Are Jeep Interiors Waterproof? The Truth About Jeep Interiors

Who wants to have a Jeep-feel-like ride? Of course we all want to. Especially that Jeep is intended for off-road and nature road trips, it’s inevitable that its roof is wide open during these road trips to have a more of like a “nature-rific” experience that all travelers would want. It is summer time and you just want to feel the breeze of the wind, your hair moving back and forth, and with good music playing, this is awesome, right? It would feel like it’s the time of your life.

But how about the unpredictable weather? Are we able to deal with this? Well, this would lead us to the question, are jeep interiors waterproof? This is a common question for Jeep owners and enthusiasts. To check out if this is true or not, let us take a look and carefully check on this claim.

Before anything else, how do car manufacturers deal with prone-to-wet areas in the car?

When it comes to dealing with weather conditions, the one thing that car manufacturers secure are the wiring harnesses, as well the electronics (devices and modules) connected to it. This is where the concern is because damaging these things in the car would really put you in trouble. Aside from spending a lot of money for the repair, it would also mean compromising the safety of yourself and the passengers.

Wiring harnesses are carefully designed such that the prone-to-wet areas in the car are being identified to see if the specific device or module is located in these areas. To prevent from damaging any of these in the car, Engineers have designed the connectors, terminals and wires to be waterproof. Implementing the waterproof design would protect all of it, making the car resilient to any weather conditions. Depending on what the Engineer chooses to implement, the connector, the wire terminal, or the wire itself can be waterproof.

Usually, under the hood or the exterior compartment are prone-to-wet areas. The 4 doors including the tailgate are also wet areas that’s why most of the connectors/terminals/wires in these wiring harnesses are sealed or waterproof. However, this may cost more compared to non-waterproof design that is why suppliers evolve their design by looking for other ways to protect these car devices and modules from being wet.

So, let’s get to the main topic. Is my Jeep interior waterproof?

Reading this statement is easier said than done. Well, to answer this directly to the point, it is not. But hey, of course don’t fret. Jeep car manufacturers have designed this car to be water-resistant and not waterproof. Being the latter is somehow impossible because we are talking about electronics and wiring here. These should be protected allowing no damage done.

If in case water really gets inside your Jeep because the roof is wide open, then don’t be anxious. These interiors have been tested and soaked in water for more or less 20 hours just like its engine on push button switch allowing you to still turn on the car even when the ignition switch is wet. This makes it water-resistant but if in case you experience the jeep interiors being wet, so what to do if your Jeep gets rained in? Dry all it immediately and don’t wait for something terrible to happen. How to dry out a Jeep Wrangler? Pull-over in the shade and make sure a good absorbing cloth is readily available in the car and start wiping these interiors and let it dry. After which, put on the roof to protect you from the rain. Also, turn off the car and turn off all the electronic devices to avoid damaging them, and for the carpets, you need to pull all of them out to prevent mold from developing inside. Clean these by using a vacuum cleaner and hang them dry. Make sure these are done to avoid problems later on. By the way, what are these good-to-have things that will keep your Jeep from getting wet in the water? Below are some that you could consider.

Jeep Covers

This is one of the important things to have to protect your Jeep from getting soaked in the water. Setting this up is easy – roll them over the windshield and cage and snap it tight. You can get a decent one from Amazon here.

Seat Covers

Definitely have this because this is just easy to clean seat covers by wiping it with a simple piece of cloth. It is also easily installed that it would literally takes you a second to do it. We recommended getting the one by Seat Armour.

Cluster or Dashboard Covers (Also called “Bikini Tops”)

This is also important because it can cover and protect your dashboard from being soaked in the water. This somehow makes your Jeep Wrangler waterproof dash. Moreover, if your bikini top can protect a larger area, it can also protect some part of your interior, which makes it worth to have.


Using this protects your seats from being soaked with water because it will help in moving water away from the front seats. Also, one advantage of this one is it’s just easy to put as well as take it out.


Jeeps are good-to-have cars especially for the purpose of driving in the mountains, in the snow and most of all, during summer time just feeling the air on your face. However, no one can escape the rainy season and cars should be protected to avoid the interiors being soaked in water. So the question, are jeep interiors waterproof simply can be answered with a no. But, again, they are water-resistant so the owner can still buy time and not be anxious if in case rain pours down unexpectedly.

To sum it all up, it is important to be ready at all times and prepare the necessary tools (even getting a proper winch) and even Jeep covers to avoid issues later on dealing with the unpredictable weather. Simply take care of your Jeep by being mindful of this and for sure, you’ll drive confidently with a wide-open roof under your head.