbs. capacity

  • Has no bearing
TGL Tow Strap with 2-Pack D Ring Shackles and 10 Ton Snatch Block

Our Rating​

Features & Key Technical Data

10 tons weight capacity
Equipped with grease fitting

Has easy cable access

Here is a snatch block for your winch that comes with extra items. The TGL 38DRSBCOM comes with a long and heavy duty winch strap and 2 D rings.

The winch strap is 3 inches wide and 8 feet long and has a 30, 000 lbs. capacity. The ¾ inch D rings can sustain loads of up to 4 ¾ tons and are undercoated with zinc for rust protection.

And the cream of the crop, the snatch block – this unit has a load capacity of 10 tons. It also has a grease zerk for lubrication purposes. It has a large opening and slides open for easier winch cable or rope access.

 The TGL 38DRSBCOM is easy to use, reliable and full of extra perks.

  • Comes with a winch strap and D rings
  • 10 tons load capacity
  • Small
ORCISH 10T Recovery Winch Snatch Pulley Block

Our Rating​

Features & Key Technical Data

10 tons weight capacity
Equipped with grease fitting
Has easy cable access

Now here is a snatch block that seems to have it all. The Orcish AY1-AT34 features a lot muscle and perks.

This unit can handle loads of up to 21, 999 lbs. or roughly 10 tons. It is heavy duty, made with durable black powder coated steel. It has a dowel bearing and grease fitting for easier maintenance. It easily opens up to receive the winch line without having to disassemble it.

What the Orcish AY1-AT34 does is it makes pulling with a winch so much easier and effortless. Do not make towing a pain, it is quick and easy with the Andersen Rapid Hitch 3410.
  • Grease fitting
  • 22, 000 lbs. (10 tons) load capacity
  • Easy to use

  • Made in China

How to Choose the Best Snatch Block for Winch – the Only Guide for YOU!

Buying a snatch block is a good decision if it serves its purpose well. And for a snatch block to properly function, it needs to have characteristics that make it reliable and useful. These characteristics include, but not limited to: strength, durability, size, safety and how easy it is to use it.


The very first thing you should consider is strength. How much load can the snatch block take before breaking or being damaged?

Your snatch block should be able to double the pulling capacity of your winch; that is their purpose. If your snatch block could not take much load, it will break and actually damage your winch instead of assisting it.


Durability is different from strength. Durability is the capacity of your snatch block to endure damaging environments.

Some snatch block manufacturers make their products more durable by making them rust free. Other options you can consider are whether the item is weather resistant, or whether it has a grease fittings that enables you to maintain it easier. Greasing is very important in a snatch block because it makes the snatch block last longer and the pulling more effortless.

Another aspect of durability is what are the materials used. Some materials are just more durable than others; that should be a no brainer fact.

When it comes to materials used, you should closely examine every part of the item. Think of it as a chain in which the entire chain is only as good as the weakest link.

Fitting should also be greatly considered. Even though the item has great quality materials and are very durable, a loose fitting screw is the difference between a successful pulling operation and a terrible and damaging wreckage.


The size of the snatch block depends on what you need from it. Most of the time, the bigger the item is, the more load it can take. However, as discussed above, the material of the item should also be considered.

The size of the snatch block is one of the biggest determinants of whether you can use it or not. Winch cables and other accessories vary in sizes and having an ill-fitting snatch block destroys the usability of the item.

A snatch block that is too small can not be used at all. And a roomy snatch block allows for a loose fitting winch cable that will produce too much movement when being used. Too much movement can shake loose components of the snatch block and cause you a disaster.


Using a powerful equipment such as a winch comes with risks. And those risks are still present when using a snatch block. When buying a snatch block, one should also address the safety issues associated with pulling heavy objects with a winch and a snatch block.

A two piece pulley design in a snatch block makes it far safer to use. You should also look for rounded edges to avoid getting pinch points. Side plates pressed together when under load ensures that the cable is well supported and is safely tucked inside the block during operation.

Easy to Use

A lot of times, winches and snatch blocks are used for emergency situations. When such a situation arises, it is best if your snatch block is easy to use.

A hard to use snatch block makes the emergency last longer than it has to be when the angle of the pull does not conform to the conventional. When a snatch block is easy to use, you can utilize it in a lot of tricky situations, wherever and whenever you need it.

All About Snatch Blocks – Most Frequently Asked Questions

What difference do snatch blocks make with the pulling?

The idea behind snatch blocks is to allow the use of winch to be easier and more powerful. Using a snatch block increases the pulling power of a winch by a massive degree. The less spooled a winch drum is the more pulling power it has than a fully spooled drum. With less line being on the drum the more effective is the pulling ratio. Hence, the snatch block.

It is attached to whatever the vehicle is winching to. The winch line or the cable, then, goes through the block on the pulley and back to the vehicle. This way, more lines will be out of the winch drum allowing more pulling power for the extraction.

What are the safety measures needed when using a snatch block?

Snatch blocks are made with heavy-duty materials to enable it to handle many thousands of pounds. Most snatch blocks weigh ten pounds themselves, so if hooked up improperly, they can be the cause of fatal injuries or deadly instances.

They can fail if over exerted due to the extreme force exerted by the winch and the vehicle. Always make sure that the object you hook your snatch block is solid, stable and is able to take the force, because the load on the line can be twice as much as the actual load being pulled.

You can place a heavy jacket or other weighting material on steel winch lines because when they snap they release a large amount of energy and can go flying and possibly hurt whoever is near. Electric winches are made to slow down or stop altogether when there is too much load on them, this is much safer to use.

However, Hydraulic winches keep going and stop only when something snaps, in most cases it is the snatch block or the line. So consider buying the most expensive and most durable snatch block that you can. Think of your safety when purchasing snatch blocks. The more costly they are the most unlikely they are to fail you.

What are the basics of rigging up a winch snatch block?

It is vital to know how to rig up a snatch block properly and safely. Because if, in the middle of a pulling, the cable or the snatch block snaps or the other components fail, your safety is at great risk. First step is to free the winch hook. Next, feed out several feet of the cable so less cable is on the winch drum for extra pulling power.

Now you can connect the winch hook to your car's tow hook. On the other side, make sure the winch is attached to the frame and not the mounting plate. By rotating the side plate, you can open the snatch block.

When the opening occurs the cable can be attached by moving the cable through the snatch block until it fits to the metal groove of the wheel. Close the snatch block by turning the side plate until the two side plates are lined up together. Now, using the snatch block, feed out the cable until it reaches your anchor point. Finally, to secure your snatch block to the anchor you can use a tree trunk protector or a shackle.

Here's a video explaining how exactly to use a snatch block:

Conclusion: The Best Snatch Block for Winch – Choose Right

There you have it! The best options for a snatch block compatible with your winch. Now choose right because a snatch block either makes or breaks the performance of your winch.

Make the right choice and double your winch’s pulling capacity. Go for your perfect balance of strength, durability, size, safety and ease of use. Choose only the best snatch block for your winch.

What do you think of our list? Are there products that you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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