Best Jeep Winch Bumper for Towing in 2020

While you are finding the best jeep bumper for towing, first and foremost you have to look for something that must offer winch mounting option.

Next, you have to make sure if that is a high-quality, reasonably priced, easy to install and all these.

I know the buying factors quite well. I also understand the pain point of finding the top bumpers when you have a lot of options available to choose from.

To narrow down the list, I’ve come up with these 5 top-notch jeep bumpers for towing reviews guide. 

All of the following winch ready bumpers won’t break your bank. On top of that, they offer quality and sturdiness. Nonetheless, some of them have some hiccups as well. 

Hold on to your hats because I am going to educate you on all these.

5 Best Jeep Bumper For Towing

1. E-Autogrilles 51-0328 EAG 07-18 Front Bumper With Winch Mounting Plate

A perfect bumper to mount your winch. Your winch should have a weight capacity of up to 12000 lbs. This one fits well for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK.

Easy to install ( takes a couple of hours ) and doesn’t cost too much for its offering. You will get all the necessary hardware to set things up.

This model offers some handy features like shackle mounts from inside and outside for maximum strength. D-rings (¾” diameter, with a ⅞” diameter pin) that supports 95000 lbs and D-rings isolator are also included with the package.

Did I mention you will have fog light holes included? However, you won’t get fog lights included and have to buy them separately. 

Coated with textured powder to make it rust-free. Well, is it corrosion-free or not is a moot point. Some reviewers, including me, found it as corrosion-free. On the other hand, some users are not fully satisfied with this issue.

If you are in doubt, you can use any rust prevention spray like Rust-Oleum.

Remember, this bumper doesn’t fit for 2017 JK Rubicon Recon. 

You need to drill holes or use self-tapping screws to mount a front license plate. You can use this license plate mounting plate as well.

Altogether, this one is a sturdy winch supported front bumper you can rely on. It will withstand any off-roading adventure including rock crawling.

If you don’t have a winch yet then you can check the winch reviews I did. Check out the premium Warn winch review if you have enough money to spare. Or, the affordable X-bull winchesSmittybilt winches or Superwinch winches.

2. Smittybilt (76807) XRC Gen 2 Front Bumper

Another stubby winch ready bumper with big approach angle. Smittybilt XRC front bumper is capable of accommodating a winch that has got the weight capacity up to 12000 lbs.

Like the previous one, this bumper fits well for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. 

The big approach angle provides increased clearance in extreme conditions. It helps during any of your off-roading adventures like rock crawling.

Like the previous model, this bumper offers fog light hole. 

D-ring and jack point mount are welded inside and out. A fender to fender protection is there too that keeps the pebbles away during rock crawling. 

The installation process is easy. That being said, you may have to have assistance from someone to set things up.

Tips: Put the fairlead on the bumper first, then the fog light enclosure. Do these before you put your winch. 

I am not in a stage to comment on the rusting possibility yet. But people who are using this bumper for more than 4 years are saying they haven’t seen any rusting taking place.

You won’t find any dedicated place for license plate. But you can use zip ties and tape to attach one.

All in all, this one is a heavy-duty, sturdy bumper for towing that has a lot of room for accommodating a winch. 

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3. Restyling Factory -Black Textured Front Bumper

This specific front bumper supports 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK (all models). 

Not to mention, this bumper also supports winch mounting. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have listed this one on my list.

The Restyling front bumper can accommodate a winch that has a weight capacity up to 12000 lbs.

To me, this is the best jeep bumper for the money that allows winch mounting.

This particular jeep bumper is made from high-quality material and provides your jeep an aggressive look.

I haven’t seen anyone complaining about rusting.  

D-ring mounts are welded properly both outside and inside. This package includes two D-rings as well. 

Yes, fog light holes are there too. 

Easy installation process. However, it may take up to 3-4 hours to set everything up including the winch. But installing only the bumper is pretty straightforward and quick.

Like the other bumpers you won’t get any specific license mounting plate here. Either you have to drill holes or use zip ties and tape to mount a license plate.

The instruction manual is quite clear and should help you as per your expectations during the process.

So, if you want to make the most use of your money, go for this one. It will withstand against rock, deep pits or trails strongly.

4. Razer Rock Crawler Front Bumper

Razer front bumper (width: 65”, height: 22”) excels in quality and you can rely on its sturdiness without any doubt.

This one is also a winch ready bumper that can board a winch that has a weight capacity up to 12000 lbs.

If you are owning any model of 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK, this bumper will fit there with ease.

Installing this bumper will not give you any pain whatsoever. No need to drill holes in either your jeep or in the bumper. It doesn’t take too much time either. It should not take more than an hour altogether. 

Like every other bumper, this one also offers two fog light holes. D-ring mount, two 4.75 ton D-rings are included in the offering.

I don’t have any complaints about the pricing. It’s not too high for its quality.

No instruction manual comes with the package. An instruction manual always comes in handy while installing anything particularly related to an automobile. The necessary hardware set comes with the package though.

I like the outlook and overall finishing of this bumper. It also offers better clearance during your off-roading adventures including rock crawling.

I prefer using this license mount plate to mount a license number plate with this bumper.

If you are looking for a good jeep bumper for towing and don’t want to break your bank, this is a good option.

5. Havoc Offroad GEN 2 Wrecking Ball Mid Width Front Bumper

This mid-width front bumper is capable of accommodating winches having a weight capacity up to 12000 lbs and 10×4.5” bolt patterns. 

Like other bumpers, this one also comes with heavy-duty D-rings and has got fog light holes. Had it come with D-ring isolator and fog light extension it would have been a complete package. 

Another easy to install bumper on my list with an easy to understand instruction manual. So, altogether it shouldn’t take too much of your time to install the bumper. Perhaps, about one and a half hours or so if you try to install it alone.

The price could have been a bit inexpensive compared to the other bumpers that I reviewed. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t hurt you considering the quality you are getting.

Finely coated to help prevent rusting and I haven’t found any issue regarding this.

As usual built-in option to mount a license plate. But you can implement the other solutions that I mentioned above for other bumpers.

All in all, a strong bumper to give your Jeep an aggressive look, making it perfect enough for rock crawling by providing enough ground clearance. Most importantly, helping you by accommodating winch for towing. 

Let’s watch a video on how to install a front winch bumper.

Wrapping Up

Out of these 5 bumpers, you can choose anyone because all of them excel in quality. More importantly, as I said, all of them offer winch mounting on them.

In this insightful best jeep bumper for towing guide, I mentioned other benefits that you will get from these bumpers besides mounting a winch.

I will be happy to answer any of your queries here. Comment below if you want to introduce me to some other bumper that you think is good.

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