Best Engo Winch Review [Updated 2019]

We all know that winch is a mechanical device used for hauling or maneuvering other heavy objects. These objects can be other vehicles, tree logs, or even medium density fiberboards.

These pulleys are generally installed on the front of the vehicles. Depending on the requirement and usage, you can fit them anywhere of your choice by doing minor tweaks.

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There are many winch manufacturing companies out there in the market, Engo is one of them. In this Engo winch review, I will talk about their winch quality and mention the pros & cons of the winches made by Engo.

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Top 5 Engo Winch Review

Since there are many options from Engo for you to buy, I will review the top 5 of them. I will look into the basics, built mechanism, and other highlighted features of each product.

1. Engo E12000 Electric Winch Review – For Jeep/Truck

Key Features:

  • 12000 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 88 feet Steel Cable
  • Wired Remote.
The first product on my list is the Engo E12000 Winch. From the description, you can understand that it has a massive pulling power of 12,000 pounds.

Its massive & durable 6.0 HP series wound motor will help you pull an SUV, sedan, ATV, and UTV without any troubles. For smoother operation, it has a three-stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of 265:1.

There is an 88-feet galvanized steel cable with a diameter of 3/8 inches. The rope can pull massive weights including even the large tree logs. Another perk is that you can switch this cable with a synthetic line. The winches which have similar features but carry a synthetic rope are labeled as SR models.

For user safety and operation, the E12000 has an automatic load holding system. There is a 12-meter lead remote control with which you can operate the winch from a safer distance.

The entire device weighs around 88 lbs making it powerful enough on its weight. It is also easy for you to transport and install. With a mounting bolt pattern of 10 X 4.5 inches, you can fit it on most of the Wrangler Jeeps.

Engo E12000 winch has IP67 resistance which means you can use it in almost all weather conditions. Note that it may fail to function if you operate while immersed in the water.

The major flaw of this winch is the absence of the circuit breaker. When subjected to heavy loads, the machine may get overheated, and sometimes even the circuit may burn. It could be the perfectly perfect winch at its price range only if it had the circuit breaker. However, you can install a circuit breaker if you wish to and the absence in the default package isn’t a significant downside.


  • 12,000 lbs pulling power
  • 88-meter galvanized steel cable which can be switched with synthetic rope
  • 12-meter lead remote control
  • IP67 water resistance
  • An automatic load holding system
  • Can be installed on most Jeeps and Wranglers
  • Easy to carry and install


  • No circuit breaker
  • No wireless remote
  • The lead remote control does not have an IP67 rating
You’ll need some accessories for easier, safer and faster winching. Check my suggested winch accessories list.

2. Engo E10000 Electric Winch Review – For SUV/Truck

Key Features:

  • 10000 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 94 feet Steel Cable
  • Wired Remote.
You can understand by the name of the winch that it has 10,000 pounds pulling power and yes you are correct.

It has a single line with a rated pull of 10,000 lbs. The winch is powered by 5.6 hp motor with which you can pull most wranglers, SUVs, tree logs and MDFs. Although it has a little less power than E12000, it has similar strength.

The winch has 94-foot steel cable with a diameter of 21/64 inches. The heavy-duty roller with a four-way galvanized fairlead mechanism enables free spooling when subjected to heavy loads.

Like the E12000, this winch also has a three-stage planetary gear system with a gear ratio of265:1. You can use this winch in almost all-weather conditions as it has IP67 water and dust resistance.

If you are a fan of synthetic cable, there is an option to switch to it (SR variant). For safe operation, the winch has a 12m lead remote control. Unfortunately, there can be a heating issue because it does not have any circuit breaking system. Make sure you don’t subject it to massive loads beyond its capabilities.

For some users, the motor of the winch can be too loud. The plastic aesthetics of the device are also not of premium quality.

To control the winch operation, it has an automatic load holding system. This system locks the load to eliminate reverse spooling while handling.

The Engo E10000 weighs around 88 pounds. It is not a lightweight device, but a manageable one for sure. This E series winch will surely give you a perfect balance and speed of operation for superior performance and recovery applications.


  • 10,000 pounds pulling power
  • A three-stage planetary gear system
  • Four-way fairlead mechanism
  • 12m lead remote control
  • An automatic load holding system
  • IP67 weather resistance
  • Ability to switch to synthetic rope


  • No wireless remote control
  • The lead remote control does not have IP67 rating
  • No circuit breaker
  • Noisy motor

3. Engo 77-10000PF 12 Volt Electric Winch Review – For Jeep/Truck

Key Features:

  • 10000 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 85 ft. Steel Cable.
  • Wired Remote.
The EPF series of Engo winches have superior build quality, performance, and ergonomics. The Engo 77-10000PF model is an EPF winch that has all the features you may seek.

Like the E10000, it has similar pulling power, i.e., 10,000 pounds. You can easily pull a light truck with this winch. It has 85 feet steel cable.

This electric variant comes with a three-stage planetary gear system along with a gear ratio of 265:1 (similar to E series winches). There is a four-way galvanized fairlead mechanism for smoother spooling.

Powered by 5.6 HP motor with IP67 weather resistance, you can utilize this winch in any situation with ease. When you look at the specs of this winch, it is precisely similar to the Engo E10000 winch except for the fact that it cannot switch between the ropes.

There is no circuit breaking system, but you can install one if you want to protect the motor from the power surge. More so, the remote control does not have water or dust resistance.

Nonetheless, the major perk with this unit is that you will have an additional recovery winch along with the main winch.

  • 10,000 pounds pulling power
  • Additional recovery winch
  • A three-stage planetary gear system
  • Four-way fairlead mechanism
  • IP67 dust and water resistance
  • An automatic load holding system
  • 12m lead remote control


  • No circuit breaker
  • Inability to switch with steel cable
  • No wireless remote control
  • The motor can be noisy
  • The remote control is not all-weather proof

4. Engo 77A-03000-A 12 Volt Electric Winch Review – For ATV/UTV

Key Features:

  • 3000 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 30 ft. Steel Cable
  • Wired Remote.
This winch is not designed to pull heavy vehicles or trucks. There are specific winches which are specifically designed to drag lighter vehicles such as ATVs. If you are looking for winch suitable for your All-terrain Vehicle (ATV), UTV then the Engo 77A-03000 12-volt electric winch is for you.

It has a maximum load capacity of 3000 pounds. This means it can easily pull most of the terrain vehicles. Although the motor is not overpowering like the EPF and E series winches, its 1.2HP motor does its job for what it is meant to do.

There is a variable gear system with a gear ratio of 153:1. The winch has IP67 weather resistance which means you can use it in muddy splashes to pull out your stuck vehicle. For smoother spooling, the winch utilizes roller fairlead mechanism.

Engo 77A winch has a 30-foot galvanized steel cable. The best feature of this winch is that you can attach an additional synthetic lead rope to the hook of the steel cable.

You can mount this winch on an ATV with its unique universal mounting bolt pattern. The mounting bolts are not supplied in the package, and you need to buy them separately.

The load holding brake will enhance the safe operation of the winch. Adding to the safety, you can keep your distance while operating with the help of a lead remote control. Lastly, the winch weighs around 32 pounds is very easy to lift and mount.


  • Best Engo winch for ATV
  • 3000 pounds pulling power
  • IP67 resistance
  • Ability to attach a synthetic cable to the steel one
  • Load holding brake
  • Lead remote control


  • The variable gear system is not as smooth as the planetary gear
  • Remote control does not have IP67 resistance

5. Engo 77-02000-A 12 Volt Electric Winch Review – For ATV/UTV

Key Features:

  • 2000 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 24 ft. Steel Cable
  • Wired Remote.
The final product in my list of Engo winch reviews is the Engo 77-02000-A 12-volt electric winch. This one has almost similar features to that of the previous Engo 77-03000 model.

With a lesser pulling power of 2000 pounds, it can pull lighter ATVs and medium density fiberboards. Powered by a 1 HP motor, the winch is ideal for handling lighter vehicles or industrial equipment.

It has a differential gear system with a gear ratio of 152:1. Unfortunately, there is no fairlead mechanism, and you must take extreme precaution while using this winch. It does not have IP67 weather resistance.

The galvanized steel cable is 24-foot-long, and you can maintain a safe distance of handling with the help of lead remote control. For additional safety, it has a dynamic braking system. Furthermore, there is a free spooling clutch in place of a fairlead mechanism to reduce friction and easy spooling.

The winch weighs just 14 pounds making it the lightest winch in our list. Overall, it is easy to carry, mount, and transport.

Though this winch is designed for lighter operations, having an average pulling power it is ideal for occasional use.


  • 2000 pounds pulling power
  • Dynamic braking system
  • Superior galvanized steel cable
  • Free spooling clutch
  • Lightweight winch


  • No fairlead mechanism
  • The differential gear does not provide smoother performance

About the Brand Engo

Engo manufactures different types of winches. Their products garnered massive popularity because of their high pulling power, and they are available at affordable prices.

With over 30 years of expertise, Engo produces top-notch products without compromising on the functionality. They make various varieties of winches: hydraulic, electric, and winches suitable for Jeep, Truck, ATV and UTV.

Engo is ranked for the best value in the Four Wheeler Magazine winch shootout. Not only the quality, their construction mechanism and use of durable materials made their winch climb the top ladder in less time. From that, you can imagine how good their products are.


Engo winches come in a wide range of models. All these winches have superior build quality and performance. The ability of certain winches to switch with synthetic rope (SR) is an added advantage. No doubt these winches are a little bit expensive, but they are worth every penny.

The major concerning thing about the Engo winches is the absence of a circuit breaking system, no wireless remote controls, and the lead remote controls not having all-weather resistance. Though they are not that pricey, they should have included these features in their products.

Apart from that, the Engo winches are one of the top winches available out there in the market. You will get unparalleled performance, and if taken proper care, they will last for life.

Engo Winch Review

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