Bravex Winch Review 2020

Searching to buy Bravex winch?

But before you buy, you need to know about them in-depth first.

I prepared this article to help you make the right decision. Consider reading this Bravex winch review article to know how good or bad Bravex winches are.

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Bravex Winch Review

1. Bravex Electric 3500lb Single Line Winch Review

Key Features:

  • 3500 lb. Load Capacity.
  • 4-way roller fairlead
  • Wired+wireless remote control

This versatile single line winch from Bravex can pull up to 3500 lbs. It is best suited for use on ATV’s, UTV’s, plows and other vehicles. Developed with waterproof technology means it’s a good winch for boats too.

Controllability is one of the best features of this winch. The sensitive waterproof wireless remote control of this winch allows you to operate with one finger. It also offers a corded control system. But remember that, you can not use both remote at the same time.

The 12-volt high powerful motor provides strong and sturdy pull. It also offers incredibly fast line speeds. Besides, the unique braking system gives you full control over the winching.

The winch comes with an aviation-grade steel wire rope that is strong, powerful and sturdy. It is able to pull heavy loads without fraying or snapping in two.

Three-stage planetary gear system of this winch will provide you a reliable, smooth and durable winching experience. Besides, the 4-way roller fairlead guides the rope to roll over the drum properly. It also offers a super protection package.

Last but not least, the winch surface is developed with anti-sediment and waterproof technology for better performance of the overall machinery.

What I Like

  • Easy to install
  • High power motor drive offers strong and sturdy pull
  • Incredibly fast line speed
  • Features aviation grade steel wire rope
  • Reliable, smooth and durable 3 stages planetary gear system
  • 4-way roller fairlead
  • Unique brake design provides extra control
  • Offers both wired and wireless controls
  • Sensitivity of remote control
  • Super Protection Packaging

What I Don’t Like

  • It is not completely waterproof
  • Both remotes don’t work at the same time

Package includes:

  • 3500 lb Winch
  • Control box
  • Wireless remote control
  • Wired remote Switch
  • Four-way roller fairlead
  • Forged steel tow hook
  • Set of bolts
  • Galvanized steel rope
  • Instruction manual
You’ll need some accessories while winching. Check my rigging accessories list. Using these accessories will surely make the pulling process much easier and safer

2. Bravex Electric Boat Trailer Winch Review

Key Features:

  • Dual direction operation
  • Enhanced power motor
  • Automatic brake
  • Low noise design

This Bravex electric winch impressed all of the testers by its enhanced power motor. It provides 30% higher winching power than a similar trailer winch. It can be used for cars, trailers, trucks, and boats.

A big plus for this winch is the dual-direction operation. It means that you can pull the boat/vehicle in both directions without changing the winch position. It also has a hand crank. In case the electric power fails, you can easily use the hand crank. So, if you have Bravex, you’ll never stay stuck.

This strong trailer winch provides you 2000lbs pulling capacity and 6000 lbs rolling capacity. Keep in mind, this winch is designed to handle boats that are no longer than 18 feet. It’s not recommended if the boat is longer than 18 feet.

The built-in automatic braking system means you have an easy and quick stopping mechanism. Furthermore, it is designed for low-noise operation. So, you will not have to worry about disturbing your surroundings while pulling out vehicles with this winch.

What I Like

  • Provides smooth and efficient operation
  • Dual direction winching
  • Dual operation model (electric & manual)
  • Enhanced power motor
  • Low noise design
  • Automatic braking system
  • Hand crank winching model in emergency
  • Works on car and other equipment

What I Don’t Like

  • Max boat size is 18 feet

Package Includes:

  • Mounting plate
  • Power cable
  • Hand crank
  • Remote control cable

The Final Words

Before buying a winch, you have to consider your budget, needs and quality of the product. As you have read this article, I hope you are now able to make a decision.

bravex winch review

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