How To Wire A Winch With A Toggle Switch

At the point when you need to control a winch, one commonly utilizes a remote. A remote comes with the winch pack when you first bought a winch. But what if you don’t want a remote? You find it cumbersome to keep plugging the remote then unplugging it every time you use a winch. What if you want to utilize a winch without getting off your car, and just use it from inside your vehicle? This is where a winch toggle switch can improve.

A winch toggle switch is a piece of equipment that utilizes a switch to control the winch rather than a remote. You can have it placed in the driver’s seat, giving you control over the winch while at the same time driving the car. This also eliminates the annoyance of plugging and unplugging the remote when using them winch every time.  You just need to flip the switch in your driver’s seat to control the winch.

But how do you exactly have it installed into your vehicle? Employing somebody to do it for you can get costly, so it’s best for you to do it without anyone’s help. In the event that you think you it’s hard, stress not, with our guide, you can have the switch introduced without any problem.

How To Wire A Toggle Switch

Here is the guide with how to attach the winch toggle switch, this can get convoluted so adhere to the guidelines cautiously. Recognize that you will deal with electrical wirings so please continue with caution.

Before Installation

  1. Turn off vehicle ignition. Locate the toggle switch and the red, yellow, and green wires connected to it. Confirm that the toggle switch will not operate winch and no power is going to it.
  2. Disengage winch clutch.
  3. Open the hood or cowling as necessary for easier access to the installation area.
  4. Cut off one of the spade connectors on the supplied yellow and green wires. Because wire splices will be used, the spade connectors will not be needed.

 Installing The Toggle Switch

  1. Position Tube Clamp-on handlebars in a convenient location. 
  2. Mount Toggle Switch housing to Tube Clamp using capscrew, locknut, flat washer, and shake-proof washer  Tighten securely.
  3. Push the Green, Red, and Yellow wires through the back of the switch housing.
  4. Install the Gasket onto the Toggle Switch.
  5. Connect Yellow wire to the top terminal on Toggle Switch. Connect Red wire to the middle terminal on the Toggle switch. Connect Green wire into the bottom terminal of the Toggle switch.
  6. Slide Green, Yellow, and Red wires into the loom. Slide loom up to the back of the switch housing.
  7. Snap switch and switch housing together
  8. Route wires from Toggle Switch down the handlebars. Turn the handlebars fully right and left to ensure plenty of clearance. 
  9. Route wires to toggle switch and match yellow, green, and red wires from the toggle switch to the corresponding wires connected to the toggle switch.
  10. Place a yellow wire from the toggle switch and yellow wire from the toggle switch into the wire splice, fold the place clip over itself, and snap closed. Repeat for the green and red wires.

Finishing Installation

  1. Confirm that the winch clutch is disengaged.
  2. With the ignition switch, OFF, press the toggle switch to “OUT”—winch should not operate. If the winch does operate with the ignition off, confirm proper connections of the yellow, green, and red wires. 
  3. Spool a few feet of cable out by hand. Engage winch clutch.
  4. Turn the ignition switch ON and press toggle switch to “OUT”—winch should spool cable out. 
  5. If the winch does not operate with ignition l on, check to wire and confirm continuity between the three wires from the toggle switch and the corresponding wires at the wiring harness connected to the receiver.
  6. Make sure wires are not drawn taut across any surfaces that could damage them. Use cable ties to anchor wires. Tie off excess.

Note: The winch toggle switch you bought might have a different variation depending on which model you bought, please refer to that.

Winch Recommendations

If you are looking for an ac winch, we have some ac winch recommendations for you. We are experienced and have researched well which winch is the best for you. AC winches are different from a regular DC winch, as they are needed to be pugged to operate and not a battery.

Here are some of our AC winch recommendations.

  1. 1500 lb. Capacity 120 Volt AC Electric Winch by USATNM
  2. Ironton 120 Volt AC Powered Electric Utility Winch – 1,500-Lb. Capacity
  3. WARN 85330 1500AC 120V Electric Utility Winch – 1,500 lbs. Capacity
  4. KEEPER KAC1500 110/120V AC Electric Winch


Now that you have learned how beneficial a winch toggle switch can be and how to install it, what do you think? Share your thoughts below. Our website offers other tips and guides as well such as Best Synthetic Rope for Winch, Best Snatch Block for Winch, and Endurance Marine Winch Review.