Best Warn Winch Series Review [Updated 2020]

Finding the perfect matched winch according to your needs and budget is a daunting task when you’ve got a lot of options to choose from.

But if you narrow down your list to a specific brand like Warn, life becomes a bit easier.

Easier but not as easy as pie because Warn itself released several series and models of winches of different capacities and configuration.

So, to solve all the puzzles, I decided to review all the Warn winch series.

In this Warn winch review, I have tried to explain the usability, differences, good and bad sides, benefits, and different series specific features.

I am sure this will help you to pick the perfect winch based on your needs.

(Initially, I reviewed a total of 13 Warn winch series, and from time to time I will be adding more series on the list)

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At a Glance

About the Brand Warn

Warn is undoubtedly one of the best brands (having over 70 years of experience) when it is about manufacturing winch.

Winch is not their only product by the way.

They have a wide range of products for off-roading and Powersports industries like different accessories, 4WD hubs, plow systems, etc.

Quality, performance, and introducing the latest technologies are something they don’t compromise. They manufacture their products in the USA. This is something any winch buyer likes to ensure.

Yes, their products are pricier than other winch brands.

But you won’t regret spending the extra money because of the quality and performance it delivers.

Before you buy a winch, you need to know these:


Always choose a winch that has got at least 1.5 times more capacity than the loaded weight of your vehicle or utility that you want to pull over.

For instance, if the loaded weight of your vehicle is 4000 lb. You should use a winch that has got the capacity of at least 6000 lb to get the best performance.

The loaded weight of the vehicle = the weight of the vehicle + the weight of anything you are carrying in it during the recovery/towing process.


Both the synthetic rope and steel cable are good to go in terms of performance. But they have their good and bad sides.

Synthetic rope is lightweight, flexible, doesn’t cause any severe injury if it breaks under load, can float on water.

But synthetic rope requires more maintenance than steel cable.

On the other hand, steel cables require less maintenance, stronger than synthetic rope.

But can cause severe injury if it breaks under load. So, don’t forget to use a dampener to minimize the risk.

Steel cable makes the winch heavier than its synthetic rope counterpart.


Both IP68 and IP67 rated winches, and other components are waterproof. Meaning water and elements can’t cause any damage to the winches that are rated IP68 or IP67.


The synthetic rope version of the same model from Warn winches makes the winch lighter than the steel cable version. But it costs more.

You’ll need some accessories while winching. Check my recommended top winch accessories list, these will surely make winching much safer, faster & easier.

1. Warn Zeon Platinum Series Winch Review

Before reviewing Zeon Platinum Series winches, let me tell you the common things of all the winches that are released under this particular series (i.e. Zeon Platinum Series).

  • These winches are IP68 rated. Even the contactor and remote control of this series are waterproof (remote control is IP67 rated).
  • Remote-controlled clutch.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with an advanced wireless remote control where you have some extra features besides the traditional winching remote. Like monitoring vehicle battery charge level, getting instant feedback on motor temperature, controlling the clutch, remote battery signal strength, and battery status.
  • High-quality rope anchor.
  • All the winches of this series have got both steel cable and synthetic rope version.
  • 3-segment mechanical cone brake.
  • These have got a larger diameter drum that helps to reduce the rope wear.
  • According to their claim, the winches from platinum series are twice as durable as the previous series and 20% faster.
  • All of them have got a 3-stage planetary gear system to make controlling the towing process perfectly.
  • Corrosion-resistant material.  

These winches are particularly made to recover trucks and SUVs. Some people think the price of this series is a bit high.

But I believe, if you are a serious off-roader, you should consider the quality over anything. These Zeon Platinum winches excel in quality I must say.

The line length (80’) is short or not is a moot point. Apart from that, I think these winches are good to go for recovering your truck/SUV.

Remember, all the Zeon Platinum winches require winch mount for perfect installation.

i) Zeon Platinum 12 Winch Review

This winch is capable of towing your vehicle if the weight of the vehicle is 12000 lb. To get the best performance the weight should be around 8000 lb or below.

This Zeon Platinum 12 winch comes with a steel cable.

Warn released another version of Platinum 12, named Platinum 12-S where you will get Spydura Pro synthetic rope going through a hawse fairlead.

Both these winches come with 80 feet line.

Both the Zeon Platinum 12 and 12-S have got almost similar specifications except few like rope type, the gear ratio, and mounting pattern length.

Platinum 12 has got 216:1 gear ratio whereas the 12-S has got 162:1.

Mounting pattern length for Platinum 12 is 12 inch, but for Platinum, 12-S is 10 inch.

ii) Zeon Platinum 10 Winch Review

This very Zeon Platinum winch has got the capacity of 10000 lb. So you will get the best performance if you use it to recover your vehicle weighing equal or below 6666 lb.

This winch comes with a steel cable (80’) going through a roller fairlead.

Similar to the previous model this one also has got another model 10-S that comes with synthetic rope (100’).

Platinum 10 and 10-S have got everything similar except the rope type, rope length, and mounting pattern length.

Mounting pattern length for platinum 10 is 10 inch and for 10-S it is 11 inches.

2. Warn Zeon Series winch review

Don’t get confused. In the previous section, I reviewed Zeon Platinum. This time Zeon WITHOUT Platinum name in it.

Under the Zeon Series, you will get three capacities of winches.

Let’s first find out the common features and benefits among them.

  • IP68 rated winches.
  • Powerful but quiet.
  • All of these winches come with 12’ wired remote control that works without causing any technical issues.
  • 3 stage planetary gear and 6-segment automatic cone brake ensure smooth controlling during the towing process.
  • Controlling the clutch handle is a cakewalk.
  • All the winches of this series have both steel cable and synthetic rope versions available.
  • Comes with a convertible control pack.
  • You can buy the Zeon relocation kit separately for each version. This enables several winch mounting options. This allows you to easily winch mount or remote mount the convertible control pack.
  • They have got the same gear ratio (162:1) and drum diameter (3.15”/9.0”).
  • Corrosion-resistant material.

Application wise these are also made particularly for towing trucks, SUVs, and Jeep.

12’ wire for remote control is a sufficient length or not is an arguable issue. Also at this price point, you have valid reasons to expect a wireless remote with the package for Zeon series winches.

On top of that, the installation time may take longer than usual and you may want to take a helping hand to do the job. Mounting these winches can give you trouble as the mounting nuts are on the bottom.

You will get several YouTube videos to help you out installing the winches though.

However, altogether I believe Warn Zeon series winches are of top quality, durability, and performance.

i) Warn ZEON 12 Winch Review

Zeon 12 is capable of towing your vehicle if its weight is up to 12000 lb. Best if the loaded weight is anything less than or equal 8000 lb.

This model comes with a steel cable (80′) going through a roller fairlead.

If you want the synthetic rope version you can go for the Zeon 12-S model. Here you will get 80’ Spydura Pro synthetic rope going through a hawse fairlead.

Apart from the rope type and total weight (12-S is lighter than the 12) I haven’t found any significant differences in terms of performance between Zeon 12 and 12-S.

I expected the power wire to the battery a bit longer though.

ii) Warn Zeon 10 Winch Review

The Zeon 10 winch is capable of pull over your vehicle if the weight is up to 10000 lb. So you can expect the best performance if you can keep the weight under 6666 lb.

Like the Zeon 12 model, Zeon 10 also comes with 80’ steel cable going through a roller fairlead.

This particular model has got its synthetic rope version as well (Zeon 10-S).

But you will get longer rope than Zeon 10 here. 10-S comes with a 100’ high-quality synthetic rope.

Other than the rope length and total weight (10-S is lighter than the 10), I didn’t find any difference between Zeon 10 and 10-S.

The synthetic rope comes separately and you got to thread it onto the drum by your own. Keep that in mind.

iii) Warn Zeon 8 Winch Review

The Zeon 8 is an 8000 lb capacity winch meaning to get the best performance you will want to use it to recover your vehicle weighing below or equal to 5333 lb.

Zeon 8 comes with steel cable and its synthetic rope version Zeon 8-S comes with synthetic rope. Both the cases you are getting 100’ line.

Another version named Zeon 8-S multi-mount is available that comes with the multi-mount carrier (receiver hitch) and 7.5’ power lead along with other mounting kits. This power lead helps connect the front of the vehicle and hawse fairlead.

3. Warn VR Series Winch Review

I am going to review three VR series winch models here. VR 12, VR 10, VR 8. Before I go to the specific model let me figure out the common features and benefits of all the VR series winches.

  • Powerful and strong winches.
  • Compact and low profile.
  • Sealed waterproof convertible control pack. The control pack is designed to support upright or low profile mounting configuration.
  • You can mount the control pack separately from the winch or you can keep it integrated. So, you have both options.
  • 12 feet wired remote control that works without any issue.
  • I found the redesigned clutch lever easy to use even when wearing gloves as they claim.
  • All of the VR series winches have got 3-stage planetary gear, 3-segment automatic mechanical cone brake that helps to control the recovery process easy and smooth.
  • The one-piece tie plate increases the strength than the tie bar/rod.
  • All the VR winches are pre-wound onto the drum.
  • These winches seem durable to me.

The remote control is not waterproof I guess as I haven’t found any such labeling anywhere.

All the winches come with hawse fairlead no matter if the line is steel cable or synthetic rope. But for steel cable, I prefer roller fairlead to hawse fairlead.

Warn consider their VR series winches as standard duty winches and a good fit for your SUV and Trucks. Price-wise these are cheaper than the Zeon or Zeon platinum series.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget solution for your truck /SUV, I would suggest you go for VR series, otherwise, you better go for either Zeon or Zeon platinum.

i) Warn VR 12 Winch Review

VR 12 winch has got a capacity of 12000 lbs. That means you will get the best performance if you use it to recover your vehicle weighing up to 8000 lb.

I found VR 12 operates a bit slow but not in any significant amount. I must admire the strength that this winch delivers.

This particular model comes with 80’ steel cable. Like many other models of Warn, you will get the synthetic rope version (VR 12-S) of this model as well. The good thing is the 12-S comes with 90’ rope, meaning you will get 10’ extra here than the VR 12 version.

VR 12-S is significantly lighter than the VR 12.

ii) Warn VR 10 Winch Review

VR 10 winch is capable of towing your truck / SUV if it weighs 10000 lb, best if 6666 lb.

Like the other models, this one also comes with steel cable line (80’) and a synthetic rope version (VR 10-S) is also available, where you will get 90’ synthetic rope line.

I found both VR 10 and VR 10-S perform similar, not to mention they are speedy and strong.

While the installation process is not any hard job, I wouldn’t mind if the instruction manual was a bit clearer.

Let’s watch an installing video of this warn VR 10 winch:

iii) Warn VR 8 Winch Review

VR 8 winches are capable of towing your vehicle weighing 8000 lbs. Perfect if your vehicle weight is up to 5333 lb.

This time you will get 94’ steel cable for the VR 8 model and 90’ synthetic rope for VR 8-S model.

Quality wise both the lines are good and perform as per the expectation.

The installation process is not hard either.

The quality of the mounting bolts could have been better I must say.

4. Warn Provantage Series Winch Review

Warn Provantage series is particularly built to use for towing your power sports vehicles including UTV/ATVs, side x side.

Similar to the previous series, let’s begin with the common benefits and features of Warn Provantage series winch.

  • Super easy free spooling clutch.
  • All the winches are IP67 rated and fully sealed to keep safe from water and other elements.
  • Corrosion resistance. 
  • I found the motor and gear runs smoothly. All the winches under this series have got 3-stage planetary gear.
  • Their patented roller disk brake seems pretty good to me. Controlling the towing is easy with this brake.
  • Both the steel rope and synthetic rope versions are lightweight, particularly if you compare the weight with most of its competitors of the same weight capacity.
  • Good line speed during both loaded and no loaded circumstances.
  • Remote control, a dash switch, mini rocker switch all work without any issue at all. (Remember: not all these models come with all these three versions of controller together. I will discuss it in a moment.)
  • All the required wires and parts come with the kit.
  • Easy to install and quiet.
  • You can install the contactor anywhere you find it suitable.

Some users complain about the length of the rope (50’). They think the length could have been a bit longer. But to me, 50’ works fine if I consider pulling UTV/ATVs.

Always keep in mind, you need a model-specific mounting plate for almost any winch of any brand. Provantage series is not any different.

Although the price is a bit higher than its competitors, this shouldn’t hurt you as you will get the finest quality in terms of performance from any Warn winches.

i) Warn Provantage 4500 lb Winch Review

This particular winch is capable of recovering your vehicle perfectly if it weighs anything below or equals 3000 lbs (as per the golden rule of winch capacity).

No wonder this model has got both the steel cable and synthetic rope version available like other Warn winches from different series.

The roller fairlead that comes with steel cable has got a large diameter roller that caused interference with the bumper for some users. However, replacing this fairlead with a standard roller fairlead will solve the issue easily.

The hawse fairlead that comes with synthetic rope version (4500-S) is double powder coated that ensures durability.

Both 4500 and 4500-S come with a dash switch and corded remote control.

Overall, this is a light and handy but powerful winch. No doubt.

Let’s watch an unboxing video of this warn pro vantage 4500 lb winch:

ii) Warn Provantage 3500 lb Winch Review

A tested warrior to recover your UTV/ATVs or any other Powersports vehicles weighing around 2333 lbs or less.

This time you will get a corded remote control and a mini rocker switch with plug to input the corded remote.

Otherwise, everything is similar to the previous model of Provantage winch (4500 lb).

iii) Warn Provantage 2500 lb Winch Review

You guessed it right. 

This time to get the best performance the gross weight of the vehicle needs to be around 1666 lbs or less.

For this winch, you will get only the mini rocker switch that has got the plug to input the corded remote. Unlike the 3500 lb winch, you have to buy the corded remote separately for this model.

All in all, if you are looking for a quality winch for your Powersports vehicles, and budget is not an issue for you, go with the Warn Provantage series.

5. Warn Vantage Series Winch Review

The previous series that I reviewed (i.e. Warn Provantage) has got 4500 lb, 3500 lb, 2500 lb capacity winches. 

Whereas this Vantage series offers 4000 lb, 3000 lb, 2000 lb.

Before going into the individual winch review, let’s begin with the common characteristics of the Warn Vantage Series. 

  • Easy to handle cam activated, long-travel dial clutch.
  • Powerful magnet motor.
  • Easy installing process and doesn’t make noise during the operation.
  • IP67 rated and fully sealed to get the protection from water and other elements.
  • Comes with every required parts and wire. 
  • Mini rocker switch, dash switch and corded remote control work flawlessly. You can operate the buttons smoothly even wearing gloves.
  • Flat gray powder coated and corrosion resistance.
  • High-quality fairlead that prevents rope wearing. 
  • Good line speed.

What attracts me most about the Vantage series? – Their price considering the quality of the product.

Now before going to the specific model review part, let’s have a short look at the core differences between the Warn Provantage and Warn Vantage winches.

  • Provantage winches are stain black powder-coated, but the Vantage series winches are flat gray powder coated.
  • Warn offers a longer warranty period for Provantage winches than Vantage series winches.
  • Provantage winches come with zinc with powder-coated hooks. On the other hand, Vantage series winches come with only zinc plated hooks.
  • Provantage series offers large diameter lower roller fairlead but the Vantage series offers standard roller fairlead.
  • Magnigard coating is used for the fasteners of Provantage series, but the Vantage series offers zinc plated fasteners.
  • 154:1 is the gear ratio for Provantage series whereas Vantage series offers 180:1 gear ratio.
  • Provantage series winches are more durable and corrosion-resistant than the Vantage series.

 Ok, now let’s dive into the specific winch review of Vantage series.

i) Warn Vantage 4000 lb Winch Review

A budget-friendly powerful winch to recover your Powersports vehicle efficiently if the weight is equal or less than 2666 lb.

The integrated spring brake and 3-stage planetary gear will make your life easy to control the towing process.

Like other models, this one has also got both steel cable with roller fairlead and synthetic rope with hawse fairlead version.

The steel cable is 55’ long and the synthetic rope is 50’ long. I found both are strong and of good quality.

Both the 4000 and 4000-S come with corded remote control and dash switch.

ii) Warn Vantage 3000 Winch Review

This specific Vantage winch is capable of towing your vehicle perfectly if it weighs around  2000 lb ( as per the golden rule of winch capacity against the gross weight of the vehicle )

Like the previous Vantage winch (4000 lb) this one also has got 3 stage planetary gear and spring brake to controlling the towing smoothly.

This time both the synthetic rope and steel cable are of 50’ long.

This model (both 3000 and 3000-S) comes with mini rocker switch and corded remote control.

iii) Warn Vantage 2000 Winch Review

A handy winch to recover anything if the weight is below are equal 1333 lbs.

Unlike the previous two versions, these 2000 and 2000-S vantage winches have got split ring differential planetary gear, and dynamic brake. But it serves the purpose quite well.

This version comes with only the mini rocker switch.

By now, you’ve seen some of the differences between Warn Provantage and Vantage series.

Provantage offers you improved features and quality whereas Vantage is well enough to serve the purpose but spending less money than Provantage.

So both have their good and bad. Overall, I believe you can go either of these two series depending on your requirements.

Build quality is good for both Provantage and Vantage.

6. Warn M Series Winch Review

The M series winches are made for heavy-duty tasks. Perhaps you run large SUVs and trucks having a gross weight around 11000 lbs. You should go for the M series in that case to recover your vehicle.

Here are some common benefits and features among the M series winches.

  • Powerful, high speed, and heavy duty motor.
  • IP68 rated corded (12’) remote control that functions without any issue.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Cone brake keeps the towing process under your control. 
  • You can mount the control box at any convenient place you like as it’s a remote mount control box. 
  • IP68 rated electrical contactor.
  • Operates without being noisy.
  • Efficient and easy to use lever based free spooling clutch. 
  • Easy installation process.
  • Impressive line speed.

The overall finishing of the winches has been questioned by a few users. The control pack material could have been metal instead of plastic as well.

The instruction manual could have been more in-depth. The price seems a tad high to me. This is something where most of the winch companies lack.

Apart from these, the performance and capability of this series are highly satisfactory.

So, let’s move to the individual product review part of this series.

i) Warn M15 Winch Review

One of the most powerful winches on the market (15000 lbs capacity) that can pull over your large truck or SUV perfectly if it weighs around 10000 lbs.

The M15 comes with 90’ steel cable going through a roller fairlead and the M15-S comes with 80’ synthetic rope going through the hawse fairlead.

Apart from the bad user manual, I believe you will find this winch strong enough to withstand heavy jobs.

ii) Warn M12 Winch Review

Warn M12 (12000 lbs) winch is capable of towing your vehicle perfectly if it weighs about 8000 lbs.

This very winch has got both steel cable (M12) and synthetic rope (M12-S) versions as well.  Both perform equally well.

The M12 comes with 125’ steel rope, on the other hand, the M12-S comes with 100’ synthetic rope. Both are of good quality that is required for the heavy task. 

iii) Warn M8000 Winch Review

Warn M8000 is well capable of pull over your truck/SUV weighing more or less 5333 lbs during the towing process.

Both M8000 (steel cable), and M8000-S (synthetic rope) come with 100’ heavy-duty line.

The 3-stage planetary gear system helps to control the towing process of course.

[Update: Now you have M8 available on the market which is simply the upgraded version of M8000. Performance and most of the features are almost the same for both the versions. However, the part number for M8 is 26502 that you will have available now. The part number for M8000 is 20910 which Warn doesn’t supply anymore ]

Remember, don’t submerge the M series winches. Yes, the remote control and contactor are waterproof but not the whole winch.

7. Warn VRX Series winch review

Another finest production from Warn particularly made for recovering power sport vehicles. So far, Warn released VRX 45, VRX 35, VRX 25 for this series.

Warn VRX winches implement Warn Axon series technology more or less. But they have similarities with Provantage/Vantage (e.g bolt pattern) series as well but at a lower price. 

Here are some cool features and benefits that may back you up for going for this series. 

  • Powerful motor but quiet.
  • IP68 rated waterproof winch. 
  • Corrosion-resistant finish.
  • 3-stage planetary gear system, integrated compact spring brake helps to control the towing process impeccably. 
  • Hub lock style clutch dial makes the spooling as easy as pie.
  • All the remote controls (corded, dash switch, mini rocker switch) works flawlessly.
  • All the versions of this series come with 50’ line (both steel cable and synthetic rope). No doubt the ropes withstand their job quite well.
  • Warn VRX series winches come with zinc plated hook that I believe makes these hooks more durable.
  • Good line speed both with load and no load.
  • Easy to install.

The leads that come with the kit to connect the contactor to the winch is relatively short (2’). Particularly if you want to mount the contactor near to the battery. In that case, you may have to buy longer wires.

i) Warn VRX 45 Winch Review

As per the recommended rule, you should use this winch to tow your vehicle weighing anything below or equal 3000 lbs.

VRX 45 comes with both corded remote control and dash switch. 

ii) Warn VRX 35 Winch Review

A handy winch to recover UTV/ATV weighing about 2333 lbs.

This particular winch comes with handlebar-mounted mini rocker switch.

iii) Warn VRX 25 Winch Review

Use this winch if you are going to recover your vehicle weighing 1666 lbs or less.

Like the VRX 35 version, this winch also comes with only a handlebar-mounted mini rocker switch.

8. Warn Axon Series Winch Review

The previous series that I reviewed (i.e. Winch VRX) and this Warn Axon series are the upgraded version of Vantage and Provantage series winch.

Only 3 parts from Vantage and Provantage series have been used to develop the Axon and VRX series. Otherwise, Axon and VRX are made using whole new technologies by Warn.

Warn released both the Axon and VRX series to give the user a new winching experience. They considered the user’s input and engineered these two series keeping that information in mind.

Both the Axon and VRX series has 30% less power draw at full load.

Some cool features and benefits of Warn Axon series are:

  • Easy to use winches.
  • IP68 rated winch.
  • Fully sealed winch that makes the Axon series fully waterproof.
  • Compact design.
  • The Axon series has got 90mm permanent magnet motor and digital contactor combined to form a single unit (aka ‘Motactor’). This reduces the installation time by reducing the wiring requirement during the installation process.
  • One of the cool features that attract me most is the digital control that allows me to monitor motor temperature, load, and speed.
  • Like the VRX series, this Axon series also implements hub lock style clutch dial which is super easy to use.
  • 3-stage planetary gear, high-performance mechanical brake helps to control the towing efficiently.
  • All the winches except 45RC come with 50’ heavy-duty, high-performance rope.
  • All different capacities of winches have got both steel cable and synthetic rope versions available. 
  • The built-in load limiter prevents the winch from damage if it overloads.  
  • Corrosion-resistant. 

If you ask me about the durability of Warn Axon series winches, I must say it impressed me in terms of durability, and overall performance.

The all-metal construction, technologies that are used and overall build of this series prove my point of trusting on its durability and overall experience.

The new ‘Motactor’ technology (combining motor and digital contactor into one unit) also increases efficiency as well as the performance I believe.

Another cool point that I must mention; Axon series outstands while towing more weight than it’s capacity. But of course, I don’t recommend this practice at all.

Using the digital control you can monitor the load. You will find an LED that shows blue color when the winch is on.

It goes from blue to green for 0-25% load, green to yellow for 25-50% load, yellow to orange for 50-75% load, and orange to red for 75-100% load.

The red LED flashes if the unit reaches to maximum load, voltage limit or temperature.

i) Warn Axon 55 Winch Review

A powerful winch for the biggest UTVs that is well capable of towing if the weight of the vehicle is 5500 lbs. The best practice is to keep the weight below or equal 3666 lbs though if the capacity is 5500 lbs.

This model comes with digital corded remote control and rockerbar digital control switch. Both are convenient and easy to use. I found them working flawlessly as well without any technical issues. 

Axon 55 winch is pretty lightweight having good line speed both at no load (15.8 ft/min) and full load (4.8 ft/min).

All in all, a good winch equipped with latest technologies by Warn. I don’t think you will regret buying this for your Vehicle.

ii) Warn Axon 45 Winch Review

Axon 45 winch is capable of towing Big ATVs and side x side that weighs 4500 lbs or less. But better if the gross weight is below or equals 3000 lbs.

Axon 45 winches also come with rockerbar digital control switch and wired remote control switch.

Like other models, Axon 45 also has got both steel cable (45) and synthetic rope (45-S) version. What is unique is this model has got another version named 45-RC.

45-RC is particularly made to mount in the tight space. This comes with a shorter (27’) synthetic rope. Except for the whole winch size and rope length, all other technologies remain as it is. This one is a nice compact winch best for side x side considering their space limitation.

iii) Warn Axon 35 Winch Review

A handy winch for ATVs weighing around 3500 lbs, best if the gross weight of your vehicle is 2333 lbs.

Axon 35 model comes with a handlebar mount adapter and a rocker bar digital control switch. Meaning this time you are not getting the wired remote control with the kit. But you can buy it separately.

Considering the quality and usability I don’t have any complaints about the price of the Axon series.

Altogether, Warn Axon series is strong, good quality, powerful, equipped and engineered with modern technologies. Give a try and see.

9. Warn Ti and Cti Series Winch Review

Warn Ti (Thermometric Indicator) series winch is made for the heaviest and longest pulls. 

Warn offers two versions of ti series at the moment. Ti-16.5 (steel cable) and Ti- 16.5-S (synthetic rope).

These are made to pull over large trucks and SUVs. Let’s get to know a bit more detail about Ti series winch.

i) Warn Ti-16.5 Winch Review

This is a super powerful winch no doubt. It can pull up to 16500 lbs, but as per the best practice, you better use it pull your truck or SUVs if it weighs up to 11000 lbs to get the best performance.

Here are some benefits and features of this winch.

  • Extremely sealed and protected from outside elements.
  • The control box is made out of aluminum. Warns claims this increases the protection of the electronics. I agree. 
  • Both steel cable (16.5) and synthetic rope (16.5-S) versions are available for this winch.
  • The steel cable version comes with heavy-duty strong 90’ cable going through a roller fairlead. On the other hand, the synthetic rope version comes with 80’ rope going through a hawse fairlead.
  • 3-stage planetary gear and automatic cone brake offer good control while towing.
  • Ti winch comes with well functioning 12’ wired remote control with LED indicator. 
  • Easy to use rotating ring gear free spooling clutch.
  • The thermometric indicator offers operator feedback via the remote control’s LED indicator, which certainly is a useful feature to me.
  • It doesn’t get overheated.

The steel cable is a bit heavy to handle in some cases particularly when you will be under a difficult situation. To avoid this, I recommend you to go for synthetic rope. I always like the synthetic rope version due to its lightweight and easy to handle nature.

I prefer a wireless remote to wired remote with this kind of heavy-duty winch. That ensures the safety and increase the usability I think. But this winch doesn’t come with one. This is something I don’t like about this package.

Except for these two issues, this is a beast of a winch I should say.

ii) Warn Cti-9.5 Winch Review

Warn Cti-9.5 winch is capable of towing your truck/SUV if it weighs 9500 lbs or less. It will perform best if you keep the weight not more than 6333 lbs.

This version has also got both a steel cable and synthetic rope version.

Technically Warn Cti is almost similar to the previous version of Warn ti that I reviewed earlier.

Yes, these two versions have some differences of course.

Cti-9.5 comes with 125’ steel cable and for synthetic rope version, it comes with 100’ synthetic rope version.

Aesthetically Cti is more beautiful than ti series. Cti is lighter than the ti and has faster line speed as well.

You’ve got a multi mount version of Cti series as well to choose from.

Overall, both the Warn ti and Cti series are good to go for your truck/SUV. 

I prefer their synthetic rope version and haven’t found any major downside.

10. Warn XP Series Winch Review

Under the XP series Warn is offering only Warn 9.5XP (steel cable) winch along with its synthetic rope version 9.5XP-S.

This particular winch is capable of towing your vehicle if it weighs around 9500 lbs, best if you can keep the weight equal or below 6333 lbs.

Here are some benefits and features of Warn 9.5XP and 9.5XP-S:

  • Powerful motor.
  • Fast line speed.
  • 3-stage planetary gear, sliding ring gear, and automatic mechanical cone brake help to control the towing process perfectly.
  • Both versions come with a high-quality 100’ line. The 9.5XP comes with 100’ steel cable going through a roller fairlead and the 9.5XP-S comes with 100’ synthetic rope going through a hawse fairlead.
  • The 12’ wired remote control works flawlessly. 
  • Well sealed to keep things safe from elements. This is a water-resistant winch though, not waterproof.
  • Remote mount control box.
  • Corrosion-resistant. 

I don’t like the overall outlook of this XP series.

I expected a bit bigger sized remote control button.

The price could have been lower than it is now. However, this is my personal opinion, and you are not compelled to agree with me. 

About the performance, I don’t have any issue though.

Apart from the outlook, button size of the remote and price, I don’t have any issue with this series.

11. Warn PullzAll Winch Review

This time I am going to review some utility winches. Meaning these are not made for towing any of your vehicles. Rather these are for hoisting heavy machinery or any other utilities/objects in your shop or factory.

Warn offers both corded and cordless version winches in this PullzAll series.

You can use the corded version in the shop or around the yard where you have the option to plug-in.

On the other hand, you can use the cordless version anywhere you want.

Let’s get to know about them a bit more in detail.

i) Warn PullzAll 24V Cordless Electric Winch Review

A nice little battery-operated winch.

You will get two 24V rechargeable NiMH batteries with a charger with this package.

So, you have the liberty to charge one battery while using the other.

The battery slides on the bottom. This unit has got a nice round power switch, a forward and reverse power selection, variable speed trigger, a LED indicator.

The LED lights up red when the unit is being overloaded.

This winch is capable of lifting 1000 lbs and comes with a 15′ wire rope going through the integrated fairlead.

You will get the rigging hooks coming with the package.

Dynamic brake helps to control the pulling process smoothly.

Some of the problems that I guess you will also face like others. Like you can’t free spool the line out. The length of the rope could have been longer than 15’ as well.

However, you can change the whole steel cable and convert it to the synthetic rope. 

A wireless remote control would have made life easier for some cases.

Another issue that may bother you is it is difficult to remove the battery when the unit is under load. The backside anchor will come in the way always.

So, if you need to change the battery in the middle of operation then it is kind of a hassle for sure.

Despite having a few minor hiccups, I am still a big fan of Warn PullzAll Cordless winch over the manual chainfalls and come-alongs.

ii) Warn PullzAll 120V Corded Winch Review

As far as the performance is concerned, the corded version is pretty similar to the cordless version.

You just plug-in the winch and use it.

However, I am not a fan of the corded version because of the lack of portability and less dynamic usability.

Both corded and cordless versions may seem a bit pricey to you against the weight they can pull. But considering the quality of a Warn product, I don’t have any objection either.

12. Warn Utility Winch Series Review

Warn calls these winches as trailer winch, which I believe is more accurate than calling them as utility winch.

These are perfect to be used for loading vehicles onto a trailer or on your jobsite.

I am going to review three trailer winches now. Warn 94000, Warn 92000, Warn 85330.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

i) Warn 94000 Winch Review

This winch is capable of towing any load weighing around 4000 lb. Performs best if you keep the weight below or equal 2666 lb.

Warn 94000 comes with 43’ high-quality steep cable going through a roller fairlead.

The 12’ wired remote control works exactly as per the expectation without any technical glitch or something like that.

Easy clutch lever, dynamic brake, 3-stage planetary gear makes it a cakewalk to control the towing process.

All in all, this one is a durable, powerful winch with a good duty cycle. Installing the winch is also easy, no doubt.

ii) Warn 92000 Winch Review

Warn 92000 winch is capable of pulling over any load weighing around 2000 lbs. To get the best performance you better keep the weight up to 1333 lbs.

This model comes with a 35’ steel rope going through roller fairlead. A nice and handy 12’ corded remote control that comes with the kit works flawlessly.

Differential planetary gear, multi-directional clutch lever, and dynamic braking are there for providing good control during the operation.

The only complaint about this winch is the cable doesn’t roll up consistently all the time. Otherwise, I think this is a good winch for little jobs.

iii) Warn 85330 Winch Review

A handy AC powered winch that can handle up to 1500 lbs during the towing process. However, I recommend you to use this winch against 1000 lb or less weight.

Warn 85330 winch comes with 43’ steel rope, a high quality 10’ remote control, 10’ power cord.

The remote control is super convenient to grip and use due to its bigger size even if you are wearing gloves.

13. Warn Hydraulic Winch Review

In case you still don’t know, a hydraulic winch doesn’t require battery power to run. It requires the power steering pump in most cases.

Here I am going to talk about two models from the Warn hydraulic winch series.

Warn 74125 series 18 winch  and Warn 65931 Series 15 Winch.

i) Warn Series 18 Winch Review

Warn Series 18 winch has got the capacity of 18000 lbs (Performs best if you can keep the weight up to 12000 lbs).

This particular winch has got 7.3 cubic-inch hydraulic motor, two-stage planetary gear, heavy-duty disc brake. All these help in the towing process in a great deal.

You have to buy rope, fairlead, tensioner separately. Obviously, I recommend using steel cable for this kind of super heavy-duty winch.

ii) Warn Series 15 Winch Review

This very winch is capable of pulling 15000 lbs of weight (best if 10000 lbs).

Like the previous model, this one also has two-stage planetary gear but a 6.0 cubic inch hydraulic motor.

This time too you have to buy rope and fairlead separately.

Final Words

So far, I’ve reviewed Warn Zeon Platinum, Warn Zeon, Warn VR, Warn Provantage, Warn Vantage, Warn M, Warn VRX, Warn Axon, Warn Ti and Cti, Warn Xp, Warn PullzAll, Warn Utility and Warn Hydraulic Series winches.

As I said, I will come with more series from time to time.

During the process of reviewing I mentioned the common benefits of each series. Also the review for each specific model of those series.

I agree the price of Warn winches is not the lowest one on the market. Still, I recommend Warn winches if you consider quality over anything else to get the job done.

So, take the next step.

Let me know if you’ve anything for asking.

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