Are Jeep Wranglers Cold In The Winter? You Better Be Ready For It

Living in a country with 4 seasons can be a good thing but can be a hassle at the same time. Why? It’s because you need to adjust in all the weather conditions and what’s sometimes annoying and funny at the same time is that you thought it’s already spring, but then suddenly in the next hour, it snows. How is that possible? Well, due to climate change probably. But then, aside from changing clothes every season, you also need to adjust with your driving and most importantly, your car should be an “all seasons” car. How will I know if my car is like that? Well, it depends on the built-in features your car has. For example, you might ask this question, “Are Jeep Wranglers cold in the winter?” if you have a Jeep Wrangler, and so forth and so on if you have a different car.

Well, to answer the question above specifically, let us take a look on what it is to drive this car in the winter. Will you be cold or not?

First and foremost, what are the dangers of driving in the snow?

This is a question which is already quite common for those who have been living in colder states rather than those living in tropical states. In cases wherein you need to transfer from the latter to the former, well, you need to be prepared in all aspects and one thing that you should prepare most is what vehicle you should use. There are a lot of vehicles with winter advantage features, and for this, you must be familiar with the necessary car features during winter.

To get into the dangers of driving in the snow, of course, the road is slippery and if there is a snow storm, there is a possibility of your windshield being blocked by lots of snow, and yes, it gets very, very cold. This in turn would mean a lot when driving. You don’t need to worry if these situations happen because you just need to be familiar with the capabilities of your car such as the heater, the 4×4 and the sturdy body which will protect you from the snow. Also, keep in mind to drive slowly. This is not a race. It’s better to drive slow and arrive safely, rather than drive fast and expose yourself to accidents.

I have a Jeep Wrangler. Am I already safe in the winter?

Are Jeep Wranglers reliable? They are specifically designed to be resilient during the rainy and winter season, as well as driving through the mountains and hiking trails with rivers to cross from. Most of the time, these jeeps are waterproof too. To focus during the winter season, Jeep Wrangler will keep you warm. Yes, this is the truth. Because of their easy-to-heat-up heaters, this makes the Jeep Wrangler interiors to be warm all throughout the time while driving in the snow. Therefore, you will never be cold. Aside from the fast heating heater, this extreme car also gives the car owner the chance to have a hardtop roof cover. Why hardtop? Well, this roof cover keeps the cold from entering inside the car which helps the heater in keeping the interior compartment warm. This is way better than having a soft top roof cover, because the latter is just good during the summer time to protect you from the heat of the sun and in cases where the rain pours down. Also, soft top roof covers are easy to fit, but they cannot fully protect you from the cold temperatures brought about by the winter season. Jeep Wrangler winter tires can also keep you safe when driving during the winter time. When asking on how to drive Jeep Wrangler in snow, the car agent or even the instruction manual can help you with that.

What can a Jeep Wrangler HVAC System offer?

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning or simply called HVAC is a standard in all of the cars out there in the market. Whether a base variant level to the highest variant, the HVAC is readily available to be of service to car owners. However, the HVAC system has high-end features that are not available to standard cars. These are the heated seats and the heated steering wheel all in favor of warming up the driver and the passengers. How do these two features work? For the heated seats, simply push the intended button and you can also set the temperature on how warm you would want it to be. The heated seats allow the passengers to seat more comfortably in the winter time and allows their bodies to be warm all throughout the trip. When it comes to the heated steering wheel, this is a very big help for the driver because who would want to hold the freezing steering wheel while driving? Even if the driver is wearing super thick gloves, there are times that it won’t help at all especially if it’s below 00. So, having a heated steering wheel feature in the car can surely help the driver drive safely down the snowy road.

When it comes to safety features, Jeep Wrangler high-end variants also have the heated side mirrors. This prevents the mirrors from ice build-up and condensation to help you see the cars behind you, avoiding potential accidents during the winter time.

It’s better to have these high-end features when purchasing a Jeep Wrangler to have a smooth and safe ride during the winter time.


Driving comfortably in all seasons is one of the important goals of every car manufacturer and Tier 1, 2 and 3 suppliers. High-end features specifically designed to help drivers and passengers in extreme weather conditions are readily available in high variants which may of course, cost more, but will certainly give more comfort and convenience, as well as confidence when driving down the road. So in the case of the car being featured in this article, are Jeep Wranglers cold in the winter question can definitely be answered with a no. Jeep Wranglers are equipped with high-end features and as observed by car owners, the heating system is quick and efficient which keeps the interior compartment warm all the time.

Savings versus comfort and convenience? You decide. But I stand with the latter. If you have the money to choose the latter, then go for it. It may cost you more, but it will definitely make your driving experience a lot better.