What Size Winch For Car Trailer

Whether it is for pulling a tractor out of the mud or pulling a friend out of steep rocks when trekking. A trailer winch can be convenient when facing those situations. Trailer winches are not only limited to winching out when stuck, they have recreational and utility uses as well. Once you install a winch on your trailer, you can have more access to more utility work with much more convenience.

Before you go ahead and get yourself a trailer winch, which winch size should you get exactly? There are many winches out there in the market right now for different purposes and with different winch sizes. It can get convoluted in choosing which winch to get for your trailer. Convoluted it maybe, but with our guide, we can help you choose which winch size is the best for your trailer.

Choosing The Right Winch

In choosing the right winch size for your trailer, there are many factors to consider first. Note that not every winch can be attached to your trailer, some winches are big or too heavy for your trailer. Another factor is that the weight capacity of a winch might be insufficient for your utility or recreational needs.

So how do you exactly determine which winch to pick exactly? Our guide will help you choose the winch that is perfect for your trailer. We will give you the factors that needed to be considered in getting a winch.


  • Price: As with buying all sorts of equipment, one needs to consider the budget one has. Invest yourself in getting a winch that has high quality and good performance. Though it can be expensive, it is worth it since it will last longer and can withstand frequent use and abuse. A cheap winch will cost you much money as it will cost you more in maintenance and repairs. But if you really are in a tight budget, just get the best winch your money can buy.
  • Weight Capacity: Different winches have different rated weight capacities. A question you need to consider is how much load are you going to put into your trailer. What are you going to use your winch for? Are you going to use it for self-recovery, loading a boat into your trailer, or just some minor utility work? Determine their weight, you only need the same equivalent of the weight of your cargo compared to the winch capacity. Sure you can go the extra mile by getting a winch with higher rated capacities, but they can get expensive though.
  • Installation: Installing the winch onto your trailer can get complicated, so get a winch that can be installed easily. Hiring someone to have it installed for you is an additional expenditure, get a winch that can be easily installed safely.
  • Know The Brand: In getting yourself a winch, consider the brands that have the highest ratings. Before buying any winch, examine the ratings to see if the customers are satisfied with the winch they bought. That way, you can be assured that the winch you are going to buy is durable and reliable.
  • Size And Weight: Measure the width of your trailer and how much weight it can support. The winch you are going to buy should be able to fit in your trailer and not be too heavy also.


When looking for a winch for your trailer, consider these five points before buying any. Make sure that you can afford it, the weight capacity you need for your work, and durable for your needs. Do you think you have tips you’d like to share? Do you think I missed something? Comment below. Our website offers other tips and guides as well such as: